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Nespresso Inissia Espresso Maker, Black

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Best Compromise for Those on a Budget
If you've been looking for an automatic espresso machine with the minimum acceptable 15 bar (this is 19), for under $100 US, though pump driven, the new Inissia is the model you and I have been waiting for. You will soon find, that for the budget, this little gem was worth the wait!

For comparison, the U is about $150 (depending on model, and without frother), the Essenza can be found for under $100 from time to time, and the rest of the line jumps up (eg. Pixie, others with milk frother options) to over $200 and well upwards from there.

The coffee, if bought on Nespresso's website, ranges from .50 to .70, depending on whether you insist on pure Arabica (and you should!). OnlineShopDealer and it's vendors do both better and worse than this, so you HAVE to shop if you want to maintain your budget. Because of the skyrocketing popularity of this line, there are many more fulfillment by OnlineShopDealer and Prime options now if you hunt for them.

Also, Sams and Costco have started carrying this line, but both of them locally (assuming OnlineShopDealer charges tax in your area-- some fullfillment by do not), are a $40 savings on this Inissia at this writing if you buy on OnlineShopDealer. Because Inissia does not have the downside of ruining cups with experimentation you find with the Essenza, it is already becoming hard to find.

How can ANYONE deliver 19 bar, in a dependable machine, for under $100? Well, they can't. This machine costs about $290 to manufacture bare bones. So, yes, this IS razor and blade and you ARE married to buying the little cups from Nespresso. There is NO BETTER WAY to get low cost, high quality espresso, with the convenience of automated brewing as simple as drip, for far less than Starbucks, even with the razor/blade strategy.

That said, I'm a Barista instructor, and if you do take the time to buy green, roast your own, and use a Moka pot, though technically not espresso at 6 bar, you can get better coffee, more controlled by you, for a LOT less per cup. But here comes some honesty my students would kill me for: YES, sometimes I prefer fast coffee, far better than Starbucks, fully automated, easy clean up, and zero work! I still roast my own and use a variety of techniques from Moka to Turkish to get a devlish range of wonderful tastes, but for the effort, this new little Inissia truly fills the bill!

The Barista association has been kind enough to let me try a full range of machines and techniques on their dime for over 7 years, and I've worked with espresso makers and systems that range from Mr. Coffee to $35,000 commercial machines. I can't say much more than the fact that THIS is the model I've waited for, even though I was painfully tempted by the Essenza. And also be warned, if you move beyond Nespresso for a modular system, you are NOT getting true espresso, but razor and blade drip.

If you read criticisms on the web that Nespresso has a poor range of offerings between first crack, City ++ and deeply dark, oily espresso, check the date on the review/complaint. I've now found that their range is just as broad and deep as any direct green or roasted bean you can get. Nothing is as good as roasting and grinding your own, but even with sophisticated taste buds, this system comes very close, and is certainly WAY better than Starbucks. Besides, even roasters/ Moka folk need a break once in a while, and will unlikely settle for drip when they can even get Americano if you like it less strong, with this system!

The other models in this series are known for durability and ethical customer service from Nespresso, but at this writing no one can tell you that about their newer technologies. I can tell you that poor mechanical performance would kill this at Sams before they even got out of the gate, so I'm betting on durability, but can't honestly opine on that parameter.

All in all, highly recommended. Please use the comment and question features for any details you need, or email me, or check out the Nespresso dot com website for details between models, or questions you might have on this little gem. As a bonus, if you check their site, you get to see Jimmy Kimmel trying the brand with Penelope Cruz, not a reason to buy, but still FUN! ;=)

eMailer answer: YES, this does accommodate large cups, unlike the Essenza, and yes, you can just push a button without having to time the brew.

Many reviews cover the basics (great espresso, same quality of pump and brew as the more expensive models, space-efficient), but most seem to miss one of the most important, sanity-saving advances from Nespresso, so here it is:

>> You do not have to wait for the machine to warm up before you make your coffee selection. <<

For previous Nespresso owners (myself included), this is a revelation. It means that after you wash your face, go to the bathroom, do whatever it is that you do after waking up and hitting the power button -- instead of coming back to the kitchen, hitting a button, and waiting AGAIN before you have some coffee... you just come back to a nice, steaming cup o' joe.

To use this amazingly undocumented feature, you just hit a button to wake it up, and (wait for it...) press the button for your coffee selection. That's it -- when it's hot, it will start your beverage. Huzzah!

That, my friends, is worth the price of admission. Oh, the machine also:

* is the least expensive Nespresso ever, by a long shot
* makes espresso, Americano, Lungo, and (if you bought the Aeroccino), Lattés just as well as any other Nespresso
* looks FABULOUS on the counter

Even the little tray that you lift up to use a larger mug is smart: it drops automatically when you remove your mug. Why? To catch the drips! Brilliant.

The Inissia is being positioned as the budget Nespresso, but to me, this is the perfect Nespresso: respectful of your counter space, pleasing to the eye, and continuing the march towards more human-friendly operation. Recommended.

