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Vaulua Nail Clipper for Fingernails and Toenails

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Customer Reviews

The best moisturizer!
This product is hands down my favorite moisturizer out there and it is reasonably priced. I have combined it with this amazing skin serum VC20 - Potent 20% Vitamin C Serum with Hyaluronic Acid & a Powerful Amino Acid Complex! as the ingredients vitamin C and hyaluronic acid have been featured on Dr. Oz as miracle products to help you look younger. The combination of these products has given me amazing results, highly recommended.

Good for face, but not around the eyes
I really like the St. Ives brand! I’ve been using a number of their products for quiet a long time, particularly this particular exfoliator from St. Ives. Unfortunately I swim a lot and because of that I’m also washing my face quite frequently. I’m also in the sun so that’s why I’ve been desperately searching for something that could help my skin maintain an healthy, radiant glow despite how dry my face can get.

I really like this moisturizer (the Timeless Skin Collagen Elastin Moisturizer) because it’s easy on my skin, and I can feel my skin is a lot smoother after using it. The one thing it doesn’t really do well is effect the dark-circles and dry wrinkles around my eyes, especially the smile-lines (crows feet) that a 30 year old woman SHOULD NOT have!!! I’ve been using this eye cream as a supplement and have found that it’s really the only eye cream that has worked at minimizing some of the sun effects around my eyes. So while I really do enjoy and will continue to use St. Ives, for face, I’d say you can’t really use it for your eyes as well.

Lastly the St. Ives moisturizer is good, but I’m not sure if it’s truly rebuilding collagen or not in my skin. I can say that my skin feels smoother, but a true collagen rebuilder is usually taken orally, through supplements or the right foods. For example eating a lot of oranges or taking a vitamin C supplement would help rebuild collagen. Some people actually cut thin slices of oranges and put them on their face! I’m not much for that because of the way it feels, but I wanted to just state that I’m not 100% sure how much collagen you can get form a topical cream.

That said, I still like it and I love St. Ives’ philosophy. So go ahead and buy it!

I bought this as a "get by." But after using it for the past 8 weeks have discovered it works as well, if not, better than my $95.00 moisturizer. I'm going to stick with this. It seems to have a better firming effect and I have noticed a smoother appearance to my skin tone.

A little goes a long way
I was in Walmart and I saw this on the shelf, after reading the reviews on OnlineShopDealer. I tried it for the first time this morning, and I absolutely love it! I only needed very little on my face. The cream feels light on my fingers and like nothing when I have spread it over my face. This is a great buy at Walmart with a cost $4.67, instead of $5.99 here. With a 10oz jar, you won't need the subscribe and save feature. I see why St. Ives is still around and I will continue to use this and their other products.

One of my favorite skin care products ever hands down
I actually bought this at Walmart instead of OnlineShopDealer. I might have paid maybe around 3 or 4 dollars for this TEN OUNCE jar. It's a lot of moisturizer, but it works fantastically. I am a serious skin care product junkie. My boyfriend likes to joke that if someone told me monkey poop would give me beautiful skin I'd be the first one in line to buy a tube. Curiously there have been no such studies. But St. Ives really outdid themselves with this one.

I'm young, but I am a smoker...Terrible, even worse, because I know better. I started noticing deep lines forming down each sides of my face kind of between my nose and cheeks which I decided had to be because of this awful habit. Straight away I was on a mission to find some "cure" even after years of experimenting and using different skin care products and tools including vitamin E oil, hyaluronic acid, massage therapy, chemical peels, masks, face brushes, electronic face brushes, netted washclothes, etc. Now, I really liked the St. Ives Apricot scrub, but when I compared it to the cheaper Queen Helene version I was smitten. Having never tried any other St. Ives product, strangely, I shrugged off the entire line and figured it was just another dime a dozen commercial company with a "natural" gimmick. Now I see that I was missing out all this time on at least one of their gems, because I use this moisturizer every day faithfully and those lines have disappeared by 98%, not to mention my skin always looks hydrated, not greasy, oily, shiny or superficially moisturized at all. My skin texture appearance continues to improve with every use to the point that I always receive unsolicited compliments and I use foundation much more sparingly. This moisturizer really is very special... it just sinks into the skin and imparts the kind of suppleness we take for granted as children and then long for in adulthood.

The smell is fresh and light.I even use it on my body sometimes! The formula is non-comedogenic, which is essential to someone like me with oily/combination skin type. The jar itself, while I anticipate battle cries among the nitpickers about hygiene risks, is extremely economical and will last forever. I could go on and on, but all anyone reading this needs to know is: PURCHASE IMMEDIATELY! I mean, come on ...the sheer number of reviews on this website alone should speak volumes!

Paraben Free! Worked on Butt Acne
These pads worked on my butt acne better than the $300 spent on a fancy Dermatologist appointment and his 2 very expensive prescriptions, that bleached out my bath towels and underwear! I also get ingrown hairs on the back of my upper thigh and I think it is helping with that too. Does not dry out the skin even though the second ingredient after water is denatured alcohol. I keep one bedside and one in downstairs bathroom to make sure I get a double dose in one day.
Salicylic Acid 2% is what all these types of acne products list for their Active Ingredient.

There is a list of questionable ingredients in body products found online. Ingredients that end in Paraben is one of them. So I only use products without them. Most Hand lotions, creams will have parabens. Avoid Sulfates in hair shampoos and conditioners.

***Gentle Readers and Responders in the Review section, Please remember that Reviews are for the Product, first and foremost. Slow mailing, damage from shipping, and issues with a seller, are not the topics to base your Star Rating on. Your opinion on how well the product works -or not, and your opinion or reaction TO the product, is what readers need to know. Comments on the packing and the seller can be made in the review but not a basis in the star rating. Thank you.

