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Rachael Ray Stoneware 1-1/4-Quart and 2-1/4-Quart Oval Bubble & Brown Baker Set, Orange

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Customer Reviews

My primary bakeware
I didn't think I would use these so often, but I do. I find myself looking for recipes to try, just to use these. They hold heat like you wouldn't believe, they actually cook everything evenly, and they are great to put under the broiler to get nice crisp crusts on casseroles.

The small size is absolutely perfect for a household of two people. It has allowed me to scale down my recipes to work for just two people, and still get the same quality that I would in the full scale version. The rounded sides are great and make it easy to scoop things out. They don't look very deep, but they can hold A LOT.

And, as cliche as it might be, they ARE great from going from the oven to table, and people really are impressed (plus, that makes less dishes to clean up, BONUS!!). Buy these, you will not be disappointed.

I had been eyeing these for quite awhile and finally decided to take the plunge. At first I couldn't justify purchasing these when I have lots of other stoneware pieces that I acquired over the past 10-12 years or so back when I was a Pamp Chef consultant. Back then I fell in love with stoneware and have every size baking pan, cookie sheet, pizza stones etc, and I don't bake in any metal pans anymore... ever! Then these unique shaped and beautifully designed pieces come along from Rachael Ray, and I just finally had to have them! I only just rec'd them yesterday, and although some might say it's too early for a review, I beg to differ! As soon as I took them out of the box I was in love! Beautiful, vibrant orange color and oh so cute! I purchased the 1 qt/1.5 set and also the 3 qt. I couldn't wait to get cooking in them, so last night I roasted a chicken in the 1 qt, (yes, it fit!) made brownies in the 1.5 qt, and a BIG pan of lasagna in the 3 qt - this particular pan is BIG - the inside measures approx 15 x 9.5. Everything cooked up beautifully in all the pans and the small/medium size cleaned up VERY EASILY, and I am sure the large size will too. I covered the lasagna with foil and put in the fridge, and plan to reheat it right before my children/grandchildren come over for pre-treat-or-treating dinner! Being able to put it in the oven (up to 500 degrees), the fridge, freezer, microwave AND DISHWASHER, (hellllloooo!!!!) is just amazing for stoneware!!!!! You do have to make sure you read the instructions regarding going from hot/cold so as not to crack your stoneware though. Also another big plus with these pans are that the handles make them super easy to move around and retrieve from the oven, carry to the table etc... and they all nest inside each other for easy storage!! (That is not the case with all my other takes up tons of room!) I highly recommend these pans!!!! I will be selling some of my old stoneware at my garage sale next spring, now that I have these super replacements! Happy cooking to you!

My new favorite baking dish!
I love the way this stoneware bakes and serving in this modern design makes a beautiful dish for any table. I have baked casseroles, veggies, apple dumplings, and pot pies in them. The handles makes it so easy to remove from a hot oven. Never have the crusts cooked so evenly and they are really easy to clean.

PERFECT for the home chef
I purchased this as one of my items, in the AMAZON 4 for 3 promotion. I purchased the "lasgna lovers" and "9x9" and the casserole dish. In addition to the bubble & brown set.

The smaller pan is perfect for melting cheese dips, or making a quick "family" size fruit crisp. I used mine for making a pan of shrimp francese. I could see using this for oven steaming veggies too.

The large dish is great for baking family size chicken dinners, or meatloaf.

The double size pot holder handles, are a perfect touch. They actually work!

I would certainly suggest after use, soaking your dishes in hot soapy water. The dishwasher on certain settings may be too hot. They clean easily and look great.

NO serving trays required. Straight from oven to table "in style".


Great Stoneware
I love this stoneware. They go right from the oven to the table and look great. Also easy to cleanup.

Love it!
I ordered this as a birthday present for a dear friend of mine. She was extremely happy and loved it a lot. As soon as she opened it, she was already thinking of what to cook and use this casserole dish. I'm glad I got this for her and will definitely purchase this again next time for myself and maybe on a diffrent color. Thanks!

