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Photive SOUNDSCAPE 8 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with 8 Hour Battery and Built in Speakerphone. 2014 New Release. (Black)

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This is an excellent Bluetooth speaker with superior sound and performance!

Length:: 8:22 Mins

This is an excellent Bluetooth speaker with exceptionally good sound and volume output. It is beautifully designed and actually sets at an angle so the speakers point at an angle towards you to improve the sound presentation. It is a stereo speaker with two 50 mm drivers and a passive sub-woofer that just sounds great. The 50 mm speakers output 10 watts of total stereo power.

What's in the box?
* A user guide
* A 21 inch charging cable
* A 21 inch auxiliary cable with a USB plug on one end and a Micro USB plug on the other end.
* An AC wall charger that will operate on 100 to 240 VAC and 50/60 Hz. Its output is 5 VDC at 1 Amp.
* The speaker itself which weighs in at 2 pounds and ounce.

Inside of the speaker is a lithium battery that takes 4 to 5 hours to fully charge and it will play your music for 8 to 10 hours. The speaker can be charged and played at the same time. You use the supplied AC USB wall charger but you can also use your computer or another AC USB wall or a car charger to charge the speaker's battery. The speaker is stylishly designed and it is ruggedly made and it has some heft to it. You can tell the quality just by picking it up and it is made into a metal case. The exterior of the case is painted with a rubberized paint that provides a nice gripping surface that is not a fingerprint magnet. Its honeycomb metal speaker grill just sets off the design in a very nice way.

This is a Bluetooth 2.0 speaker and you can stream your music to it wirelessly. I actually got about 35 feet away and shooting through multiple walls without any problems. In addition there is an auxiliary input port for use with your music devices that do not have Bluetooth capability.

The unit has a built in microphone that allows you to take and make hands free phone calls using the speaker as your audio source. I show this in my video. There is a nice on/off switch that actually glows orange/yellow when the speaker is charging and when the speaker's battery is fully charged the switch does not glow. When you turn on the speaker the switch glows green. I go over the controls and the pairing process in my video and I hope it helps you. I will not repeat all of that here as the video does a better job of explaining how the speaker works. I even show how to receive a call while playing your music.

This speaker has a marvelous sound and it can play a song with a lot of base or one with very high trebles. I play a couple of songs in the video to give you a very brief idea of the sound quality. Just remember to turn up the volume of your Bluetooth source to get a lot of sound power.

This is a great product to put onto your porch, patio or deck and listen to your music or audio books. This is an excellent product and I rated it at 5 stars. I recommend it as a good product that has a sound quality better than products that cost a lot more.

I was supplied a sample for test and evaluation and I promised to provide a fair and honest review.

Video Review: BASS Test passed! Quality Audio. Check it out.

Length:: 6:10 Mins

This is a fun speaker system to use. I threw on some Dubstep music and the BASS was really great for a small unit. It has the best BASS from any wireless unit I've tried so the sub-woofer does indeed work, especially with bass-intensive songs, yet it doesn't drown out the instruments in other songs. Check out my video for a peak at it's performance. Now, it's obviously not going to throw you back in your chair, because in all seriousness, these are not meant to do that. This is great sound, however, in a small package. It's designed to look great and fill a room with overall, quality matter what kind of music I throw at it (Country, Dubstep, Rock, Classical, etc) all sounds good!

The speakers are small but they are well crafted, it appears. You won't have neighbors knocking at your door, telling you it's TOO loud, and you won't go deaf, even at full volume, and this is perfectly fine with me. My teenage boys want it for their rooms but I'm keeping it in my office! :) The 8-10 hours of play time I can get from one charge is much more than I would expect from a unit playing this quality of sound.

I won't bore you with anymore details; you can read the Specs for that. If you want some quality sound at a great value, compared to many other high-end Bluetooth speakers I've looked at, then this is definitely a solid choice. Without a doubt it's a 5 STAR speaker and I have no problems recommending it. It does what it's supposed to and looks great doing it.

I received this item for review purposes. I promised to give a fair and honest review. Enjoy!

Great sound and great packaging make this a first rate speaker
There certainly isn't any shortage of Bluetooth speakers these days. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and packaging. What makes this speaker stand out from the others I’ve used is, beyond having outstanding sound (more on that later), this speaker has a more refined, even elegant appearance than any I’ve seen at or near its price range.

The most important aspect of a speaker is the sound it produces… and I’ll discuss that in a minute. Before that it is worth talking about appearances. Bluetooth speakers are frequently given as presents, awards, or prizes. As such, the recipient sees them before they hear them. This speaker is packaged with the same quality materials as I have seen for audio devices costing several times more. Once unpacked, it still looks impressive. It has a solid look and feel. Also important is that sitting on a desk or shelf it complements rather than detracts from what is around it.

