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Customer Reviews

My daughter is SAFE after our accident
I am a complete car seat nut, I did hours of research wanting to make sure I put our daughter in the safest seat possible. I purchased this seat October 16, 2013.. the best decision I have EVER MADE! On February 2, 2014 we were involved in a serious accident on the freeway. Our car was "t-boned" on the driver side causing our curtain and side airbags to deploy, sending our car across 5 lanes and landing facing oncoming traffic. I am happy to report our entire family walked away unscathed! My 17 month old daughter was safely secured in her recaro seat and thanks to their impeccable side impact testing my little girl is unharmed. I am on OnlineShopDealer this evening purchasing her replacement seat because I cannot THANK Recaro enough for keeping my girl safe and sound!!!!

Does not get any better than this!
Prior to this car seat, I owned a Graco and two Britax. When I started using Britax, I did not think car seats were made any better. My daughter was in a Britax Marathon 70-G3 Convertible Car Seat, Onyx before this seat. I truly did not think car seats could be made better at all. In fact, I would have probably argued with you that I had the safest one. I felt the Britax was very safe but it was very hard to get my daughter in and out of the seat, the sides were high. Also, the black fabric was always warm. I keep my car in the garage; the fabric was never exposed to direct sunlight. However, if I put my daughter in the seat, it would get warm on short drives. That was a big concern of mine.

I am ashamed to admit I had never heard of Recaro. My daughter is 2 years and nine month and felt the Britax was a tight fit for her. I was already on the lookout for a new seat. Little did I know that Recaro is located in Germany from a town I used to live near, Kaiserslautern, or K-town is what we called it. My father was a fighter pilot, Recaro makes airplane seats, did not know that. They also make racing seats.

When I received the seat I felt like I was looking at one of my father's fighter seats from back in the day or looking at a racing seat for Formula One. It did not have any protection in the box but it did not matter, the seat is made so well it was protected on it owns. At first I could not find the manual on the seat. I looked everywhere. It is behind the right side of the seat.

I read the manual for several hours to get familiar with the chair. I needed it in harness mode; booster mode is for when my daughter gets older. You can never learn too much about your child's car seat. I wanted to make sure I knew how to work every function and that it was installed correctly. I even spent a few hours having my daughter get in and out of the seat prior to install to make sure I knew how the seat worked, that she fit. This is really important; you want to make sure the straps are aligned properly prior to installing it. My daughter enjoyed `trying it out' while I adjusted it for her fit.

When I removed the Britax, which I still think is an incredible brand; I was shocked at how flimsy it felt compared to the Recaro. After getting myself familiar with the Recaro, I found myself comparing areas and was disappointed in the Britax. Again, it is a great seat but it is NOT a Recaro! The Britax has a plastic back and when you adjust the headrest area, it moves all around. To do so with the Recaro, it has a steel bar across the back you pull out, and place in. There is no movement, it is a firm fit! Everything on the Recaro was just beyond my expectations; I have never seen a car seat this well made.

Installing it was easy in my Mazda 3 sedan. My car is compact and I did not feel I would have a lot of room. It of course is forward facing but it fit great! I have the latch system so I know it is secure and safe. I also have the top tether which gives me the added security for the top of the seat. I tried to wiggle the seat, it was in there!

The first time I used it my daughter was so happy. It is a lot easier to get her in and out of and she tells me it is more comfortable. Also, even though the seat is primarily black, the fabric does not get hot like the Britax. I was shocked! I received it during the hottest months here in North Carolina and it never feels warm and my daughter never complains.

For the last few weeks that I have owned it, I have received so many compliments. I feel I was the last person on the earth to know about Recaro. A few people have said they love it and want to look at it and are so surprised at the quality but then they quickly say they know Recaro makes racing seats, I shake my head like I was part of the club, even though I wasn't.

Not knowing what to expect, I am so blown away by this seat. I feel I am getting the full use of it since I am using it in harness mode now and will switch to the booster mode when my daughter is older. Now that I know this is the only seat you will need from here on out, I feel very confident and secure knowing how safe she is. If you have not heard on Recaro, look them up and also check them out locally. The quality will blow you away. I know it did for me.

