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Mpow® 6.0Amps 30W Dual Rapid USB Port Car Charger with Xsmart™ Technology for Apple and Android Devices, iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5 5S 5c 4 4S, Samsung Galaxy S5 S4 S3, Galaxy Note 3 2, iPad Air 5 4 mini, iPod, Kindle Fire, Nexus 4, LG G2, Motorola and HTC On

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Tiny and powerful
When I received this as a review sample I thought it was a novelty and not a real charger because of the size: it measures a Lilliputian 2 inhes long (exclusive or the spring leaded contact point), and protrudes less than an inch when it's plugged into a socket.

What I love, though, is it is fast. I tested it with a Galaxy Note 3 in the 1 Amp port and a Tab 3 10.1 tablet in the 2.4 Amp port and both charged as fast as the high speed charger I normally use in my car.

I also tried charging with the devices switched in the ports, with the tablet in the 1 Amp and the phone in the 2.4 Amp. They both Charged simultaneously. I should note that when I test my phone I do so with music streaming and GPS turned on. Some chargers actually cannot keep up with the discharge rate during that test. This one did.

The reason why I awarded this five stars is the integrated protection that will s*** down charging if it detects voltage issues (high or low), and when your device is fully charged. More and more chargers are showing up with those features, but not as small as this or in this price range. That I know about, anyway.

Perfect for phones and tablets

Length:: 3:04 Mins

This car charger simply works great for my family. The reason is because it has two different power sources. One for smartphones and one for tablets.

The two ports are perfect for anyone that has a phone and tablet to charge at the same time.

I like the small size as well.

There isn't anything to complain about at all. Can't go wrong to get this charger.

works well, automatically chooses the fastest charge voltage for the device you connect
Looking for a car charger that can charge whatever device you plug into it, at the fastest and safest charge speed possible, without having to be able to read the 1A, 2A or 2.4A indicator? Then this is the device for you.

Plug the charger into your car. Plug the charge cable, supplied by you (none are included), into the charger. Plug it into your phone, your tablet, your GPS, or any other USB chargeable device you have. The charge will do the "hard" part of figuring out the correct output voltage to suit the charging of your device automagically.

If I had a complaint, it's a rather minor one that the charger is quite long. This isn't a huge problem for me as my 2 cigarette lighter ports are easy to get to, open, and available, so this fit no problem. I would say it is about 3 inches from end to end.


Sample provided for review.

Charges fast and durable
Let me start off by saying I'm the kind of person who always has 2 devices that needs to be charged so I've always opted for dual USB port chargers for the convenience of being able to charge both of my devices at once. I've used my fair share of generic chargers which did charge my devices but unfortunately not very efficiently. This car charger does as it claims, it charges two devices and it does it fast thanks to it's high amperage. During my traffic hour commute I had the charger plugged the entire time charging both my iPhone and Galaxy phone, which were both charged fast and thanks to the safety features the charger stayed cool. All in all it's a nice sleek charger, it feels very durable, it's not too big yet not too small and if the interior of your car is black like mine it'll blend right in. Overall a great value.

Sample provided for review.

Simple, fast, cheap, and smart. (like my wife) (HAHAHA!)

Length:: 2:21 Mins

I use this to charge both my iPad and iPhone while driving.

- Simple, plug and play.
- Smart technology... auto-detects what your device needs and outputs the appropriate voltage.
- Doesn't rattle.
- Doesn't interfere with FM or radio frequencies (at least in my Toyota Tundra and Toyota Corolla).
- Awesome people at Mpow. (seriously a solid company)

- Doesn't power a microwave.

5/5 stars, hands down. I received this sample in exchange for a thorough review.

If you use your smart phone as a GPS, this is essential to keep it charged.

Hope this review helps!

Works, what more do you want?
So far so good.
Feels solid and of decent quality, both ports working and charge appropriately (iPad Air and Motorola Razr M)
Haven't tested with other devices, but charge time seems correct with proper micro-USB cables (not all cables are equal, make sure you buy one that can push the right amperage before you blame the charger)
I like that this is small. I leave it plugged into my outlet in the dash of my Subaru Outback without it clogging up space, only sticks out of the outlet by about an inch.

Five Stars
I get a full 1800mA when charging my S5 in the car with this.

I like it
Want to charge your iPhone faster using your Lightening cable? Use the 3.4 amp side of the two USB plugs and you'll see the difference for how quickly you can fill the battery back up! I like the size too for a fairly low-profile sticking out from the accessory plug. It looks clean and the LED indicator is a good amount of brightness for daytime or nighttime in the car.

