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Organize It All Can Rack (1866W)

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Product Reviews

Pricey? No, it's well worth the cost!
I freely confess, I'm another one who thought at first glance that this item was overpriced. At one time in the misty past, I had something similar in the white plastic coated wire you see nowadays as shelving, only much flimsier. That product lasted all of a month or so before collapsing completely. Talk about not worth the price you paid!

The Chrome Pantry Can Goods Rack is one of the better purchases I've made in the last year. I tried a few other solutions before buying this one because I was concerned about the price. Inexpensive lazy susans and tiered can shelves didn't what I needed: Organize a few cans of each type together, where I could see what I had at a glance. Many of the competitors are poorly made, and like my old white wire version, they fall apart easily, spilling cans everywhere. Some are poorly sized, like the tiered "can shelving" I bought that couldn't actually hold cans! And some just aren't suited to anything smaller than a 6 person family, like alternatives I've seen recommended here on OnlineShopDealer, where you're intended to have 10 or more of any one kind of canned food. That's just too much for this two person household to store.

This pantry organizer is a perfect storage device if you a.) Like quality built products; b.) Keep around 5 of any given canned item on hand at a time; and c.) don't want to be limited by the size of the cans you prefer. This unit can hold a tremendous amount without bending in the least, and it doesn't matter what type of cans you have. There's space for them all! The "wire" is heavy gauge, and the chrome hasn't chipped or flaked in 3 months of regular use.

The only disadvantage would be overall size. To make a unit like this as sturdy as possible, you sacrifice the flexibility of making the width of the whole device adjustable, as it is on some lesser products. If you have small shelves, either by width, height, or depth, you'll want to measure carefully to ensure you have enough room for this rack.

But if you have enough room, I can't say enough good things about it. This really helped alleviate a lot of irritation I had with my pantry. I only wish I could find other organizational products that worked this well for every part of my house.

Great tool for keeping the pantry organized.
If you are tired of buying canned food you already have, but couldn't find in your pantry until you bought more, or if you have trouble fitting your canned goods on your shelves, this product is a must! It is very sturdy, and has separators, so you can make it work with multiple sizes of cans. If you have space, I would get two for a family of three or more. This item holds a lot of weight in a small space, so make sure you put it on a sturdy shelf. I have a wired shelf pantry, and the unit rests just fine on it's own front and back horizontal metal bars, instead of the feet, as shown in the picture.

Wonderful Product
This can rack is wonderful! Freed up quite a bit of shelf space on my pantry shelves. Thought it was a bit pricey at first, but it is sturdy, well made and worth the price.

Great product!
This is exactly what I'd hoped it would be - sturdy, functional, and holds a lot of cans. I definitely recommend it.

Bit expensive but well worth the money. Very sturdy, quick and easy to assemble. Great space saver. Can hold most any size can.

Oh my gosh!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this organizer!! I had no idea how many cans of cream of mushroom soup I had lurking in my pantry until I got this. Setup was simple, no tools required and I didn't even use the dividers. I may end up using them but not sure why I need them now, cans line up snug and roll freely. We'll see though. I am on here today ordering another one for the rest of my cans. My pantry has so much more space in it now and looks much less cluttered. Thank you for the invention of this product!! Also I love that it is very sturdy with no sagging. Well worth the price!!

Help for those who had installation problems
I read the reviews and was therefore not surprised when the shelves just didn't fit. However, I realized I had it backwards(no thanks to the directions, which indeed have so many lines you can't tell what they're saying).

What I learned: if your shelves are too short in the back and you have to seriously bend something to get them to fit, you have the side walls facing the wrong way.

How to make it work: Without shelves installed, with what is your front facing you (say 6 o'clock), rotate each of the side walls 180 degrees - so they're facing 12 o'clock). The whole unit should now be "backwards" facing the other direction. NOW try putting the shelves in - they fit easily and correctly - no stress, no bending, no extra tools. You might have to push the shelf down with a little pressure, but the loop will fit right on the bracket where it's supposed to go.

Right now I'm getting rid of the pantry moths, so haven't got it actually IN the pantry yet. That's another story - waiting for my peppermint 100% essential oil, also from OnlineShopDealer - to get that fixed.

Hope this helps.

Deluxe can storage rack
Deluxe Chrome Canned Food Storage Rack This is a great product. No more can food turning over or around. Keeps everything
organized. My cabinet shelves always look great.

Perfect for storing cans of all sizes
This product is great. Feels very sturdy. Looks good and clean. Cans of all sizes fit on it and it stays together even when packed full of cans.

Chrome can rack
This is great! Very sturdy - holds a ton. it has freed up so much space in my pantry.


Technical data

  • Store cans on this rack
  • Stylish and compliments any room decor
  • Perfect can storage solution


Product Description

This Can Storage Rack is constructed of heavy metal wiring with a chrome finish. It fits nicely into any kitchen cabinet and holds most types of soup cans and canned foods. Now you can neatly organize your kitchen cabinets and pantry!

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