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Streamlight 73005 Nano Light LED Key Chain Light, Red

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This thing is BRIGHT!
This well-constructed little flashlight is much brighter than I expected. I bought for use inside a tent, for which it is really too bright, but it's perfect on a keychain for lighting a path or door locks. Unlike many other LED keychains, you don't have to continuously press anything to keep it on, just twist the handle 1/4 turn.

The flashlight is really solidly built and extremely lightweight. Whenever they finally give up, I'll be replacing the included LR41 batteries with SR41, which cost about the same and last longer. For what you get this flashlight is a great bargain!

Super bright flashlight at a very low cost -- replace with alkaline batteries ONLY!
I've needed a small flashlight for quite a while, as our backdoor is not well lit. I thought I would get a small single AAA flashlight, and found a very bright one for just under $50 (Fenix-made). However, after reading the reviews on this one, I decided I couldn't go wrong with trying the Nanolight.

This light may only be a 10+ lumen, single-LED light, but it is brighter than a 9 LED light we bought at a hardware store (for $2) that requires 3 AA batteries. Amazingly, this is so small that it is barely half the length of my thumb and more thin than any point on my pinky finger. It has a nice clip that fastens it to your keychain in a snap.

I bought one for myself and my wife, and we use it in place of any light in our car.

With new LED technologies just around the corner, why pay more for other, expensive LED lights when you can get this for so little and choose to upgrade later if needed?

We will be buying a lot of Nanolights for Christmas later this year. It is water-resistant, powerful, and always there when you need it without taking up room in your pocket.

There are two drawbacks. One is replacing the four tiny alkaline batteries (using the same size hearing aids use). Fortunately, the cells are pretty cheap and the light is supposed to last up to 8 hours on a set. The second drawback is that the light has a real tendency to fall apart the more it is used. However, there is a fix for this. Simply put Teflon tape on the threads.. This will keep it waterproof while assuring the bezel can't easily work itself loose.

Once you get it, you will wonder how you got along without it.

UPDATE: I've found out that the hearing aid batteries that work in this light are zinc-air batteries. They work, but they require access to air, which means when the batteries exhaust the air in the waterproof casing, they stop working. You need to unscrew the top and let it set for a minute or two to get the full charge back.

Please search OnlineShopDealer for bulk LR41 batteries--you will find them so inexpensive that any concerns about availability or pricing for replacements will fade away. These are alkaline batteries, so you won't have the problem I mention above.

Great little light
Just like everybody says it gives off a descent light, but remember that it is a key chain light only meant to help illuminate low lit areas like the keyhole of a door. To give you guys an idea it will illuminate a corner of an average sized bedroom. For its size this is as good as it's going to get. If you want something brighter you're going to have to settle for something a little bit bigger, with higher lumen output. The range is not great but sufficient for my purposes.

There isn't a button switch like most flashlights. Instead you have a twist switch, but you can turn it on momentarily. If you push the top of the light down, the light will turn on momentarily. If you twist the top, it will stay on constantly. I don't know if Streamlight designed it this way, but it works for me.

I have no issues operating this with one hand. Some people say it's difficult but I have no problem whatsoever. I have small hands.

It has a clip on the back that lets you easily attach and detach if need be. This is a plus for me.

I have nothing bad to say about this little light except that the batteries for this light is not as easily available as other batteries. Not a big problem for me because I just bought 50 spares online so I have them readily available.

Buy this now, you won't regret it.

Awesome light
This is the best keychain flashlight I have ever seen. It is so small I can't even tell that it's on my keys. And it's brighter than my double a maglite! Highly recommended

Fantastic Deal
Received one for my birthday from my instructor, and I've gotta say--I wasn't expecting this tiny little thing to put out this much light. 10 lumens doesn't sound like much, but it appears brighter than my Fenix P1D on its "Low" setting (rated 12 lumens). Mine has a slight violet tinge to the beam, which I like given that I find that it helps me find small details easily missed by normal inspections.

Construction is like that of a MagLight, milled from a solid piece of aluminum. Operation is easy, even one-handed. Feels like it could take a beating without loss of performance.

I'd give it 4.5 out of 5 stars because of the (included) unusual batteries it uses (compared to 123 batteries), but LR41 batteries aren't uncommon. Not really a detractor, though; it most likely replace my P1D for everyday use.

Final word: Great deal. Highly recommend.

Awesome little light - easy to fix the "come apart" issue.
I bought a couple of these for stocking stuffers, knowing that I'd be putting one in my own stocking... :-)

The first thing I noticed was that the head turns way to easily. Reading the other reviews confirms that mine wasn't a fluke. Anyway, anybody who does any sort of mechanical work knows about Lok-Tite. Clean the threads, the apply a couple drops of red Lok-Tite on the threads and screw it back together. Once it dries, it creates enough friction on the threads to "fix" the issue of it coming apart on its own.