I've bought these for everyone!
I purchased one set of these when they first came out. I liked them so much I bought the bigger one. I use them so much I bought myself another set. As I continued using them and they constantly impressed me I bought a set for my youngest daughter - a terrific cook - and she loved them so much I bought them for my oldest daughter, who thinks they are the best.
They come in beautiful and vibrant colors, the handles are handy as can be, the sizes are perfect and wash up is as easy as anything I've ever experienced.
I have baked cakes and casseroles. I have reheated the leftovers. You can take them from oven to table. I have used them for cold foods. No matter what I have done - they look great, the food is cooked evenly and the washup is a piece of cake. What more can you ask? Well, Maybe if they came with Rachael Ray as the cook . . . . . . . . .

Brilliant casserole for two particular reasons
I have a old set of oval casseroles I bought years ago. They are really pretty (kind of a periwinkle blue lined with white) and they were souvenirs of when we lived overseas. One large, one medium. And they are the most used casseroles I own. If you never used ceramic to bake your mac 'n cheese or your gratins, they clean up like a dream and you can plop them on the table, as is. They are decorative. But they have a disadvantage; they are simply flat ovals and there is no good way to grip them to get them out of the oven.

I have a yellow kitchen with red accents, so these Rachael Ray red casseroles are very pretty with the other tableware. These come in the most beautiful, rich colors with a nice, smooth easy-to-clean glaze. But what's MORE IMPORTANT are the handles.

Since I have difficulty taking my old oval bakers out of the oven with my silicone mat pot holders, I get the mitt into the food, or I don't have a good enough grip on the edge. And my hands have a bit of arthritis, so it's even more difficult these days. However, the Rachael Ray casseroles have a raised handle with an opening. This allows me to get a really good grip on the edge. No more nervous moments taking a dish of creamed onions out of the oven. And they clean up like a dream. A bit of soaking and the baked-on food swishes right off with the sponge. All I can say is "GREAT!"

Great purchase!
My husband and I bought these bakers with a wedding gift certificate, and couldn't be happier with the product! We were very pleased with the color and easy-to-use handles. They are non-stick and well coated. We've used the bakers for cooking and as a festive presentation piece, and will be using them a lot in the future!!

Rachael Ray Bubble bowls
I bought these as a birthday present for my daughter, a Rachael Ray nut, and she absolutely loved them, an has used them often in the 3 weeks since she got them. A true superb gift.


  • From Rachael Ray, set of 2 Bubble and Brown oval bakers for casseroles and cobblers; includes a small 1-quart baker and a medium 2-1/4-quart baker
  • Bakers constructed in fully vitrified stoneware; glazed and fired under high temperatures for strong, chip-resistant, and nonporous bakeware
  • Colorful glaze, wide oval handle holes, scooped sides, fashionable design; smaller baker nests inside the larger for neat storage
  • Safe for use in dishwashers, microwaves, freezers, and ovens up to 500 degrees F; limited lifetime warranty
  • Weighs 7 pounds upon shipping; 11-1/2 by 7-inches small and 14 by 9-3/4 inches medium bakers, both 4-1/2 inches high at ends and 2 inches high at center
  • Oven safe to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, the bakers are also safe for use in the microwave as well as the freezer
  • Quality Assurance Guarantee
  • The vibrant color is great for coordinating with many other Rachael Ray kitchen pieces
  • These oval bakers boast sturdy stoneware construction, and the design of the bakers makes them oven-to-table friendly
  • Wide handles offer a confident grip; dishwasher safe for easy cleanup


Two pieces of stoneware are always better than one when you have the rachael Ray Stoneware 1-1/4-Quart and 2-1/4-Quart Bubble & Brown Oval Baker Set in the home kitchen. Prepare tasty and easy casseroles in the larger baker and sweet fruit crumbles and other desserts in the second for a complete and delicious meal that easily goes from oven to table. These bakers are an extension of the bold, clever style Rachael Ray has already brought to cookware and dinnerware: bright colors, unique shapes and durable materials in versatile pieces that everyone will appreciate. Both oval bakers boast sturdy stoneware construction with bold color inside and out, and they are safe for use in the microwave, freezer and oven – up to 500°F. And to make cleaning up a cinch, they go right in the dishwasher. The wide handles flare up and out to offer a confident grip when pulling dishes out of the oven, and the vibrant color is great for coordinating with many other Rachael Ray kitchen pieces. Bake casseroles and desserts with twice the fun with the Rachael Ray Stoneware 1-1/4-Quart and 2-1/4-Quart Bubble & Brown Oval Baker Set.

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