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Oakley Frogskin 03-289 Iridium Rectangular Sunglasses,Crystal Black,55 mm

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Customer Reviews

It sucks - which is a good thing
Like most "dudes", vacuuming is way low on stuff I like to do but wallowing in my own entropic filth is even lower on the list so this puppy seems to fit the bill quite well.

The goods:

1. Good suction power. Some stuff like threads that tend to get entangled in the rug fibers don't get sucked in by the brush (which is not surprising) but easy enough to pick up with the hose attachment.

2. Automatic cord rewinder. Seriously - all vacuums should have this - totally wicked awesome.

3. No bags. Frankly it's much easier and less messier than the bags used in my old vacuum.

4. Filters can be easily accessed and rinsed out - nice.

5. Easy to clean other parts. After all the years of vacuuming, my old one was nasty. You had to play Joey Mechanic and unscrew stuff - big PITA especially since it's not something you can drive on the road.

6. Pretty light. Had a 6+ year old Hoover that was a beast since it had power assist - which broke - and became like pushing a rock all over the place - not fun. Most people probably should have no problem with the weight.

7. Magic-rubber-treatment-pet-hair-stuff-thing. I guess the rubber on the attachments has some type of super magic treatment that helps pick up pet hairs better. It does seem to work well on furniture so I guess it's working.

8. Quieter than the my old Hoover monster. Not quiet like a mouse, but definitely not like a lawnmower - very tolerable.

9. Handle folds down to make it half the height. I could care less about this but I'm tying to make this a "Top 10 list".

10. Price. Was looking at the Dyson - OUCH - expensive. For the savings over the Dyson I can buy 2 bottles of Hedonism scotch or many many beers. Enough said.

The bads:

1. There are a lot of plastic parts but that's a major reason why it's relatively light. I suppose it could be a problem down the road, but for $130ish - if it last a few years, I'm cool with that.

2. There's only one extension pipe which makes it kind of short. Really needs another extension but I scavenged the extensions from Ol'Beastie and they're the same fit so it's not a problem.

That's about it - happy vacuuming!


so it's about 1 year later and Snuffleupagus (I name my appliances) is still rocking out nicely. I usually vacuum about once every 10 days. The best thing is my new girlfriend likes it and doesn't mind vacuuming - SCORE!!!

PS - thanks for the nice comments - actually working on a couple of websites so that's going to happen... :)

UPDATE 2: 02/24/13. Well - unfortunately old Snuffleupagus has stopped working - BOOOOOO!. It still sounds like it's sucking but the belt that makes the spinney brush thing spin broke. Apparently this should be an easy fix based on the product description so I guess I can actually test this feature out.

Great Vaccuum for the $$
We purchased this vacuum about 8 months ago. I waited to write my review to give it enough time to break in and turn crappy. To my surprise it's still such an amazing vacuum! We cost compared, quality compare and feature compared when we were shopping for vacuums. We knew we needed something that would do well for long cat hair and long dog hair, but would also be good for keeping allergies at bay. We compared the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser, Bissell Healthy Home, Dyson Animal, and this Hoover Pet Rewind. My hubby and I were so unimpressed with the Bissell's cause they were dang heavy! I know when we go to buy a house I certainly would not want to lug those Bissell's all over creation. They also didn't have nearly the features the hoover did. The Dyson animal was out because how can something that's made out of the same plastics as the hoover and the Bissell cost nearly $500 unless it's going to vacuum for me, I don't need it. We were skeptical to purchase the Hoover cause I don't know anybody that owns one. I loved the features of it though, the cord retractor is my absolute favorite! Works every time never gotten stuck and it's fast! I also love the enormous amount of suction on this vacuum I dump out so much nasty hair and dirt every single time I vacuum it's awesome to see it do it's job. It's got a bazillion features that are awesome, all the attachments for getting pet hair off furniture are great, the hose is good length and the handle folds down for easy storage. The BEST part about this vacuum is it came with a reusable HEPA filter. WHen it's dirty you can wash it with dish soap let dry and you have a brand new filter. The bissel pet hair eraser did not even come with a HEPA filter and the the other vaccuums we looked at had HEPA filters but they were not reusable. I priced them and the replacements were about $35. I highly recommend this vacuum it has yet to disappoint! I hope it keeps chugging along for quite some time!

