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Mediflow 1066 Elite Fiberfill Waterbase Pillow

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  • Clinically shown to improve sleep and reduce neck pain
  • Personalized support - adjusts to your perfect comfort level by simply adding water
  • Water base adjusts as you move to maintain proper spinal alignment
  • Machine washable with 300 thread count cover
  • 3 year Warranty


The Medi flow elite pillow contains the original water base technology that has made famous. Our elite fiberfill pillow is our highest quality with an upgraded cover, new Dacron staloff fiberfill and a deluxe woven cord edge. The water base system was the subject of a study at johns Hopkins University. The peer reviewed, published study found that the pillow was ranked best in all 5 categories tested. The unique water base can be adjusted to any level of support, soft, medium or firm by simply adding water. The water base also responds to head movement as you sleep to provide proper support for spinal alignment and reduce the number of times you WAKE to fluff and re stuff after major body movements during sleep. Try the elite pillow today and see why thousands of OnlineShopDealer customers ranked the pillow with 5 stars.

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