Great machine and cool design
We bought that machine as gift for our American friend by cause buying it in Germany, pack it ourselves and then mail it to NY would double the price easily. For us Europeans this machine is cheaper in the states. It's 99€ (134.64$) here and $99 at
Service of OnlineShopDealer is excellent as always. I didn't even need to register new.

The machine itself does a wonderful job. The nespresso coffee is so easy to make and tastes good every time. You cannot ruin a cup, despite you use it for Lungo twice. That would make it watery.

In my opinion the design is great. We have the Pixie, too. But this one looks even better. What I like about the Pixie is the illuminated capsules collecting box in white or red. Red if the capsule container is full or if the water container is empty. But do you really need this. After a while you know when you need to recycle the capsules and the water tank is not hidden so you can see easily if you need to refill water.

If you're missing a manual. Don't worry. On YouTube you'll find instructions which are better than the little pictures and every step is explained perfectly. If you are doing this and you have some time left you can also check out the very funny commercials with Mr George Clooney!

We buy the capsules at the nespresso store. We ordered online first but when you go to the store. You have it directly and they invite you for free tastings. Especially for the limited editions that makes sense.

The machine comes with a little set of 16 capsules. That helps you to use your machine ASAP and you know which flavor you prefer. After a while you develop your personal taste. But to be honest. Nespresso makes it easy for you to like every flavor.

The machine does a wonderful job, is easy to clean and you only descale it once in a awhile.

The capsules might be more expensive then other systems but since I have the nespresso there is no restaurant that can keep up with my machine at home. I really stopped drinking coffee after eating out to have it home. Better and way cheaper.

Great Little Nespresso Machine for the Price
Long time Nespresso fan; upgrading from an old Le Cube that is starting to die after several years of hard use. I'm not going to review the use of Nespresso, there's plenty online comparing the various pod coffee options - but as I said, long time Nespresso fan.

The Inissia is tiny. The body is made of plastic, unlike some of the higher end models. It doesn't feel cheap, but you can notice the build quality difference. I do notice that it's a bit louder than my Le Cube. The pump is loud regardless (and they use the same pump in all bodies), but the plastic reverberates the noise a bit. Not a big deal, but it doesn't have the softer, solid hum of the more expensive metal bodied Nespresso makers. The discarded pod container is much smaller than my cube. Truthfully it's probably a good thing, as it makes me change it frequently. I have a tendency to let it sit in the Cube until it gets pretty funky. The water reservoir is well sized and easy to get in and out. It has the standard two buttons, for Espresso and Lungo Sizes (the Essenza model I looked at did not), which are programmable to any volume you want. They also added a handy power saver mode that turns it off.

As I said it's noticeably cheaper made than some of the other lines, but it's also much cheaper. The pump, and thus the coffee it produces, is the same. It's a good Nespresso maker considering the price.

Absolutely Amazing!
This almost instant espresso maker is an amazing deal. It's incredibly fast and easy. There's only 2 buttons, 1 for Espresso and one for the slightly larger Lungo. Either button will power up the machine in 30 seconds, then you simply drop in your coffe pod or "Grand Crus" as Nespresso calls them and push the button again. For people who prefer to sleep in as long as possible in the mornings, like myself, the whole process from start to coffee drinking finish adds maybe 2 minutes to your morning routine... even less if you're a multi-tasker.

The construction of the machine is top notch. The plastic is very thick and solid and the pod holder/lever feels very strong. There's nothing that makes a person think that "well, this isn't going to last very long" like with most pod style coffee makers. Even the water resevior is solid, and has not leaked at all. This model appears to be more of a travel model as its small, simple, and requires only a single electrical plug. I can easily see the Inissia being packed away for my next trip.

As for the coffee quality, it's very good. I would say as good as anything that gets ordered through a drive through window and certainly better than any gas station. It isn't quite as good as a reliable coffee house, but they're trained people using proper equipment. I wouldn't expect it to out perform a talented Barista, but it will out perform an untalented one. Its worth notification that you need to buy the coffee from the Nespresso website, you can buy it here on OnlineShopDealer but its around 30% more than Nespresso. If you're shopping on OnlineShopDealer, buying all of your coffee online shouldn't sound too intimidating, but just so you know you can't buy the Grand Crus in your local grocery store. You basically join the Nespresso coffee club with your first order, which seems as much of a club as OnlineShopDealer, but they seem to imply that being in the Nespresso coffee club means more. Maybe it does, but as of now my club membership is basically, I buy their coffee, they send me an e-mail saying "Thanks" along with my bill. There's about 20 different coffee varieties to choose from, and they range from 60 cents to 80 cents per pod. You can get 2 brews to 1 pod, but the second serving is of lesser flavor, especially with the milder brews.