Owners of long haired pets, your search is over.
I got this vacuum a few weeks ago, I had an old Bissel that went out on me after about 5 years or so. I recently got an Alaskan Klee Kai. He is the cutest dog ever, but dear lord the hair is ridiculous. The Bissel would take 10 minutes to clean this 6 foot rug caked in his hair. I decided to get something that specializes in pet hair, I just couldn't deal with it all over the place anymore. I took it out of the box the first time and thought how nice it looked and went right to the rug. I was astonished. Less than a minute and it was spotless (hairless). I ran it over the rest of my carpet and was pretty grossed out by all of the dust, dirt and hair that it picked up that my Bissel had been leaving behind all these years. I took off the canister with a press of a button, held it over the trash can and with a push of a lever everything fell out, I didn't get anything on my hands. The Bissel would get dust everywhere, I would feel like I needed a shower after emptying it. Also...the auto roll up just works amazingly. There is an attachment that has rubber at the end of a small wand and when I have hair on my clothes and I am going somewhere nice, I can just run it over what I am wearing and whoosh, hair is gone. No more of those stupid sticky papers or box tape. I really hope this thing holds up for awhile, it's the best vacuum for me and I would recommend it to anyone with pets that get frustrated with hair. I will update this review if things start going downhill but right now I love my vacuum which is a weird thing to say (type).

Must-have vac for pet owners!
I was previously using a bagged Electrolux that was no longer cutting the mustard, with 3 cats, 1 dog, and lots of carpeting and area rugs. I initially wanted the Dyson, but after reading reviews and investigating 2 of their models (Animal and All Floors), I decided against them and went for the Hoover. I cannot say enough great things about this vacuum. It is easy to use, very cool looking, and works like a champ. It picked up amazing amounts of dirt and pet hair in just one pass. With my older one, I would spend 15 minutes going back and forth over one section of rug, and still see pet hair remaining. We have a lot of area rugs, which were a major concern with the Dysons as they tend to eat them, and while this will pick up area rugs if they are very thin and light, you can easily work around that by holding down one edge while you work. I vacuumed all of our area rugs with no issues. The dirt cup is ridiculously easy to empty, and you don't even have to touch it - just hold it over the trash can and push a button. We have 3 cats, 1 dog, and several black background area rugs, so you can imagine we fight the constant battle against pet hair. I would easily compare this vacuum to a Dyson, and if you own pets, this is an absolute must-have item. Highly recommend!

Great Vacuum
I originally purchased the highest rated vacuum cleaner currently on the market: Hoover UH30010com however I ended up returning it. The UH30010 is an excellent vacuum however it lacks a roller brush switch. My house consists of 50% hardwood / 50% carpet. I purchased the UH70210 instead because of the features: no loss of suction, cord rewind (hard to find feature on uprights), brush roller switch, folding handle, its lightweight, easy to empty canister and lifetime filter. I used this vacuum on the same day that I vacuumed with the UH30010. I was not expecting it to pick up anything. I was shocked to see the container get full. The suction is excellent and picks up anything it encounters. As for the bad stuff: the cord tends to get stuck at times when being extracted. You sometimes have to pull hard on the cord to break it lose. The light could be brighter. The dirt container is on the small side and fills up quick. The emission odor it puts out is not clean. It puts out a weird plastic smell. I was fortunate enough to get it on sale being priced below one hundred at my local membership club store. For the price, features and performance, it is a great buy.

Buy it
I have three dogs. This is the best thing I ever bought for myself. It has amazing suction, and I even got one of the doctors I work with to ditch his Dyson to get one of these and he is glad he did. He says it works better then the Dyson. I love the feature of turning off the floor brush, its so quick and easy to go straight from carpet to hardwood. The hose attachment looks very short but it stretches a lot. The small attachments have rubber instead of brushes which makes it work very well on the pet hair, because it gets picked up and sucked up instead of just getting tangled in the brushes. Every now and then I wish I had a brush attachment, but the pluses of this vacuum more than forgive that problem. Oh and the emptying mechanism is great because it has a long switch so you can put it in the very bottom or your trash can before opening it. I have yet to spill anything so far. If you have pets, buy this vacuum, you will not regret it I promise!!

Exceeded Expectations
I am the owner of 2 basset hounds, 1 cat, and 1 very messy Marine husband. We live in a 2400 square foot house that was built in 1939. Before this vacuum, I was using a shop vac to suck up all of the pet hair in my house (Yes, a shop vac. It's the only thing that had good enough suction power...).

So, after almost two years of using the shop vac, my husband told me he couldn't stand it any longer. Thus, we bought this beauty :) I wasn't expecting much. I was excited to test out the retractable cord, and eager to prove to my husband that no vacuum can suck up pet hair as good as a shop vac. He proved me wrong, BIG time. So, here are all the good things about this vacuum:

1. Rubber wheels. I have houseful of hardwood floors and previous vacuums had the plastic wheels that are noisy against bare floors. These wheels are made of rubber, which provides for a nice, quiet, easily maneuverable vacuum.

2. Suction. Man this thing has power! it does a better job that our shop vac did, and I was not expecting this at all. This vacuum gets everything from little gritty dirt bits (which I still don't know how they mysteriously appear) to the whopping balls of fur and shredded pet toys.

