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Hamilton Beach 7 Quart Stay Or Go Slow Cooker

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Basic, No spills even on hills and twisties!!
Bought this Slow Cooker after much research and debate. I needed a travel cooker for my families gatherings and this one is marketed as a "Stay or Go" which it does both perfectly. I was not concerned about bells and whistles and wanted a basic, durable and travel ready 10-15 year cooker. The unit arrived in timely fashion and after a good washing of the stoneware was put to work within two hours of opening the box. My first item up to make was chili for a cookout and this required transporting it. I was nervous because I have and had similar cookers from other manufactures but they all fail at keeping liquid sealed in the stoneware. This cooker did not fail with my Chili which I make a little thin so that cracker lovers have some soup, it kept its composure quite well and didn't spill a drop (keep in mind I was driving up 45 degree hills and speeding to make it on time). The hinged lid makes serving and keeping food covered easy. The latching mechanism and controls both while very basic have the feel that this will be around a long time. The rubber seal on the lid is not the typical round bead but more of a rubber flap that seals tight and securely. This unit also has very sturdy handles on the sides and these collapse to take up less room in your kitchen cabinet. Cooking times seems to be on par with my older units and I have not noticed any "over heating" the food on the lowest setting and in fact the chili after the cookout was done (on low the whole time - outside!) was still 193 degrees which is on par with my older cookers. Very happy with this purchase and wish I could find the same one in white, as the stainless is very attractive almost too much that you want to pamper it.

So there you have it, I purchase items after I exhaust online reviews and for my money this is the perfect "BASIC" Stay or Go cooker that delivers great cooking, easy cleaning, and NO SPILLS!! Thanks for reading.

I use this almost daily, love the special feature!
I bought this slow cooker to replace a more expensive digital slow cooker that I owned. I replaced the other slow cooker because the digital panel stopped working which rendered the slow cooker useless. So, I intentionally looked for a less complicated version with less technology.

When I found this slow cooker, I bought it because of its large capacity and low technology. What I was not expecting was the awesome feature of the clamp down lid.

WOW, what an amazing difference in the cooking!! The lid clamps down to help with transporting food, which is a nice feature but the real hidden beauty is that works almost like a pressure cooker when the lid is clamped down. You get much more even cooking with roasts and I believe more infused flavor into the meat.

I definitely recommend this low tech slow cooker, less parts to go haywire, easy to travel with, large capacity and fabulous cooking results because of the clamp down lid!

best crock pot ever!!!
I was needing a new crockpot, but was leary because I hadn't seen one that solved the issues with my previous one: the knob on the lid was plastic and broke off not long after I got it, plus if you were using it to serve in a food line you had to have somewhere to put the lid (which would usually end up being on the table next to the pot, then it would get stuck to the table because of the steam on the lid and make a watery mess too, or people would just have to set the lid back on top with the serving spoon sticking out and the lid would most often fall into the food), it cooked everything too hot and food was always crusted around the edges, would have to have a kid hold the lid down as we drove down the road to a party with the crock pot full of food so it wouldn't splash or spill all over my car...THEN I FOUND THIS ONE!!! The lid is on a hinge and just lifts up and stays up if you want it to instead of having to remove the lid and set it on the counter while you serve your food, the lid has a gasket and clamp so it seals shut and doesn't spill while traveling, and it cooks evenly, and is a full quart bigger than my old one. YAY! All at a comparable price to the other crock pots on the market, but much better! LOVE IT!!!! Why haven't I seen this crock pot at a store? Glad I saw it on a review of a gals blog...AWESOME!

crock pot for large family
very happy with this...I have 6 kids so make food by bulk...steam does come out, but just unlatch it then wait till all steam goes out then take the lid off...only takes a second and will prevent steaming your arm...

Why didn't they think of this sooner?
This cooker solves the problem of transporting gumbo, chili or other slow cooker foods without spilling.

Before, I was always trying to control spillage in the back of the vehicle with aluminum foil under the lid, putting the cooker in cardboard boxes with paper towels, etc. None of that ever worked without some mess.

Now when the lid is locked down we are good to go.

I love this slow cooker and use it all the time! The only draw back is the direction the lid opens. Always grip from behind and lift so you are not burned by the steam.

Happy with Purchase
Read alot of reviews and I am happy with this purchase. Everything has cooked in the amount of time I expected at the specific heat I chose. Easy clean up and I love the locking lid.

Awesome product
If I could give this 10 stars I would....Love the size, it Looks really nice. Only one draw back, it seems to cook a little faster than I wanted, but In all, It's a great product~!~

Fantastic Slow Cooker
I needed a slow cooker to bring my chili to work for our holiday pot luck party. The locking feature was just the ticket to transport it without spilling. I got the cooker at Shop rite on sale of 25.00. It worked flawlessly and I cannot wait to try other recipies.

Love this!
I have had a couple of different slow cookers. This one is the best of all! The large size works great for all my dishes. Love how the lid can stay open while serving from it. Not to mention how well it seals so you can take it to a friends house without making a mess. Yes, this is the one!


Technical data

  • Single clip latches lid to base for spill-resistant travel
  • Detachable lid and removable stoneware for dishwasher clean upHinged lid stays up for serving
  • Folding handles snap up for carrying fold down for storage
  • Perfect size for a 7 lb. chicken


Product Description

Stay or Go 7 Quart Portable Slow Cooker - 33472

The Stay or Go 7 Quart Portable Slow Cooker is a great way to bring out the full flavors of meat and vegetables. It is also low stress, because there is so little preparation involved. You can get it ready in the morning and you do not have to think about it again until dinnertime. Just add the ingredients, close the lid and set the cooking temperature. Your food is ready when you get home, and it is large enough to handle all your potluck and dinnertime favorites.

Single clip quickly seals lid onto base The locked clip reduces messy spills Hinged lid stays up for serving Large 7 quart capacity Hinged lid and crock are dishwasher safe Clip-tight sealed lid for spill-resistant travel

The Stay or Go 7 Quart Portable Slow Cooker offers thoughtful features that make it easy to take anywhere. It has a clip-locked lid with a tight seal for spill-resistant travel and full-grip handles to make carrying easy. At serving time, the hinged lid stays up and out of the way.

Product Feature Benefits:
  • Bring 7 quarts of hot food to potlucks or parties anytime
  • Clip-tight, sealed lid for spill-resistant travel
  • Hinged lid stays up for serving then detaches for dishwasher cleanup
  • Folding handles snap up for carrying and fold down for storage
  • High, low & keep warm settings

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