Best Harness to Booster on the Market
We just purchased this car seat after our almost 4 year old daughter became to tall for her Recaro convertible seats. This is the only brand of car seat that we will choose going forward. I have had several other harness toddler seats and my daughter complains that they are so uncomfortable. We chose to switch to this one when we bought a new vehicle. We had previously been switching between the Nautilus and a no back booster. She did not like either one and could not seem to get comfortable in them. We purchased the "slate" color option. The picture on the websites do not do this color justice. I was really hoping that it was not as yellow as it appears and it is not. This is a darker tan color with very dark blue and a lighter gray. The pockets on the sides are a wonderful addition to the seats and are larger than the ProSport seat which this is replacing. The adjustment process was very quick with this seat and I am so grateful for the ease of that with an almost 4 year old who does not want to sit for long while I fit her carseat. The padding for comfortability in this seat is amazing and I believe it may be more comfortable than my seat in the car. Recaro is known for providing excellent safety features. They make race seats for goodness sake. The headrest is quite comfortable and I love the fact that the wings come out further than the majority of seats in case there is a collision. I have had wonderful experiences with Recaro customer service and they have always done anything they can to help...same with OnlineShopDealer. This seat has the ability to grow with her for the remainder of her time in a car seat. I do not care for the Britax seats and I believe that they are about the only seat on the market to compare to Recaro. If you are looking for the safest most comfortable seat...this is it. They also updated the Harness system so that the straps do not get twisted. This is a great feature when getting in and out of the car and not wanting to worry about the straps twisting. It helps to ensure that your child is placed properly in the seat. When she sat in it for our first long trip, 6 hours in she said "Mommy this seat is so comfy I think I'll take a nap". She was out in 5 minutes. She hadn't slept in a car seat since she fit in her Recaro Convertibles.

One of the best, safest seats on the market... and beautiful too!
The reviews on all the Recaro products are good if not great. This is another example without question. This seat is great! It can get kind of confusing if you are familiar with the ProSport model and you like it as much as we did, because I was looking for the same one for my daughter. My son got the ProSport and we loved it... and this is the exactly the same, but with a few even better features, but it does not explain that anywhere online. We had to really dig deep for reviews to be sure and order it. It is perfect! It even says "Performance Sport / ProSport" on the box. It's just the newer version and it's a shame they don't mention that online. Another important detail is that the OnlineShopDealer pictures don't do this product justice at all. I was sceptical and worried about the actual colour because it looks a little flashy online, but the actual seat is a beautiful pink/rose colour, perfect for our taste, looks amazing beside my son's light blue ProSport, and most important, my daughter loves it! In a nutshell: if you have a baby girl and are looking for a car seat, buy this one! you won't regret it!

saved our daughter's life!
My wife was in an accident and hit by someone going extremely fast on the passenger side. the car flipped multiple times and spun around before coming to a rest upside down. our daughter who is a toddler was in this seat it held her upside down SAFELY until she could be cut out she came out of this accident with out a scratch and we FIRMLY believe it was thanks to God and this wonderful car seat that kept her head and neck and whole body safe with all the padding!

Great harnessed booster seat for a slim 5-year old!
Recently my skinny 5 year-old daughter outgrew her Recaro Signo car seat. While she was certainly old enough to move into a booster seat, I wasn't comfortable moving her into one based on the fact that she weighs less than the 40 lb minimum weight AND because of my concern that a seat belt would concentrate the majority of forces against her hips and stomach in a car crash. I like the idea of diverting crash forces out amongst the five strongest areas of a young child's body. I have been in several severe car crashes in my lifetime and have a healthy appreciation for the injuries that can be sustained in these types of crashes. So, I narrowed my choices down to the Recaro Performance Sport and the Britax Frontier 85. I was able to see the Britax in person and wasn't impressed with either the comfort (seemed like thin padding) or the structure of the seat. So, even though I couldn't examine the Recaro in person (I really wish Recaro's were sold at big box stores!!) I decided that since we were so happy with our old Recaro car seat I would take a chance on this booster seat. I am so glad we did! I installed the seat in our 2006 Volvo XC90 with a good fit (as confirmed by a local EMT inspector) and my daughter just happily used it for two, 8-hour road trips. She thinks the plush padding is super comfortable and can buckle herself in and out of it (I do usually reach back and tighten the straps though before we drive anywhere), which she really appreciates. We bought the Rose color and it is very pretty--a very bright, pepto bismol shade of pink that is quite girly. Since the harness only works up to 50 inches I think we only may get about 18 more months out of it, but that would take her to age 7--an age I feel much better about using a seatbelt for (I doubt she'll let me harness her any older than that anyway LOL). After that, we'll switch to the seatbelt mode and I anticipate that this will be the last seat we will ever need. I really couldn't be any happier with this seat and would recommend it to anyone who's concerned about their child's safety.

