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Mpow® Solar Powerd Wireless LED Security Motion Sensor Light, Outdoor Wall/garden Lamp / Motion Sensor-detector Activated / for Patio, Deck, Yard, Garden, Home, Driveway, Stairs, Outside Wall, with Dusk to Dawn Dark Sensing Auto on / Off Function

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Bright Security Light Without Wiring is Convenient to Install
No larger than the palm of my hand but somewhat thicker, this device produced a surprising amount of bright, white light when activated and is a marvel of miniaturization. It comes with an activation key, two screws and two plastic screw anchors (described by the seller as "Expansion Pillar-hinges") for mounting on a wall or other vertical surface. There was no peel-off adhesive back on the sample unit provided to me in exchange for this review. As the illustration shows, there is a screw-hole in the top and also a keyhole shaped mounting hole on the back.

The panel on the top collects light, charges the internal battery and completely shuts off the LEDs when it senses light from above. The round button on the front senses motion and brightens the LEDs from their usual dim condition in the darkness. I found that the sensor could detect human motion at least 20 feet away, which is about twice the distance claimed. In order to achieve a full night's illumination, the solar panel needs to be exposed to a lengthy period of intense light. A long, sunny day with southern exposure to direct sunlight will charge this device enough to provide illumination through more than eight hours of darkness. Short winter days, indirect light and/or cloudy skies will not charge the battery sufficiently to provide a full night's illumination but will supply light at least for awhile.

My interest in this device was to mount it next to the entrance door of my motorhome, knowing that it will not need to be wired or drain my vehicle's battery, yet provide me with a welcoming light to unlock the door and enter my vehicle at night. I did that by using Scotch Permanent Outdoor Mounting Tape, 1 Inch x 450 Inches (4011-LONG). Since I don't need to be in and out of my RV all night even a few hours of light gives me enough illumination be of value and improve safety. It has been useful for me and I see this as a valuable device for campers, travel trailers, motorhomes and in fixed locations where bright sunlight is available during the day, light is needed at night and where power may be unavailable, inconvenient or expensive to install. An eighteen month warranty adds value, but the battery is not replaceable.

Compact and very bright

Length:: 0:59 Mins

I like this light because, in addition to being compact, it only protrudes a few inches from the wall. The angle of the solar cell and light means I have the possibility to gather more charge (especially on a south facing wall) and the light could be spread over a greater area.

Perfect for main door or backyards

Length:: 2:41 Mins

Overall this Mpow Solar Powered LED Motion Sensor Light is decent solar light with compact design & bright enough light to see in dark. The Mpow Solar Powered LED Motion Sensor Light requires about 6-7 hours of direct sunlight daily to gain full charge. I would recommend to install this solar panel facing towards south direction & position it to receive full sunshine. I would also recommend to keep cleaning on regular basis so that it can consume maximum amount of light during day time.
-Easy installation, only 1 screw is provided and 2nd screw can also be placed to safe installation.
-Charges during the day and dim light is always on (photo censor works good).
-Full Brightness (when movement is sensed) is sufficient light. This is much brighter than usual solar garden lights.
-Dim light is bright enough.
-Motion sensor is works good. I noticed light gets bright when a person is around 10 feet of distance from light.
-Waterproof and Heatproof (IP64), can easily survive rain storms

-Not noticed any, will update review again.

I have added night testing video also while I am walking towards light and it became bright when I came around 10 feet closer to light.

Working great so far
This is a nice product & works as advertised. The product description states that the light can be attached to surfaces using the peel off sticker, but my light did not come with one. Included in the box: Mpow Solar Powered Motion LED Light, 2 screws, 2 expansion pillar hinges, the key pin & an instruction manual.

First I peeled the protective plastic off the LED light, but didn't see one covering the solar panel. Then I pushed the key pin into the on/off hole to turn the light on. It arrived mostly charged so I left it under a bright, indoor light the rest of the evening to continue charging it. Then it was ready to use.

