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Metrokane Rabbit 6-Piece Wine Tool Kit, Black

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Customer Reviews

Product Reviews

It really does work easily. I was surprised that the claims really were right.
I have tried many kinds of openers including knocking the cork when desperate ;) and though almost all methods work, this is quick smooth and you are not sweating before you get to the first sip :)

Perfect wine tool kit
This wine tool works just as they say, quick and easy. I purchased 2 other kits for friends as gifts. I have another type wine bottle cork removing tool but the Rabbit works faster and easier.

Great Item.
I would recommend this item to everyone. Very simple, no mess, does the work for you. You can take this with you anywhere you go and not be disappointed.

My husband loves this product
we have purchased many of the basic cork screws and have them all over (cars, bags, camping, home) Oddly enough many started breaking all around the same time. My parents had just purchased the one from Costco so I mentioned to my husband that maybe we should get one. He said no that is too expensive for a cork screw. I rolled my eyes and popped on to OnlineShopDealer to see what I could find unbenounced to him. When we received it he rolled his eyes and said how much did you pay. I told him and he said well that is not too bad. Then he started using it and fell in love. We just may become wine alcoholics just so he can use all the gadgets (cutter, cork screw, rubber air tight corks.) He can not get enough of this device :) Well worth the money.

) - love this kit with the vacuum and stoppers
Just tried the first double bottle... Our old rabbit died from overwork :) - love this kit with the vacuum and stoppers!

Great product, fits perfect!
Great quality, works better then the Houdini Corkscrew. I really like this purchase.

Five Stars
I finally opened a corked bottled all by my 65 year old self!!!!

Very nice rabbit replacement and durable
Works well after opening a 100 bottles.

Five Stars
I really LOVE this Rabbit wine kit!!!

Once I figured out how to use it! Of course reading the directions would have been very helpful but you know. Im a wine girl how hard can it be. :) So the point being be sure to read the directions first and if you have a question still bing it so you dont break a cork.

I bought this to replace a DEAD electric and actually like this set much better. The sealer was just an added bonus as I already had that.


Technical data

  • The Rabbit Corkscrew pulls a cork in 3 seconds flat
  • Works on all bottle sizes and cork types
  • The Wine Preserver removes the air from an opened bottle of wine
  • The Wine Preserver has an ergonomically designed pump handle for easy operation
  • 5-year warranty on Rabbit Corkscrew


Product Description

The Stand-Up Rabbit Wine Tool Kit includes a Rabbit Corkscrew with Foil Cutter, Extra Spiral and Wine Preserver with 2 Stoppers. The Rabbit Corkscrew pulls a cork in 3 seconds flat. The Wine Preserver with 2 Stoppers removes air from an opened wine bottle. 5-year warranty on Rabbit Corkscrew.

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