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simplehuman 15-Ounce Square Push Pump, Chrome

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Great for Dr. Bronner's
There are so many great reviews that I hesitated to write one. But I have found that certain things that people say can really help me make the leap. Having used Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap for 40 years or so, and it has always been an issue on how to dispense it. With a lot of pumps they get clogged and many will jet the soap where you don't want it,peppermint soap in the eye will really get your attention.The hand hooded over the tip can work.
Until now, Voila the answer to perfect dispensing. This thing is amazing and I am picky. You can squirt out a little or a lot, it never gets clogged with our soap, and with the angle of the tip it always goes away from you. Oh yes and the big thing , this one does not drip soap. This simple little gizmo is worth twice the price. Enjoy!
ps try Dr. Bronner's you won't be sorry. :)

Over-engineered awesomeness
This is going to sound strange, but the pump on this sucker is way over-engineered and is actually a pleasure to use. All the other soap pumps I've used tend to give you a big dollop of soap no matter how hard or lightly you push it. This one gives you a very fine stream of soap that is perfectly proportional to how much you push the lever down.

* Awesome pump
* See-through, high quality acrylic body
* Huge opening for pouring in soap
* Looks better than in the picture (but maybe that's just because I don't like the pinkish soap pictured here)

* The shiny metal will likely get dirty fairly easy, I would have preferred something a dark matte color since I'm a bit (a lot) lazy

Other thoughts: I've used cheap plastic dispensers in the past, but they don't look great nor age well. I've also bought one that looked very nice (made of marble perhaps) but it had a tiny opening to pour in soap, no indication of emptiness, and worst of all, the crappy pump actually rusted out in just one year. So yeah, this one is way better, and I'm buying a second one as a gift after I post this review.

awesome item!
Just received this soap pump. It is heavy weight and high quality. Looks great in our new bathroom. Hoping the pump mechanism will last. Will update if the item breaks later on.

Great product!
I know some people were disappointed in the large size, but it is perfect for my needs. Another reviewer stated they
couldn't open it. You need to push down on the top of the unit and then turn. It does not screw on. Great quality.

Just perfect
Good quality so far and looks great on countertop. Perfect size, no leaks and pumps the right amount of soap.

I use this as a dish soap dispenser in the kitchen. It looks and works great. It has a large opening and is eay to fill. It "pumps" very smooth. Often I want just a small amount on my sponge and I get that without any afterflow and waste. If I ever need another one, this is what I will buy again

Fantastic Design
I normally would never get excited about a 'soap dispenser' but after buying one of these, I have since reordered 5 more.

The design is simply elegant and the functionality is awesome.

I love the clean line and unique spout pump.

It stays put, opens and closes easily for refilling and I actually got another one to keep near the coffee maker with my Torani Syrup in it. Can't say enough good about it. It looks good, works well, and makes me smile.

Great Soap Pump
This pump is a contemporary looking soap pump that works every time. Very reliable, no batteries required and easy to clean. You do need to know that to remove the top for refilling, you must depress the soap lever and turn the lever while it is depressed and the top will open easily. I ordered two and am thinking of ordering two more.

This is classy
I'm not a classy guy. Having this in my bathroom makes people think I'm classy. I'm pretty sure as soon as a girl sees this in my bathroom she will consider me a worthy mate and immediately disrobe to proceed in making some babies. I will update this review to confirm or deny this theory if I ever get a girl to step foot inside my apartment...

This is genius!
It holds a lot of soap, it doesn't drip, the metal doesn't tarnish or rust, it dispenses the same amount every time, it takes one hand to operate, it's beautiful. In other words, darned near perfect! I just ordered another one.


Technical data

  • clever, clean and clutter-free: Even little things deserve good design. That's why our clear bath ensemble does not just look great. Each product has a functional improvement to fit and work better.
  • clear soap chamber: Shows soap level at a glance.
  • precision lever: Engineered for precise, effortless dispensing with just one hand.
  • no messy spills: Wide opening makes refills fast, easy, and mess-free.
  • one-handed use: Easy to use with just one hand.


Product Description

The simplehuman square push pump features a precision lever engineered for precise, effortless dispensing.

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