Very solid combo car seat - Color lighter than depicted on OnlineShopDealer
This is our second Recaro car seat, and the first being the Recaro ProRide (gray, synthetic suede) we bought almost two years back. Similar to our other one, this carseat is solid as with expected from Recaro, and my son loves it. Recaro car seats are the only ones he will quickly fall asleep and soundly as we drive him around. Secondly, he doesn't sweat as much too as in other brand car seats we bought. Given Recaro car seats also passed the European safety standard, it was a no brainer for us when looking for anything my kid should sit in. It is solid, safe, and comfortable - That are all the high priority items we (i.e. my wife and I) are looking for as parents.

We got the "slate" color (i.e. tan), and as several reviewers already mentioned, the color on the real car seat is not as bright as depicted on OnlineShopDealer. I wanted more of a "yellow" color to look sporty, but the real color aligns more with our tan leather seats in the car...No biggie. Additionally, we love - love - love the suede materials of our ProRide that is also available with the lower ProSport, but the new materials on Performance Sport is more plastic-like. Interesting, I thought my son would thus sweat more, but that has not been observed thus far. Recaro also claim Performance Sport has "memory foam", but I couldn't feel any difference in terms of cushioning level in comparison to the standard foam in our ProRide.

Finally, additional thing I would like to add for people who already purchased one, are planning to purchase one, or are researching to compare with other car seats - THIS CAR SEAT HAS RECLINE FUNCTION. The Performance Sport manual and Recarco websites are not providing any info on this, giving the impression this is not a feature. However, if you email Recarco car seat customer support and ask for a "Recline Wedge", they will promptly send you one along with instruction sheets. Thus, this is similar to the lower ProSport version.

************** UPDATE 7/2/14 *********************
I can't confirm this, but one of the recent comments to my original review mentioned that Recaro no longer supply the plastic wedge that I was able to request from them through their customer service contact. Not sure if this is a permanent or case-by-case situation (e.g. specific customer service person being dealt with), but feel free to reach out to Recaro please to double check.

Absolutely love these car seats!!! I have a 3 year old and twin 1 year olds (all of which are big boys, 70% + on height and weight) and needed car seats that would be safe, fit them now and as they grow, and would fit 3 across in my car. I have a Chevy Tahoe (2004) and ALL 3 FIT COMFORTABLY across the back seat. I looked all over for any seats that could confirm they would fit, I read a ton of reviews from parents and the only seats that claimed to fit 3 across were the Diono. My friend has one of those and I was able to see it before making my decision. It looks like a good seat but does not look comfortable, the seat is straight up and down and does not seem to have much padding. Also with 3 across I need the sides to keep arms to themselves as much as possible. With my 3 boys I really like that this seat is built by a racing company who knows about the best impact safety. The side impact protection on these seats are fantastic, the padding is very nice and a portion of it is removable if you want less padding. The pads at the neck do not move which for me is an awesome feature. No more worrying about putting strap burns on my kiddos necks. The seats are easy to adjust but you have to take the seat out first. I wouldn't normally travel with it in the reclined position but if you knew you were going to be travelling at night when they are normally asleep it does have the option of reclining the seats which looks even more comfy. Again has to be removed to recline.
We decided to take the boys out on a quick drive to test out the seats, see how they liked it, etc. when we didn't have to be anywhere in case adjustments were needed. While driving 65 + on the freeway a car failed to stop at a stop sign and came into our lane. I had a large truck to my left and less than one car length behind me. Amazingly, I was able to brake, straddle the center divide and honk, and managed to avoid a collision. Needless to say my husband and I were upset and extremely relieved. I looked back and all 3 of my boys were just looking around like it was a normal day. The were jostled a bit but they were comfortable and were perfectly happy.

I moved my 3 year olds Britax seat to my husbands car so he can now take 2 with him if needed. My 3 year old tried to refuse to go in daddys car because he wanted mommys car and "my seat".

I highly recommend these seats!!! I don't usually do reviews as with 3 kiddos I don't usually have time (hubby is asking me right now when I will be done) but I wanted to let people like me know these will fit 3 across with most larger vehicles and they were actually cheaper than some of the competitors.

