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Circulon Contempo Hard Anodized Nonstick Skillets

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An excellent value!
I ordered this twin pack of circulon skillets and am extremely satisfied with them. They are heavy duty and so non-stick you can wipe them out with a paper towel! The feel is nice and not so overly
heavy that those of us with arthritis in our hands cannot manage them.
I have really enjoyed them and would definitely recommend them to
others. As always, they were shipped very quickly, and I know I could
depend on OnlineShopDealer to make it right if they had not been so. You can buy with confidence if you are in the market for good-quality smaller

Wonderful Cookware (updated)
We've been using these for 3 months now, and love them very much. They are light weight but not flimsy, cook everything evenly and beautifully - with nothing sticking at all. These were going to be our omelet pans but they work so well we are using them for everything: burgers, stir fry, saute veges, shipwreck...etc. My husband even abandoned his beloved cast iron pans because these heat up faster, are much lighter weight and give burgers the same crispy brown outside he wanted.

I wanted to wait and see how these hold up before writing the review, and after 3 months of daily use the non-stick coating is still intact and working perfectly. One thing you'll notice is that the two stainless steel bolts that hold the handle will have food stuck to them because they are not non-stick. Just soak the pan in water for a few minutes and they should clean easy. Another small con is that the handle can feel very hot even through the rubber, but we can always pick the pan up at the lower half of the handle.

I don't believe there is any non-stick cookware that will last as long as the manufacturer claims, so I expect these will wear out some time. But seeing that these are still as good as new after several months of heavy use, I'm curious how long these will last (without any misuse, of course). I'll be sure to come back and report on it when ours need to be replaced. For the price these really are the best value and quality cookware you can find anywhere - highly recommended.

Update 3/2/2012 - after 9 months of daily use, we noticed food started to stick in the grooves. we couldn't figure it out because the non-stick coating should more likely get scratched on the top rather than in the grooves. I went to their web site (as we've thrown away the instructions), and they said if grease was not removed from the grooves completely between cooking, food will burn and get stuck in the grooves and cover up the non-stick coating forming a rusting looking surface. Well that's exactly what happened to ours. They suggested boiling a 1:3 vinegar and water solution for about 10 minutes to remove the stuck food. I tried that and also used a wooden toothpick to gently go through the grooves - surely enough the burnt food came off and the pans don't stick anymore. From now on we will be careful when washing the pans to leave no trace of oil.

We are so happy the pans are working like new again. Will come back for another update in a year or so to let you know how they hold up.

Good buy
I have used these pans for a few weeks now I have to fight for them from my husband who thinks they belong just to him. Nothing sticks to these pansthe pans are great. Just a little problem of balance on sm pan does not lay too flat on cook stove but this could be my stove creating this; no big deal for this price this good cook wear. Thanks OnlineShopDealer

Great Pans - Nice feel
We have only had these pans for about a month, but they work great. Pan heats evenly and quickly and the handle are very comfortable. These pans have a nice feel when using them. Highly recommend.

Great deal
I love these skillets. I use very little oil or butter, and low/moderate heat and everything cooks up just great. Easy clean-up of course. Have to hide them so others don't use improper utensils on them .... you know!

Circulon pans are great.
I absolutely love these pans. I bought a couple for myself a couple months ago. I love them so much that I bought this set to give to my Mom. It is the greatest non-stick pan I have found so far.

Best non-stick pans I've ever had
These pans are very well made. They are not completely non stick, you will still need to add a little bit of oil (about less than a tea spoon to make it completely non-stick). It is very nice when I fry eggs. They slip right off the pan without me having to use a spatula or anything.

The pans are very good at retaining heat. They are good with both electric stove and gas stove. I've never had problems with the handle being too hot. I use these pans with wooden utensils when cooking so I cannot tell you if the surface is really made to use with metal utensils. I personally like to use it with wooden utensils since they don't scratch the surface. Cleaning is also super easy. Overall, I recommend.

After reading several good reviews about this product I decided to give these skillets a try as I was in the market for a good nonstick skillet. From experience, there is no such thing as nonstick. Depending on what you're cooking, food will always find a way to stick. Before you start cooking with any nonstick pots, pan, or skillets, and regardless of the manufacturer claim, a whiff of cooking oil spray will go a long way in preventing food from sticking and will preserve you nonstick for a long time and will extend the life of your skillet for years to come. I have used these skillets heavily since I got them and I was impressed with their performance. Cleaning can't be easier, I use a soft sponge with mild dishwashing liquid and after one swipe the skillet will look as good as new. Well worth the money.

non stick pans
I really love these pans. My husband cooks sometimes and he was never very careful with the non stick surface. These can take the metal utensils very well.

Like stainless steel but easier to clean!
I had these sitting around for a while before I decided to finally use them. Up until that point I had been using a stainless steel and cast iron skillet. Compared to those, these skillets are SO much easier to clean. My stainless steel skillet just wouldn't look as nice without a decent amount of scrubbing and same goes along with the cast iron skillet. Not to mention with my wrist problems, it made holding either of these skillets increasingly difficult because of their weight.

Buy this if:
You want to cook: just about EVERYTHING.*
Looking for a light weight skillet.
Easy to clean with gentle scrubbing and soap.
Want it to not look dirty from water stains
Don't want to wear a mitten to hold the skillet
Sturdy but light

*I've done:
Fried Chicken
Eggs - everyway
Vegetables - Kale, Broccoli, Cauliflower....
Pork chops


Technical data

  • Professional heavy guage hard anodized construction
  • Total non-stick system features High-Low wave technology
  • Advanced nonstick inside and outside of cookware
  • Contemporary, stylish double riveted stainless steel with silicone handle
  • This option contains both the 8-inch and 10-inch skillets


Product Description

Professional heavy guage hard anodized construction provides fast, even heating and exceptional durability. TOTAL NONSTICK system features High-Low wave technology coupled with the most advanced nonstick surface to offer extraordinary food relase and lifelong durability. Advanced nonstick inside and out ensures clean-up is quick and easy. Contemporary, stylish double riveted stainless steel with silicone handles for a secure, slip-free grasp. Oven safe to 400-degrees F.

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