Other than that - this light is smaller and brighter than I had expected. I have several LED lights, including some high-end Fenix units, and while this light isn't brighter, it still impressed me. The price can't be beat either, and if you buy some high-end replacement batteries on eBay, you'll be set for a long time to come. All in all, this makes an excellent EDC light.

Super-bright for its size
Super-tiny, excellent little flashlight. This makes a ton of light, given its size.

* Perfect keychain light
* Super-small... you have to see it in context to get how small this is. (Added a photo.)
* Great value (price-for-performance ratio)
* Excellent gift idea
* Durable finish
* O-ring sealed, nicely machined

* Very minor, but the ridges on the front that let you turn it on and off, aren't very deep and thus turning it isn't as easy as it could be if they had deeper ridges.

Other thoughts
I have used this in a pinch when my larger flashlight wasn't handy or was in use elsewhere. This easily lights up door locks, closets, pantries, a freezer at midnight (hmmm), and just about anything that one would have used a 2-AA penlight for in even the fairly recent past.

Finally a quality keychain light for those who love pink!
Most keychain lights come in black, stainless steel, olive, mossy oak, or some other tactical color. The only exception I have seen are cheaply made consumer grade (i.e. disposable) models sold at mass market retailers. Until now.

The pink Streamlight Nano is exactly like the black Nano, except that its pink. I had the black one on my keychain until I saw this one. I gave the black one to my husband and promptly ordered this one.

It's a very lovely soft pink color, but has the high quality build construction the regular Nano and other Streamlight lights have. Aircraft grade metal, lubricated threads and o-ring, strong clip, and durable finish. This light is also very bright. I removed the SL tag to reduce bulk on my keychain. It's a great tiny and lightweight EDC flashlight, made even better if you like pink.

Original design flaw fixed in revised Nano. Avoid old stock!
I recently purchased several of these, in both black and blue. Fortunately the first one I received was new stock, sold by OnlineShopDealer, with a production date of 10/12. It worked perfectly, was surprisingly bright and extremely lightweight. The next day I received two more, sold by an OnlineShopDealer marketplace vendor and "fulfilled by OnlineShopDealer." Both had production dates of 9/11, and suffered from the dreaded "design flaw" which has been well documented in many early reviews of the original Nano. Essentially, the treads on the original design were too loose, causing it to turn on inadvertently just from slight contact or bouncing around in your pocket. Unscrewing it further to prevent this would cause it to fall apart in your pocket, spilling the batteries. The good news is that Streamlight has (quietly) redesigned the Nano and effectively fixed this design flaw. The threads are now very smooth and tight and a second o-ring has been added, eliminating any play once you turn it off. The bad news is, you can't tell from the listing if your seller is shipping the new version or defective old stock. The packaging on the new design is changed very slightly. In addition to the recent 2012 production date, on the back label look for "Rev A 12/10" on the black Nano, or "Rev A 05/12" on the blue COPS model. I returned the old stock and ordered several more "sold by OnlineShopDealer" and all of them have been the new Rev A version. Until all of the defective old stock is off the OnlineShopDealer marketplace I recommend buying your Nano from OnlineShopDealer for a few cents more to ensure you get the new model. Hope this helps.

Very Very Bright At 10 Lumens
This is a very very bright keychain flashlight. I was shocked that is was smaller then I first expected. It is just a little bit bigger than a quarter. View my posted photo at the top. Before this key chain I got the Swiss+Tech bundle package from Costco and it comes with a solar rechargable battery keychain flashlight (K.F.). That keychain flashlight was only half it brightness compared to this Nano Light. Another issue was the battery gets drained really fast on the Swiss+Tech K.F. like within 30 minutes. It also must be always charged from bright indoor light or out in the sun light.


Technical data

  • Just 1.47-Inch
  • 100,000 hr. lifetime LED
  • Rotary head switch
  • Parabolic shaped LED area optimizes beam performance
  • Batteries included


Product Description

nano miniature keychain LED flashlight with NFFF Logo streamlight Nano Light Miniature Keychain LED Flashlight

Truly tiny, the Nano Light is a personal flashlight that includes a non-rotating snap hook for easy one handed operation when attached to a key chain. It easily attaches or detaches to just about anything with its convenient pocket clip or key ring. The Nano miniature flashlight is powered by four alkaline button cell batteries (included in purchase).

  • Double-sided key fob with NFFF logo on one side and the Streamlight logo on the other side
  • High intensity white LED
  • 10 Lumens
  • Rotating on/off head switch
  • Includes four IEC-LR41 coin cell batteries
  • Non-rotating snap hook
  • Most models meet applicable European Community Directives

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