Moving closer to the sound aspects, one of the other touches I like about this speaker is the on/off switch. I like it because it *is* a switch. Slide it one way for on and the other for off. I dislike dealing with devices where you have to hold in a button for some indeterminate amount of time and are never quite sure it did what it was supposed to do.

The first time I turned it on it immediately started sending out paring requests. By the time I got to the Bluetooth settings screen on my iPad this speaker was already on the list. All I had to do was tap its name and I was good to go.

Another nice feature is the separate, dedicated “Pairing” button. When pressed it causes the speaker to look for another pairing partner. The result is that if I’m paired with my iPad and want to connect instead to my Kindle I press the Pairing button, the connection to my iPad is broken, and I can pick it up on my Kindle or any other device I choose. It makes sharing this speaker among multiple devices a snap.

Now, finally, we can deal with the sound. This speaker is not designed to be portable. It is kind of large and surprisingly heavy. The largeness is to accommodate reasonably sized speakers and the heaviness allows for decent sized magnets (and a battery to keep the speaker running all day). The results are bass notes that resonate with a nice round tone and highs that are clear and crisp without sounding thin or tinny.

The manufacturer provided the speaker so I could write this review.

Worth buying over the photive CYREN speakers!
I previously had the Photive CYREN PH-BT1000 speakers for a week before it broke. It literally just died nearly a week after I brought it and it just would not come back on no matter how much I charged it. So I sent it back to OnlineShopDealer and got this model for $10 more and boy is it worth the $10! The bass can be felt when it is placed on a table unlike the CYREN and is a lot less tinny. It is about twice the size but I like it. The pairing button is a nice feature as I can press the button to pair it unlike the CYREN where I had to slide a switch back and forth to re-pair a Bluetooth device. Another plus is that the speakers are multi-angled (see the photos to compare) to maximize filling the room with sound in more directions unlike the one faced speaker of the CYREN. Oh and did I mention that it comes with an AC to USB adapter so you can charge the speaker in any outlet unlike the CYREN where it only came with just the microUSB cord? What this means for me is that I can place this speaker plugged in at any outlet and not worry about the battery being drained where as the CYREN is more annoying without the adapter so I had to remember to plug it into my computer's USB port to charge. That adapter alone is worth the extra $10! Just get the SOUNDSCAPE over the CYREN you won't regret it!

First Impression (one day of ownership)
I will come back and update this review after heavy use (and there will be heavy use- my last speaker, a RocksteadyXS, lasted only a year and 2 months before breaking to pieces internally RIP), but this thing has so few reviews I decided to give my first thoughts early.

I am pleased to bits.

This is on the bulky side of "portable" speakers, so don't plan on tossing it into your backpack for bike rides. My first impression out of the box was asking myself how the hell such a sleek, weighty device could go for 50 bucks. It looks and feels absolutely premium. And... sounds it. Another reviewer mentioned the engineering that makes the most of the Soundscape's volume, and they were right. At 100% maxed out volume, there is no notable distortion. How loud does it get, though? That's a difficult question.

Compared to most portable speakers, this one will drown them out and look damn good doing it. But it is simply larger than most portables on the market to begin with, so that assessment is hard to make. A mini jambox with it's much smaller profile won't hold a candle to this, but it'll fit in your cupholder! This thing can fill a large dorm room or modest living room to the point of making conversation difficult without shouting. I knew this was a good purchase when I asked my roommate a question and he shouted "WHAT?", haha. But then again, it is beefier and looks like it should be sitting somewhere, maybe upgrading a hotel room's lame tv speakers- a traveler's companion, but not a hitchhiker's.

When looking for a portable speaker, be sure to think of it as a niche product- what do YOU plan to do with it? The Soundscape is solidly built and sounds excellent. Its bluetooth functionality is absolutely painless, without noticeable buzz (YES! they've finally figured it out! most newer speaker models seem to be painlessly functional too, but 2012 and older speakers were plagued with connectivity issues). I can't yet attest to its battery life, but it charged fully in 4-5 hours as claimed. EDIT: It's still running on its first charge. I've used it for ~10 hours so far on 40-50% volume. EDIT: Color me impressed, it's definitely been used for over 20 hours and the speaker is still running on its first charge. The 8 hour mark must be for high volumes. EDIT: This is witchcraft. 30 hours? 35? I don't know anymore, but the battery is seemingly infinite at half-volume.

So the most important questions to ask yourself here are A) what size do you want? and B) how much are you willing to pay? If your primary concern is being able to take the thing everywhere you go for impromptu dance parties, go for a smaller speaker. If your primary concern is sound quality and volume, and you'd like to be able to bring it over friends' houses and take it with you on trips, then the Soundscape will be great. If you just want volume and don't need to move it around much, stop looking at bluetooth speakers and get yourself a home stereo, you dweeb!