From performance ride to performance sport.
Week one review.
After owning our performance ride for 1.5 years we decided a new car seat was in order. (Another Great seat. However, it got its use and lets face it DAD wanted a new car seat.... ). Our son is larger than most kids his age. 38" and 37lbs at less than 2.5 years we needed a seat that could grow with us. This seat fit the bill perfectly. While we were impressed with the quality of build/qc in our old seat (Recaro Performance Ride) Recaro has stepped it up a notch. The pull tight strap and release "button" for the harness is beefy 1.5" wide strap and a button that can easily be loosened without twisting the strap (an annoyance with our performance ride) and Head height adjustment that is done in incremental notches vs the performance rides knob that needed to be twisted (trust me anyone with large hands found it annoying to turn when the seat was installed in the car) Awesome!! Foam padding seems to be of higher quality than that of older Recaro seats I have high hopes that the seat could see 4 years of use before breakdown occurs. Seat cover is very easily removed in comparison to the performance ride- snaps vs hooks. Padding and padding placement seems better in all aspects.
In compairson to the performance ride this seat is substantially easier for our son to climb into as well as for my wife to lift into. The seat isn't as high off of the cars seat so lifting across into the middle of the car isn't nearly as much of an awkward lift.
Car Belt routing paths are easier for large hands to have correctly installed. With the performance ride feeding through the back plastic holes was a pain and often first attempts had the belts twisted witch would require feeding through again... annoyance this seat is easier.

Safety- LATCH (vehicle manufacture/specs will dictate different applications) This seat is capable of 40lbs (performance ride was 35).

Side impact. - Though not scientific Youtube has some GREAT side impact videos for car seats... I strongly encourage everyone to watch as many of these as you can... Britax is a favorite brand amongst our friends... They tend to hate this argument watch how well a child stays within a seat in ANY of the Recaro carseat crash tests front, side, or rear impact vs other seats... specifically side impact. This is one of two seats I could find videos on where the child's head did not bounce off of the door of the car unprotected by any form of seat... (probably one of the biggest selling points in our books...)

No complaints as of yet. skeptical of the cupholders/pockets... but we shall see.

Included photos of seat and size. Photos are of the seat installed in a 09 Grand cherokee. Two front seat positions included. 1 for someone who is 6'1" and the other is for someone around 5'3"
Will update at 6 month, 12 month+ markers.

Two sides of the story!
While I completely love this seat I hate it at the same time! We've been using this seat for over a year now with my almost 3yr old 50lb 41" daughter in the Sand color (which I might add isn't half bad). Before this seat we had the Prosport in Riley which had an issue and was replaced via Recaro.
Now down to the basics:

The tallest harness setting is a short 20"
The seat width is 14" meaning 3 can be placed in a row
The massive wings make for a nice head rest in sleeping children
The harness straps are SHORT, with a 50lb child they are on their very last inch of adjustment, we WILL grow out of the harness length before the height is met on this seat.
The cover can be removed, its not as bad as it looks, and washed. Yes it holds weird stains and they do not come out.
The latch system is great but again it can only be used in up to 50lbs then the belt MUST be used to secure the seat. When the belt is used to secure the seat in harness mode the child can feel the belt through the padding making about an inch gap.

DO YOURSELF A FAVOR, if you have a tall wide child steer clear of this seat and go get a Britax 90 harness booster instead it WILL last longer than this short seat.

Again I love this seat but its just too short for our needs.
Prosport to Performance differences: HERO pads, that is the only difference.


  • Cloud Comfort Memory Foam
  • Luxurious, temperature balancing fabrics & CoolMesh air ventilation keep your child cool, comfortable and happy
  • Racing-Inspired Full-Body Side Impact Protection with metal reinforced side wings designed to protect each of the 5 vulnerable areas of a child in a side impact crash: head, neck, face, torso and pelvis
  • Twist-resistant HERO harness technology ensures the highest level of protection and comfort
  • (Forward-facing only) Harness Mode: 20-65 pounds and 27-49 inches; High Back Booster Mode: 30-120 pounds and 37-59 inches


The RECARO Performance SPORT meets all new FMVSS 213 standards. It has a new upper weight limit of 65 pounds, which accommodates an average 9.5 year old child. The Performance SPORT has all-new features such as HERO harness system technology and comfort enhancing memory foam. HERO is a new, exclusive and innovative safety feature by RECARO. HERO ensures the highest level of protection and comfort by positioning the shoulder pads to appropriately fit the child's neck, head and shoulders while resisting harness twisting and ensuring proper chest clip positioning. The Performance SPORT includes the RECARO Safety Stripe System, which is a racing-inspired white stripe that is clearly visible on the outside edge of the five-point harness. This stripe is designed as an easy alert to parents that a twist could occur, or has begun, thus preventing a safety hazard. Additional features include added mesh for breathability, improved comfort pad with memory foam, enhanced cup holders and stylish trim details. The Performance SPORT Combination Harness to Booster Car Seat has twist-resistance straps and a five-point harness system that accommodates children 20 to 65 pounds in harness mode and 30 to 120 pounds in booster mode. The Performance SPORT incorporates RECARO Side Impact Protection technology inspired by four decades of racing seat safety.

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