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Sony CDXGT710HD Digital Media CD Car Stereo Receiver with HD Radio & Pandora Control

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Nice unit
I just finished installing this radio in a 2005 Ford F-150. First off, get a wiring harness that is made for your car. It really saves a lot of time when soldering and you don't have to cut factory wires. I will say that this was a nice upgrade for now I can listen to HD radio, a really nice feature. It is crystal clear and can connect with many more stations in my area. (NW Indiana)

I constantly have problems with aftermarket radio's lights being too bright. I was particularly interested in this unit due to its option of having an entirely red screen illumination. I currently have the radio set to bright white during the day and a very dim red at night. The colors change when the headlights are turned on or off. The factory radio location is fairly high on this truck, and the dim red is just fine for night driving.

Do not buy this headunit if you're looking to gain power output to your speakers. The peak wattage is 52w and I believe RMS is somewhere around 17w, which is fine if you don't care about impressing your friends...

The button layout and iPod navigation(Playlists, Albums, Songs, etc..) are just fine. They take some getting used to but are fairly simple after overcoming the learning curve.

For the iPhone Pandora users; the Pandora function works elegantly..

Make sure you want a front USB port before you buy this unit, I've seen many people with Alpine units with rear USB ports that have a cable hardwired into a glove box. This is a particularly nice if you don't like a cluttered up dashboard..

All in all for twenty over a hundred bucks, this unit will do the job just fine.

Awesome receiver
Sony products have historically been good and this one is no exception. Has all the features you could need and sounds great. Installation was a breeze and there's only a small learning curve to know how to make all the necessary personal settings. I would definitely recommend purchasing one.

Excellent Unit
I'm very satitisfied with this unit. I noticed the crisp clear sound when I first powered on the radio. There are multiple preset sound settings that allow you to alter the sound to your music. Reception is great. My CD's encoded with titles show up on the screen. The screen has two different colors to chose from red and blue and dims when the night lights are powered on. Most important it was a "Great Buy", Thank you.

Love this radio.
This radio is perfect. The color display can be changed to whatever you prefer and the sound is amazing. i can play all of the music on my iphone and any other mps player with the aux cable. It has given my car new life. I should mention that i bought this radio during the Cyber Monday week so i got it for a steal.

Loaded with features at an affordable price.
I received the Sony CDXGT575UP receiver as a birthday gift from my wife. What an awesome unit! I installed this receiver and new Sony speakers in my 1996 Chevy Silverado and I couldn't be more happy. It interfaces with my 160G Ipod Classic beautifully and the remote makes operating it while traveling down the road a breeze!

Great all around system
Sound and controls work great in my old 91 Ford Econoline Van! All I did for speakers was put two front JBLs.

great stereo
very simple design i dont feel to go nuts for the bells and whistles thats available out there. my only gripe is that apple bought out that usb that andriods dont have full function to. shame. they shouldve put an apple logo on this sony stero while they were at it.

Fantastic receiver
I absolutely love this receiver. It's very simple, but completely functional. The USB connection was my buying point, but I'm also very happy with the customizable equalizer and color settings. I highly recommend this receiver.

as OnlineShopDealer was nice enough to warn me that the item they carried ...
Installed this in my old 1997 Dodge caravan, replacing a flaky AM/FM/cassette unit. Simple to install with the suggested Metra wiring harness and a pack of crimp connectors from Radio Shack. I got the adapter faceplate from Crutchfield, as OnlineShopDealer was nice enough to warn me that the item they carried wouldn't fit my vehicle.

Install took about 2 hours start to finish - I wasn't in a hurry. It works great (much better than the OEM unit); my teenage daughter loves it (she can plug her iPod into it); the sound is a definite improvement. I suppose the downside is I can't play a cassette tape in the car any more (not that I ever did - I'm not sure I OWN any cassette tapes at this point...)

All in all, perfect for what I was after - a decent unit to replace the outdated piece of junk I had been listening to.

Five Stars
Great stereo. it is also great you can adjust the frequency for LPF and HPF.


Technical data

  • Front USB in for iPod, iPhone & other USB devices
  • Pandora internet radio app control for iPhone
  • Integrated HD Radio tuner with iTunes Tagging


Product Description

Even long drives are a breeze with the integrated HD Radio tuner and in-dash control of your Pandora app on your iPhone. You can also conveniently connect to your iPod and other USB devices. This CD receiver is also SiriusXM control ready5, putting unlimited listening options at your fingertips.

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