In all, for $99 you get an affordable daily espresso at near identical quality of that coffee house cup, so this easily gets 5 stars. It even ships with 16 free samples, so if these samples save you 16 trips to a coffee house the Inissia becomes instantly affordable, sure its only $12 worth of coffee, but you're never going to vist a coffee house 16 times and only spend $12. I figure that the Inissia has paid for itself right out of the box, for me personally. I can honestly say the Nespresso Inissia makes waking up in the morning a little more tolerable.

I would also like to add that the review from Let's Compare Options has some very usefull information in the reviews comments about the user manual and if someone decides to buy the Inissia reading those comments can help with the initial set up of the machine.

Amazing machine
This machine is perfect for anyone who loves espresso. It comes with 16 capsules (as a sampler), which is a nice touch. It also comes with a menu that lists the intensity and flavor of each espresso. Here is a short list of pros and cons:

The espresso tastes great
It makes espresso in under a minute
The water tank lasts a while
You don't have to dispose of the capsules immediately

Capsules are sort of pricey
Not many other companies make capsules

Overall, this machine deserves five stars for how well it performs.

The coffee at her facility is medium at best. I arranged for this to arrive when I ...
I bought this for my mother who is in assisted living and likes strong coffee/espresso. The coffee at her facility is medium at best. I arranged for this to arrive when I was visiting. Set it up and then reorder capsules as necessary. So much easier for her since she doesnt have to hassle with coffee grounds, getting some one to buy the coffee, filters, wash the pot etc. This is no fuss no muss plus the espresso is outstanding.

Loving it!
I purchased my Inissia through OnlineShopDealer under my husband's account since he has Prime so this review is legit. The machine is quick, easy to use, espresso and coffee taste great, and the price is super! What's in the box? The machine, of course, 16x Grand Crus sample, and a little folder that contains the instructions, coffee menu, membership information, and where to order Grand Crus. The instruction is like a picture book and you have to cross reference it with the symbol descriptions or if you're like me where you like to watch and learn, Nespresso has posted video guides on how to prepare and clean your Inissia. I'm not sure how this one compares to the other Nespresso systems but the Inissia is really compact compared to my Mr. Coffee coffee machine that I now have tucked away, and I love the modern, simple look of it. It compliments my black colored countertop very well. Best of all, it will beat the cost of me buying lattes from the coffee shop almost everyday. I posted a picture of my first cup of coffee with my Inissia.

Awesome! Good gift for a college student, writer, or just caffeine lover.
This thing is WAY worth it. I usually just make pour-over coffees, but my friend has one of these machines at his house and I used it for the first time there and fell in love. It's easy to use and it's fast. I'm in college, so caffeine is my friend. I don't even put this machine in the kitchen - I have it set up inside my bedroom. It's small too and doesn't take up much space. I like the way it looks... I put stickers on mine. I would totally recommend this to a friend. Hey - I'm sure there are "better" machines out there - but for my budget, this thing is everything I could ask for.

Best Low-cost Machine Ever!
I LOVE this machine! Heats up fast, quickly produces a great cup of VERY hot coffee with a great crema on it. No problems with any of the pods I have tried. Very well worth the inexpensive price. NOTE: It comes with an assortment of Nespresso pods, something that is not mentioned in the write-up. Also, the instruction booklet, all graphic, is very hard to decipher at times. Luckily, Nespresso has great videos on line on how to operate it.


Technical data

  • Easy insertion and ejection of capsules; For use with Nespresso coffee capsules only
  • Compact brewing unit technology; Fast preheating time: 25 seconds; 19 Bar high pressure pump
  • 2 Programmable buttons for Espresso and lungo preparation
  • Removable 24 ounce water tank; Folding cup tray accommodates tall recipe glasses; Used capsule container holds 9-11 used capsules
  • Energy efficient; A Class energy rating; Automatic power off after 9 minutes of inactivity


Product Description

Tiny foot print, compact, lightweight and equipped with an ergonomic handle, the new inissia machine fits perfectly into any interior design. Nespresso began more than 25 years ago with a simple but revolutionary idea, to create the perfect cup of Espresso coffee with exquisite crema, tantalizing aroma and full bodied taste - just like skilled baristas. As the worldwide pioneer, Nespresso redefined the way coffee lovers around the world enjoy their espresso coffee through a unique combination of premium quality Grand Cru coffees, stylish coffee machines and exceptional customer service. To obtain the perfect espresso, Nespresso Experts seek out only the finest Grands Crus green coffees, which promise to offer the most tantalizing aromas. The virtuoso 'alchemists' compose the blend from these diverse origins and decide upon a specific roasting and grinding profile. Each of the Nespresso Grands Crus has a distinctive character. You can, depending on the variety of different recipes, enjoy Nespresso with milk. When combined with creamy milk foam, you will experience a whole new variety of flavors. The Nespresso Club Services. A world of services at your disposal. The Nespresso Club is always there for you, online, by telephone or in one of our Boutiques. Order your Nespresso capsules, receive personalized advice and obtain technical support for your machine: whatever you are seeking, the Nespresso Club and its Specialists are with you every step of the way. Benefit from quick & easy ordering whenever, wherever.

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