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Decorative Pillow Insert (2 Pack, White) - Square 18x18 Sofa and Bed Pillow - Poly Cotton Cover - Indoor White Pillows by Utopia Bedding

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  • Pack of 2 decorative square pillows measuring 18 by 18 inch each are perfect size for your couches or bedroom; they are neither too big nor too small and gives off a homely feeling
  • White micro fiber cover and siliconized fiber filling will never make them look hollow
  • High-quality Cotton Blended fabric pillows are long lasting
  • Mold and mildew resistant and feature UV protection to resist fading
  • Pillow covers make washing really easy; spot clean or hand wash fabric with mild detergent


Top-Rated Indoor Decorative Square Pillow! The every-style accent pillow; this Simple Decorative Pillow works in any space. Perfectly cut to be extra fluffy. These Pillows are mold and mildew resistant and feature UV protection to resist fading. Removable pillow covers make washing really easy. Spot clean or hand wash fabric with mild detergent. Lounge in bright style against this pillow of weather- and UV-resistant corded outdoor square 18 inches pillows.
• Elegant tailoring and expertly sewn hems
• Just the right size
• Fade-resistant and Stain-resistant
• Machine wash on cold, Tumble dry on low

Note: Please give 48-72 hours to the pillow to fully expand. You can also tab or press the pillow few times to hasten expansion.

If your pillow still does not expand, please use the following methods to spring them up:

1.Put Pillows in the Dryer with 2 Tennis Ball:
Start off by placing your pillow in the dryer with 2 tennis balls (preferably wrapped in a cloth or socks separately). The tennis ball will hit the pillow, fluffing up the filling. Tumble dry low for an hour to make sure your pillow become fluffier and softer.

2. Leave the Pillow in the Sun:
By placing pillows in the sun for a few hours on a bright day will evaporate the moisture that builds up over nights of use and the pillows will fluff up over the course of the day. You could also hang the pillows outside on a clothes line, if you have one.

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