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Huion 17.72 Inches Only 5mm Ultra-thin USB Power Tattoo Light Box LED ADJUSTABLE Illumination Tracer 50000 Hours Lifetime LightPad Light Desk with Tracing Paper

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Customer Reviews

Product Reviews

Lighting is perfect!!
This LightPad is so easy to set up and use. Takes less than a minute. It weighs almost nothing. I personally love the 10x14 size. The lighting is variable and even all over. And, it arrived about 2 weeks early!! ....on the size, it is called a 17.7 in. but I think it is important to know that the actual illuminated surface is 9"x12.5" (or 15.5" diagonal). The 17.7" is the overall diagonal length of the unit itself.
I love the handy carrying bag that came with it and the thick styrofoam corner protectors. When not in use, I keep the bag in my closet on a coat hanger and it won't get damaged! When in use, I place two of the protectors under the top two corners and the board sits at a slight angle. I really love it!

Very Slim, Bright, and Uniform
This is a very nice small light box. It is ideal for tracing or for using a guideline underlay for calligraphy. I bought one for myself, them bought two more for friends. Both of them share my high opinion. My only caveat is that as shipped, the light pad derives its power from a USB port, which means that it must be in close proximity to a computer. This was inconvenient, so I purchased small Belkin power adapters from OnlineShopDealer.

Good tablet!
Because of the cheaper than average price, I was unsure if I should purchase this. Got this tablet perhaps a month or two ago because I've recently gotten into traditional animation and thought it would be easier to see with a light under all the tracing paper. It's very lightweight so I can put it in the included bag and carry it easily around my campus. (Tad too big to fit in a backpack. I see a lot of people complaining about the short usb cable. It does have to be plugged in to work. I don't think it's that short, it's kind of an average size, and if you find it is too short you could get a usb extention or a wall adapter. I bought a portable 10$ charger that works great so I can use it outside without having to be restricted. These things are pretty cheap to buy. The light is adjustable. Hold finger over the button and release when desired level is reached. Tap to turn off.

A lot of negative reviews i've seen complain of the sensitive power button, unless you're left handed it's really not a problem. Another thing I've seen is that a lot of people complaint that the cord doesn't fit into the usb slot perfectly. I have no trouble with this and it fits quite snugly. As with any electronic you should be careful when removing cords/chargers anyway. Same applies here.

Overall, I'm very happy with this product. I literally looked at over 20 different light boxes and tablets, read through almost every single question and review and I'm happy with my choice. It's not too expensive either. The highest light setting is very bright, the lowest is bright enough to do plenty. Lightweight, nice design... If anyone is unsure and would like to know more, or maybe would like to see pictures I'd be more than happy to help.

Great Product! Able to use heavy card stock with no issues.
I've been shopping for a nice light box for a specific [long-going] art project and am extremely happy with this purchase. The light is bright enough to easily handle 100lb stock bristol board and I'm sure it can handle an even heavier card stock (haven't needed to go higher).

This was my first light box purchased and it's super easy to use. I do recommend finding a longer usb cable if your drawing station is far from an input or computer. I use my iphone usb wall adaptor with the cable the light box came with and have had no issues. I was very surprised with how thin and light-weight the pad actually is. It doesn't feel flimsy and I haven't had any worry with lugging it around. It came with a carrying case and the only thing I don't like about the case is that the pattern is very floral. I'm a sucker for solid/non-graphic cases.

Overall - I highly recommend this product. The size is perfect for me but if I decide I need something larger in the future, I'll be sticking with Huion.

I love it, light weight
I bought this light box to view color slides and film for my scanning project. I love it, light weight, very bright, just right for transparencies and easy to use, just plug into any USB port or USB plug. The light level can be adjusted up or down by holding down the off and on switch. It came with a carrying pouch as well, the size is just right. Perfect for looking at slides or negatives.

Nice, bright even light
Nice, bright even light. I use it for reviewing slides and film negatives. The power cord socket does seem a bit precarious--other reviewers have noted problems--so be careful! Works fine with most USB power sources, but a few that are not well designed will cause the light to flicker. Just use a better power source and you will be fine.

I'm taking an animation course and needed a lightbox quick, I gotten a florescent one but realized the lack of mobility it has, especially when you have to carry something like this to class. I got this soon after I realized my mistake, and I do not regret it one bit.

It shines just fine through about 6-7 pages of computer paper (the only paper we have available for our class), all awhile I have a backdrop sheet on the bottom, so I am quite happy with the flexibility it offers in that regard.

Although I would suggest getting a wall outlet USB charger, it will surely help you when you don't have a computer handy to plug it in.

The device is really bright and easy to use
The device is really bright and easy to use. I also like the fact that it is quite compact and easy to store.

This device uses a standard micro-USB plug for power. We have several devices that use this interface (including the tablet I am typing on), so this was an added convenience.

This is amazing, I love it so much. Its light weight and very thin, I very much enjoy using it. Works perfect. You can also adjust the lighting. It gets very very bright!

This light is great. I have used these light boxes to help ...
This light is great. I have used these light boxes to help preschoolers and kindergartens with drawing and writing their names, practice tracing letters and numbers.


Technical data

  • The whole light pad deminsion including black frame is 10-5/8" x 14" with diagonal of 17.7". The Illuminated is 9" x 12.5" with a diagonal of 15.5". You also can get Tracing Paper and a Recycling Non-woven Bag
  • Touch Switch Design --- you only need to touch the pad to turn on / off your light box
  • Adjustable Brightness --- simply press the touch switch for several second untill the brigness you want (From Bright to Dark)
  • Memory Feature --- smart memory the brightness of your last use
  • Suitable for 24hour lighting, Long life span 50,000 hours


Product Description

Huion USB Tracing Light Box

Ultra Thin
At only 4MM thick, the ultra portable Slimline light panel combines style with practical features.

Eye-Protect Technology
All light boxes are fitted with cool white LED strip. These ensure perfectly natural color
reproduction for photographic negatives, paintings, artwork, cartoon or science play box for kids.

Precise scale
There are two features calibrations in centimeters on the left and top side to help your artwork precisely

Environmental Protection, long life
We use LED strip as light source. You power on the light box for the whole day, but never worry it is overheat.
Its life is over 50,000 hours.

LED light source protect your eye out of hurt. It is very suitable for long time to create artwork,
also for child to play colorful plastic toy.

See The Details

Dimension: 14*10 Inches
Net Weight: 0.6KG
Active Area: 12.6*9 Inches
Lumen: 1100--1500
USB Cable: 1.2M

What's in the Box:

1. Light Box*1
2. USB Cable*1 (only USB cable, not including adapter)
3. Tracing Paper*5
4. Recycling Non-woven Bag*1

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ASIN: B00K420GG2

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