Solid Build - Nice and Compact
Pretty solid like USB Car Chargers. I have tried a few and at times you feel like your car is going to catch on fire because they are so cheap.

This little device has a pretty solid build and is nice and compact to the point that it does not take up so much space. Ordered a couple (1 for each car).

Best non-OEM Charger I've Ever Owned
Bottom line at the top: Buy this charger, you will not regret it. If you're looking for a car charger to charge your smartphone (and FAST), as well as just about any other device that can be charged by Micro USB, look no further. I've tried many other offbrand chargers, and they typically either NEVER put out the promised voltage, or they give out and fail after less than a week of use. Another big gripe I've had with many other chargers is that they simply don't fit in my car charger port. I've even had to put duct/electrical tape around cheap chargers in the past to keep them from slipping out of the charging port in my car. ALL of those problems are eliminated with the MPOW 6.0 Amp dual port charger.

FORM FACTOR: The form factor is absolutely perfect. While it does prevent me from being able to close the door on my cigarette lighter/change compartment in my Toyota Corolla, ALL chargers would do this - Why not have one that actually works, too? The best feature of this charger is that it actually FITS - No need to constantly shove it deeper into the port, and no need to be so careful around it, as looking at it wrong does not bump it out of the port. Very reliable in this regard. It also doesn't look bad cosmetically. 10/10

POWER: The power this device puts out is just as reliable. It does in fact put out up to 6.0 amp (so long as your car battery will supply it) which is HUGE, because most chinese chargers will claim an amperage but never live up to it. I was able to charge a phone and an iPad at the same time, and they both charged just as fast as if they were plugged into the wall. No need to worry about over-amping either, as this charger (and typically your phone) are both 'smart' - it won't send too much power to a device. 10/10

DURABILITY: I have been using this for a little over a month now, and use it daily. Most of the other chargers I have tried failed within a week or two. I have no doubt that this one will keep on working. It also holds up well to being bumped and snagged on. 10/10

SUPPORT: I can't imagine you'd have much trouble with any of MPOW's products (I've always loved all of their Bluetooth stuff), but they do stand behind their products and have prompt customer service and warranties. You can always buy with confidence.

If you're having a hard time deciding between the two different models, for the cost, I'd strongly recommend going the 6 amp route. More power means more possibilities, and why not have them? I also think this longer model will work better in more vehicle scenarios just due to it having a longer neck that goes into the charging base.

Overall, 10/10, I can't find anything I don't like about this unit. Highly recommended.


Technical data

  • Exclusive Xsmart™ Technology: Makes each port intelligently identify the charging control chips of any connected device and speak its unique charging language to make fastest possible speed charging
  • The Charging Speed from the Future: The most powerful dual usb port charger, up to 3 amps per port, not only meeting the devices drawing current at 1A/2.1A/2.4A, but also considering the future progress of your devices.
  • Popular Compatible Models: Mpow® Dual Port USB Car Charger charges your iPad, iPhone, iPod, HTC, Blackberry, MP3 Players, Digital Cameras, PDAs, Mobile Phones.
  • Maximum Charge Speed:Provides maximum charge speed to mobile devices for uninterrupted performance of navigation and media streaming utilities when driving.
  • Safety First: Circuit Design with over-heated, over-current, over-charging protection.


Product Description

Xsmart™ - Max speed charging for multi-device!

Xsmart™ is the industry-leading Multi-port Intelligent Current Adapting Technology, which intelligently identifies any connected device to know the maximum value of charging rate it's calling for, meanwhile, it makes charger automatically adjust the compatibility of charging ports and distribute charging current according to the need of connected devices.

High Power:

With this high-power(30W) car charger, you can charge your devices much more faster than most other ones, also the charging ports will intelligently recognize your devices and give them full charging speed, no matter, smartphones or tablets, Apple devices or non-Apple devices.

Popular Compatible Models:

Apple: iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4; iPads and iPods (Apple cable not provided, please use your device's original cable.) Android Phones: Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, S2, Galaxy Note 2 / Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX / HTC One X V S; All models Other Devices: GPS / PSP / Nexus 7, Nexus 10 etc. NOT compatible with Samsung Galaxy Tabs, Dell Venue Pro 8.

For Optimal Use:

We recommend using your device's original cable or a third-party certified cable (such as MFI). Or other cheap cables may have bad effect on charging rate.

Package include:

1 x 30W Dual USB Port Car Charger


Every mpow Product includes a 45-days money back, 18-month worry-free Warranty!

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