3. Hose power. The hose attachment has great suction too. I read several reviews about the hose being too short, but I disagree. I am used to extra long hoses on our shop vac, but the hose (with attachments) can reach the cobwebs on our 9-ft ceilings.

4. Retractable cord. Yes, it's as cool as it sounds. Here's a little tip: There's a little piece of yellow tape approximately 1 foot before you reach the end of the cord. This tape indicates that you should stop pulling. It's there to prevent you from pulling to hard and damaging the retractable mechanism.

5. Front handle. There's a handle that is on the front side of the vacuum which makes it really easy to carry up and down stairs. I also wasn't expecting this feature.

6. Consumer-friendly. Because our house is so old, I am surprised how well this vacuum has fit our needs. We have tons of little nooks and ornate structures in the house, and I have had no problem with this vacuum being able to reach any part of the house.

Now for the not-so-good:

1. The cord gets warm to the touch after approximately 30 minutes of non-stop use. However, it's not warm enough to be harmful to children or pets. I suspect it's because the vacuum uses so much power.

2. It's a little heavier than I expected. (This tends to mean it is built better than cheaper, flimsier vacuums, but I would not suggest this vacuum for an elderly person or someone who can't put out the extra muscle to carry it up and down stairs.)

Just remember that vacuums don't work on their own. There were several reviews of users that weren't happy that they had to move the hose attachments around on upholstery in order to gather all the pet hair. Well, yes, you do have to put forth some effort in order to get the results that you want! Overall, I love this vacuum. I am so impressed that I will stick to the Hoover brand for a very long time. I may even be guilty of spending more time with my vacuum than my husband ;) Not really, but it's that good.

I absolutely love this vacuum cleaner
I have a 90lb mixed shephard dog who sheds like crazy. Her hair was driving me so crazy that, besides my many swiffer products, I bought the vacuum broom, the electric swiffer product that vacuums on one side and cleans on the other, I have two carpet cleaners and two bag vacuum cleaners, yet still, I was just going to throw out my runner (rug). When I bought this vacuum (I got it for a steal at Kohl's with a 30% off coupon and on sale) that rug was my first challenge. I had it on the back deck for a long time before brining it back in and deciding it was going to have to go. It is a fairly dark rug and my dog is light brown. This cleaner COMPLETELY cleared my rug of that dog hair. As a matter of fact, I was disgusted by the amount of hair in my upstairs carpet. My first floor is hardwood so I was always able to clean those, but it was just a never ending task. I went nuts when I first bought this cleaner and I still love using it. I have only had it for about a month, so I take heed to the comments on parts, etc.. Hopefully, I will not find such issues but if I do, I'll let you know.

I bought a Hoover
I was so pleased with it!! It picks up hair like crazy!! I had bought a Shark vac for pet hair since I have three dogs and it picked up hair and then stopped working. I was disgusted. So I cam eacross this one with no loss of suction and it works well and still pulls upthe dogs' hair! I would recommend this to anyone with dogs. Mine is a windtunnel "P.A.W.S" series. I am thinking of buying another one so that I will have it for the inevitable day it just breaks down.

Finally - Pet hair free!
I wanted to address some of the issues people have been writing about in the negative reviews because I almost didn't buy this vacuum because of them. I see a lot of people comparing this vacuum to a $500 dyson and then saying it's a piece of crap- well if you really want a dyson then save your money and get one instead of buying a $100 vacuum and complaining about it! I think a lot of people, like I was, are looking at this vacuum because they want a decent one without spending $500. So you know what I'm vacuuming I have wood floors and lots of rugs. I also have a large dog and two cats.

The first time I used this vacuum it found so much pet hair and dust that I had to empty it a couple of times. Now that I'm using it on a regular basis I only need to empty it occasionally. As far as it being difficult to empty I don't try to empty it from the bottom- I empty it from the top by removing the entire filter. Also, I've never had a vacuum that didn't get dust everywhere when you empty it so I've always emptied mine in the outside trashcan.

It is really easy to switch between carpets, wood floors and hand tools. I'm able to vacuum my entire apartment in about half the time it took me with my old vacuum ( a dirt devil). It also cleans better so you don't have to go over the same spot a million times. I've always gone around the walls with a hand tool (and still do) but I've been impressed with how well this vacuum picks stuff up close to the wall- including cat litter. The hand tools are a joy to use - I've had some vacuums that I can't even figure out how to get the hose off, or I have to take a bunch of stuff off to get it off. This vacuum is really obvious and easy. I love the pet tools- this is the first time my couch has EVER been free of pet hair outside of taking the covers off all the cushions and washing them. As a few people are saying the hose could be a little longer but it's not a big deal for me.

As far as the cord rewind switch if it breaks I think it would be easy to rig something to make it work again. However if you're careful with it- it probably won't break.

Anyway, overall I'm really happy and I would buy this vacuum again.


  • Lenses are prescription ready (Rx-able)


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