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Octoplush Plush Toy

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Customer Reviews

... our five month old niece because the reviews were fantastic. She didn't show much interest when we gave ...
I bought this for our five month old niece because the reviews were fantastic. She didn't show much interest when we gave it to her (we were only there for a weekend visit) but since then, she has become obsessed with it. I highly recommend this if you need a nice, cute, inexpensive baby gift that will actually keep baby busy for a few minutes.

Daughter loves it!
My daughter loves it. I hated it at first because every time I bumped it the toy would start playing music or it would say the random color I accidentally pushed. Now it is just more background noise. The songs do get stuck in your head. it also sits awkwardly because it is too heavy since the battery is in it's head. This also drove me nuts when I first got it. It is super cute and worth buying.

Things I like: 1
The first toy my baby took an interest in was the hard plastic octopus toy on her Baby Einstein rocker, so naturally I had to get this for her as well.

Things I like:
1. Super cute and she likes it.
2. 3 language settings available including English, Spanish and French. This applies to the color name that the toy says when one of the tentacles is pushed.
3. The tentacle buttons are easy to push and the main body plays music when pushed.
4. Two volume settings and off available.

Things I dislike:
The Green tentacle button seems to be overly sensitive so when she is playing with it is regularly saying "Green!" even when not trying to push that button, but just barely bumping it.

All and all I would buy it again and I really like it. I would almost give it a 5 star rating, it just didn't quite make the cut.


  • Soft, multi textured developmental Baby Einstein octopus
  • Babies can hug the octopus to hear a Baby Einstein melody and explore the textures for tactile development
  • Colorful stitched satin patches on velour legs promote baby's understanding of color through repetition
  • Language selector switch to choose English, Spanish or French
  • Includes volume control


Great minds start little.™ Soft, friendly and happy, the plush/" target="_self">octoplush is a wonderful companion for little ones to explore color. Each of Octoplush's soft legs features a colorful embroidered image. Squeeze each leg to hear a color corresponding to the color of the embroidered object in English, Spanish or French. Colors include: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white and brown. Each color is followed by a short classical melody. Squeeze Octoplush's head to activate additional classical melodies! Baby can discover a world of colors, music and fun with Octoplush!

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