But then price enters the picture. You will be hard-pressed to find a louder, sexier speaker than this for $50. Period. Though some boomboxes carry more functionality and bigger sound without being a whole lot larger than this. If you've got the money, get the Bose Soundlink Mini. My only concern at this point is durability, so I'll update this review periodically to say how it's lasting.

I don't feel like making up a bunch of technical sounding crap about the sound quality. The highs, mids, and lows are all there. The bass makes my desk vibrate, and that makes me happy. It's not muddy. I've been listening to all sorts of genres today, and they've all sounded great, but honestly- get an EQ program if you're picky about your sound.

Did I mention that this thing is sexy? The all-metal body screams "Apple products are my inspiration!", yet the sharp angles and honeycomb grill suggest that the Soundscape wants to live on a spaceship. Go for grey- gunmetal is way cooler than ubiquitous black.

Real Big Sound in a Solid Compact Package !!
I have to admit I was hesitant to purchase a bluetooth speaker online but right out of the box I was pleasantly surprised with the solid construction and feel of the Photive SoundScape 8. Once turned on, the pairing process was very simple and my iphone connected immediately. But what impressed me the most was when the music started playing!! Out of this compact neatly designed speaker were low bass notes, clear mids and sharp highs!! I was able to raise the volume to about 80% with almost no degradation of sound quality or drop offs. After fully charged, the speaker was able to play at a moderate to high level for it's claim of 8 hours with no distortion. Overall this is a very good product and can easily compete with bluetooth speakers costing 2 to 3 times it's OnlineShopDealer selling price!! Highly Recommended !!!!

Perfect Speaker For The Price
If you look at other speakers on OnlineShopDealer or in other stores, you can only find ones that are the size of your hand or have AWFUL quality. I bought this one with the seemingly perfect price of $49.99. I had my doubts before I received this product that if it would be a quality product at all. When I unboxed it and tested it out, my expectations were all satisfied. This speaker is a little heavy (which is perfect because you know it is made out of quality materials and not cheap plastic). And the subwoofers/bass on this item are outstanding for the price and size of the speakers. Round of applause goes to Photive for this brilliant product.

Very pleased with this product
I am very pleased with this product. It was exactly as described and the sound is very good. It's not home stereo quality sound but very good for what it is, the price and what it will be used for. When I first paired it with my iPhone, which was very easy, I had the volume on my phone up all the way and was not pleased with the loudness of the speaker but I then pressed the volume up button on the speaker and it got much louder until it beeped when it reached its maximum level and that was louder than I wanted so I am very pleased. The sound is very clear and without distortion at high volume levels. I enjoy listening to jazz and this speaker does a good job with all the different highs, mid's and low's. I drive tractor trailer and don't have a radio in it so I will be using this speaker mostly there.With all the ambient noise in the cab I need something that gets pretty loud so I can hear my podcast's and music clearly.

Buy This
This speaker is a really good that im writing a my first review on it. the bass is really great and the volume is really loud. the sound quality on this thing is also amazing. if your looking for a speaker that's loud, great bass, superb sound quality look no further this for 60 bucks is amazing

Great price, and quality
Very nice sound for the price. Very quick shipping. I would recommend this if you are looking for a low price and great sound


Technical data

  • Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Advanced CSR Bluetooth Technology allows you to Connect wirelessly up to 33 feet away.
  • Rich Robust Sound 10 Watts of power. Fitted with two 50 mm drivers and a sub woofer that can handle a wide range of music
  • 8 Hour lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery - 8 Hours of music with just a single, quick charge.
  • Incredible Value - The Soundscape is loud enough to be used as a home speaker, yet portable for taking it it anywhere you go
  • Trendy Design - Developed with impressive design elements and Aluminum exterior for an appealing exterior and two display positions.


Product Description

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Portable Bluetooth Speaker- Amazing Sound

Impressive both in size and in sound, SoundScape 8 is a force to be reckoned with. Clad in a metal housing and equipped with high-efficiency drivers backed up by a passive bass woofer Soundscape 8 is here to blow your socks off. It houses two premium 50 mm drivers and a large sub woofer, which means that it delivers unbelievably rich powerful sound. Small enough to carry around yet big enough for home use as well. Measuring 10 inches long by 3 inches high this Potable Bluetooth Speaker is small enough to carry around yet big enough for home use as well. Keep the party going with its amazing 10 hour battery. Includes a USB charger to power SoundScape 8 up when it runs low on juice. Perfect for watching movies or playing games on you iPhone, iPad or Android device

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Connect wirelessly up to 33 feet away.
Rich Robust Sound – 10 Watts of power. Fitted with two 50 mm drivers and a sub woofer that can handle a wide range of music/>
Incredible Value - Not only is the Soundscape 8 Sleeker and Lighter than the Big Jambox, it cost a fraction of the price.
10 Hour lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery- 10 Hours of music with just a single, quick charge.
3.5mm Audio Aux input- Dont have Bluetooth? You can easily connect the Soundscape 8 to any 3.5mm audio connection

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