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Whitmor 6054-268 Supreme Bakers Rack, Chrome and Wood

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Customer Reviews

Product Reviews

Excellent Bakers Rack very useful
I actually bought one of these racks at Lowes a while back for about the same price. It is just great. I lived in a small apartment and this rack seem to double the storage of my kitchen. I filled the bottom shelves with wicker baskets and was able to store pots and pans, plastic containers and many more kitchen items. It's so much better than kitchen drawers. You can store a ton of plastic containers and lids in the baskets and have easy access to them. You can hang utensils for easy access. I use the top shelf for storing tea boxes, candles and small items. In addition to all the storage you have another 3 feet of hardwood (mine is oak) counter space for preparing food. If you live with a small kitchen this rack is an instant remodel. I can't say enough about this rack. It's great.

Affordable Kitchen Expansion
I learned right away that the kitchen in my new apartment wasn't big enough for two people to comfortably (or efficiently) work in at once. Scratch that. It WAS big enough, but not very well laid-out. We didn't have enough counter space or cupboards.

This rack totally changed that. We store pans, food, tupperware, and a couple of small appliances on it, freeing up the rest of our kitchen. Even with so much on it, the cutting board is still completely open to use. We now spend many nights a week together in the kitchen, preparing and cooking food. Lovely!

Love this baker's rack
I bought this baker's rack to use as a microwave stand mainly. But I've found you can put so much more on it. I have my microwave on the top rack, my convection oven on the middle shelf, and a vintage style budweiser crate on the bottom shelf to store odds and ends. The very top shelf, I use to hold my plants. With all that weight on it, it seems to be pretty sturdy. I wouldn't let your kids climb on it, but it holds what you need it to without feeling like it's going to collapse. Also, an added bonus, it was exremely easy to put together. The directions it came with just had picture diagrams to follow, but once you get started, you don't even need them. Plus it looks great in my kitchen.

Fantastic Customer Service
This is a popular rack with great features. See the other reviews to read about that. However this review is to tell you that the manufacturer's customer service is TOP NOTCH!

Upon receiving the rack I opened it and easily assembled it, only to find that one of the welds had come apart on the very top rack where we had intended to place some heavy baking goods jars. Obviously, the break compromised the intended use. I grabbed the customer service card from the box, took a picture of the damage, and sent a short email off to whitmor customer service. Like many customer service experiences, I expected to hear back within 1 - 2 weeks, get a form response, be asked to send them the broken part at my cost (or be told they couldn't replace it,) and then wait a month to receive the replacement.

NONE OF THE ABOVE! I received a personal and cordial response immediately. And no questions asked they told me they would send me another part immediately.

The product is great, but it makes it even more so when the people behind it are great too. I will certainly be a repeat customer.

Attractive and sturdy Baker's Rack
I really like this Baker's Rack. It arrived very well packaged, without any damage. Nothing was warped and
the wood cutting board, which fits its shelf well, is completely flat and very nice looking. In fact, I would rate
the whole unit as very nice looking, with an Industrial Chic appearance. As another review mentioned, the hardest
part of putting it together was opening the box. Unfortunately, I also made the mistake of thinking the raised
edge around the shelves is supposed to go up, to keep things from falling off. When assembled that way, the unit is
very unstable, which may be why some reviews mention this problem. I took it apart and re-assembled it, with the
edges pointing down and now the rack is very stable. They should probably include this information in the directions;
they do not and you cannot really tell from the pictures which way the bottom 3 shelves go. Further confusing
the issue is that the top shelf DOES go on with the raised edge pointing up, to keep things from falling off. I live
in an older building and the floors sag badly, so being able to adjust the feet was another big bonus. I have a tiny
kitchen and the counters were completely filled by a microwave, toaster, dish drainer and coffee maker. With this rack,
all the appliances could be moved,to free up the counter for work space. And there was still plenty of space on the
Baker's Rack for a collection of small objects, from measuring cups to a Ninja processor to a Cuisinart Ice Cream
Maker. The over-all size is perfect for my small space and the price was perfect too. I am very happy with this
purchase and highly recommend it.

UPDATED May 25, 2013: I have had this Bakers' Rack for one year,4 months and still
love it. It still looks like new. As with most things my " stuff" has expanded to fit the available
space and the rack is now loaded with as much stuff as it can hold. I am looking on onlineshopdealer
today to find more hanging hooks, since I am now haning all my pots with handles and all
my cooking utensils, like ladles, from the shelves. I was concerned about overloading it but
there has not been any problems and the unit remains very stable.

Very stury
For the price this is a really nice rack. OnlineShopDealer's price is the lowest I found and free shipping made it an even better deal. We use this rack in front of our sliding door to the deck to hold seedlings and all of the garden stuff we had all over the dining room before we got it. It works out beautifully.

Great Product!
This is my "stove". I do not have a full kitchen and use this as the "stove". I have the hotplate on top, microwave on the middle rack, and the toaster oven on the bottom. This is perfect for my itty, bitty kitchen that goes with my itty, bitty house. :-) I did buy the Cuisinart hooks that are suggested to go with it. They do not match and do not fit in the same place intended to put the other hooks. I am not very pleased with the way they work with the rack. I would not recommend buying them unless you do not care about the fact that the metals look different and they will not work like the other hooks. Might be fine if you are using it to hold pots and you do not care what it looks like. I use the hooks to hang pots and pans on the sides of the rack (since the Cuisinart hooks don't work for utensils because they are too big). I also use the adjustable feet because my floor is uneven. It works great to keep things baking evenly. I really am pleased with this purchase! I would recommend it to any friend who is debating this purchase!

Baker's Rack is a good buy.
This product worked out great for what we needed which was actually a microwave stand with additional storage. It is very sturdy and we love it!

Great value, great product!
I REALLY like my Whitmor bakers rack! It was economical ($75 and free shipping), super easy to put together (I did it all by myself), and it's surprisingly sturdy. The cutting board top is really pretty. Some of the rods and hanging sections are a little un-straight, but it's no biggie. I am so excited because it gives me a little more counter space and also lets me keep things accessible that I want to use more often than I have in the past when they were all packed way up high in my too-small kitchen. For the price, you can't beat this product.

Love this
This rack is perfect, it's sturdy easy to assemble and looks amazing. It holds a lot and really helps organize the kitchen. The bar across the top is a great touch, it allows for hanging pots or utensil.

Once it's together, it's sturdy and doesn't wobble like some other racks I've tried. My floors aren't totally level but the rack has adjustable feet on the poles and a few quick turns and it's solid as a rock. The cutting board top didn't lay completely flat, not sure if it warped or the rack it was on wasn't level but, I put a small piece of double sided tape on the underside of one corner and that took care of the issue.


Technical data

  • Durable chrome steel construction
  • Easy assembly
  • 10-Year limited warranty
  • No tool assembly
  • Removable cutting surface


Product Description

Keep your kitchen organized and everything in its place with the Kitchen Baker Rack. This rack is perfect for storing your pots and pans as well as your other cooking utensils. In addition there is a wood cutting board that is included. Kitchen Baker Rack Features Easy no tool assembly. Durable chromed metal construction. Wood cutting board included. Great for your kitchen or eve for use in the garage or office. Four accessory hooks included. Shelves are adjustable in 1 increments.

    Product Measures: 14 wide x 36.2 long x 55.2 tall/deep
    • Durable chrome steel construction
    • Easy assembly
    • No tool assembly
    • Removable cutting surface
    • 250-Pound lower shelf capacity
    Material: Chromed Steel, Metal & Wood

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