Miraculous, Magical Cloud Light Potion For the Face!
I have used every expensive lotion for the face from Kinerase to Clarins to Chanel and everything else in between. This light as a cloud, non greasy face cream is sheer heaven and its crucial ingredients, collagen and elastin really replenish my skin and make it look and feel like I am 18 again (I am 41). The scent is also very light and very pleasant as I am trying to avoid heavy, perfume laden creams and lotions. This stuff absords beeeeeeautifully and I wake up to gorgeous, glowy, youthful skin. I always trust nature based products and this one doesn't disappoint! Great, affordable price and wonderful age reducing results that have done me proud over the last 20 plus years!

Quick and Clean
I have been using this product for several years, off and on as needed. I use this to treat and prevent my breakouts that are few and far between. This product works really well for me. I have sensitive skin and am allergic to many products with fragrances. I have no problem with this. I have not had any dry patches or pealing (as I have with other acne products). I noticed a drastic change (not in a good way) in my skin when I did not have this product for the last month. This product actually keeps breakouts few and far between. In addition, my husband commented that it smells really nice.

Love this!!!
Love this absorbs very well on me I love the feeling of this moisturizer! It actually feels better than the Neutrogena cream I use to buy for $9.99. Love this cream and very reasonable!

I'm a man, who has naturally smooth, typically blemish free skin. My entire skin care regiment has basically consisted of a good soap and water scrub in the shower with my wash cloth, and that's that. My skin has never felt like it was in need of a moisturizer, and after a regular old shower wash it feels pretty good, or "dewy" as my wife likes to call it.

But I'm also an actor, and I'm 31 years old now. I drink a lot of water (when I don't I can tell the difference), I don't smoke, and I rarely drink, but I've also started looking around for skin care products that will help me preserve the quality of my skin, and keep me as fresh and youthful looking as possible. For me it's not an issue of vanity, but of actual livelihood; how my skin looks has actual career and financial implications. Having good skin isn't an excuse for me to just assume I'll always have good skin, and I've heard enough times by now that starting younger is better.

Back in the day my sister and mom use to use the old St. Ives apricot scrub, which I used a few times many years ago. You know the one that basically felt you were scrubbing your face with gravel. I liked the rougher texture, and decided to turn to try St. Ives now when I was looking for some skin care products. After reading reviews for several, I ultimately decided on the extremely well regarded St. Ives Timeless Skin Daily Microdermabrasion 4 oz (113 g)and this moisturizer.

Last night I used both for the first time. While I'm looking to take better care of my skin, I also am not looking to use a 1,000 products, or have a lot of fuss and work over my skin. The exfoliating cream was a lot less harsh than I expected, especially in comparison to the old apricot scrub. I used that, let me skin dry a little, and then applied the moisturizer.

Now like I said above, I'm use to "dewy" skin naturally. But about 10 minutes after applying this stuff I was literally floored at how my skin felt. My skin feels better than I have ever felt it in my life. It's extremely smooth, feels taut, and looks vibrant and bright. I don't have a ton of experience with a wide variety of skin care products, so I have no idea if this is standard, but none of the products I have used even remotely came close to making my skin feel, and look, this amazing. My wife came home and I told her she had to touch my face, and she did. She said it felt really "firm", almost like I'd had botox or something (which I thought was hilarious). She couldn't stop rubbing her arm on my face, just to feel the texture. I think she was a little jealous ;).

It's over 12 hours since I put this stuff on and my skin still feels like a satin sheet. I've never written a review for a skin care product. I never imagined I would even be compelled to. But I'm telling you, especially you reluctant men out there, this stuff feels insanely good on your skin. Between this, and the other product, I've found something quick, easy, and most importantly, something that worked from the FIRST application.


  • This ergonomically designed, premium, brushed stainless steel nail clipper look great and is easy to use; just flip the hinge and you're ready to go!
  • Super sharp blades with an extra wide opening make for even and easy cutting of even the thickest of fingernails and toenails; no more annoying torn, cracked or split nails.
  • Made from high quality materials, this strong stainless steel nail clipper is highly durable and can be washed with soap and water without fear of rusting.
  • Suitable for all sizes of fingernails and toenails; this nail clipper is ideal for both men and women. Size 3.1" x 0.7" x 0.4"
  • Our professional product is built to last, therefore we offer a Lifetime Guarantee: See the product description for further details.


It can be difficult to find nail clippers that are both smart and durable and can cut even the thickest of nails without tearing or splitting.

We believe that our vaulua nail clipper is the best nail clipper on the market, and here's why:

Your strong and stylish Vaulua nail clipper will be with you in just a few days from placing your order. As soon as you try the nail clipper you will notice how easily they cut through even the toughest of nails; leaving a nice clean edge, with no ugly cracks or splits, every time. Suitable for both men and women, our nail clippers make easy work of cutting both fingernails and toenails, in all shapes and sizes!

So what makes this Vaulua nail clipper so much better than the competition?

We believe that it starts with the design. Our nail clippers are simple to use and easy to grip; they won't slip from your hand. Because they are made from strong, and extremely durable, brushed stainless steel you can wash them safely with soap and water and they will not rust. The high quality mechanism used in the manufacture of our Vaulua nail clippers means that they won't fall apart; however much you use them. The extra wide opening also ensures that you can cut the thickest of nails, quickly and evenly.

It's because of this that we are able to confidently offer you a Lifetime Guarantee on our product.

Our Vaulua nail clippers also make a great, practical gift for a friend or relative, so why not order two, one for you and one for your loved one?

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