It's working great. It turns on at night & shines dimly until motion is detected then it gets very bright. Motion is detected a little farther away than the advertised 10 feet. When motion is no longer detected, the light dims.

Solar powered lights need a lot of sunshine during the day. The Mpow Solar Powered LED Motion Sensor Light requires about 7 hours of unfiltered sunlight daily to retain a full charge. It's best to face the solar panel South & position it where it will receive full sunshine, and won't be shaded by trees, your house, etc. Keep the solar panel as clean as possible so it will receive the maximum amount of light.

Very nice product that works as advertised.

review sample provided

A great compact light for dimly lit places
I received the Mpow Solar Powered LED Motion Sensor Light as a sample to try out.

It arrived semi-charged, so I left it out in the sunlight for one day before installing it between my garage and the neighbor's garage, an area which we use for our trash cans, but is also very dark at night.

It was very easy to install with the enclosed two screws. When I tried it the first night, it was very bright! It definitely made the tiny "hallway" between the garages bright enough to work, or to look for items stored in between there.

I tried testing how close one would have to be in order for it to activate, and it looked like it was about 15 to 20 feet from where I installed it.

It is claimed to be waterproof and heatproof. Living in California, I can test at least one of those claims soon!

Being a solar charged item, I don't believe I'll have any issues in regards to the product running out of juice (unless it's not sunny for multiple days - which won't happen due to where I live).

The size is also a big plus. It's can be tucked away so no one can really see it until the light starts shining down onto them and scares them.

If you need a product to enhance dark areas, but don't want to spend too much money, the Mpow Solar Powered LED Motion Sensor Light is for you.

DISCLAIMER: I received a sample product to test for this review.

Great Solar powered led lights for outside
I was so thrilled to asked my husband to double check the product and then to see how it works and how bright it could get. The manual that comes with the product is very helpful to you, especially if it's your first time to use a solar power light item.

We make sure that it was directed to the south as directed in order to absorb sunlight and will be fully charged for the whole morning, which says could take 12 hours light if fully charged. When we turned the sensor on that needs a very thin metal [comes in the accessories] that can go through it, to turn on the solar light, it was indeed very bright, it senses a motion that's why it creates a much brighter light. We also like it as it is easy installation, no worries or any complicated tools to use.

We tried the sensor and it is working, it dimmed when it doesn't sense any motion and it is very bright when it does. It is perfect for the playhouse that way, we don't need to use electricity and all those wiring hanging. This is perfect for a year long, especially during summer season when our son would love to stay longer in the playhouse to play.

Motion Sensor Light
The Mpow Soar Powered Wireless LED Motion Sensor Light is just what I needed. We live in the country and have no big yard lights, we don't like them. But... the deck area is in three levels and there have been times when coming back to the deck from a dark yard became a problem. The Mpow has a very dim, unobtrusive glow which slightly lights part of the deck all night. When someone comes onto the deck area, it gets bright and stays on for a couple of minutes. If motion continues to be detected it continues to stay bright. It worked the first night I installed it after getting sun for about 2 hours. I just attached the unit to the south wall of house with one screw. It has a place for two screws.
I have no idea how long it will last, though, it states that it has a 5 year warranty. Only time will tell. I did have three sensor lights on the back sheds, from another company, which used batteries and one light died in a year, even before the batteries died. I like the idea of no batteries, and hope this unit will last.

No need to hire an electrician for an outdoor light or have unsighly plugs! This solar light works for free and hangs in seconds
This emits a surprising amount of light for its size. And it's super easy...No electrician, no wire, no plugs...powered for free by the sun.

it is motion sensored so it comes on when needed and can be installed easily--put a wire through it to put it on a fence, nail it to the house, wrap it around a water long as the solar panel on top is hit by sunlight and it's not in the shade, you are good to go.

It's been thoroughly soaked in rain here with nary an problem and comes on faithfully as needed every time.

Light provided by Mpow

Fantastic Solar Sensor Light! Lots of features to like
I just received my Mpow Solar Powerd Wireless LED Security Motion Sensor Light a few weeks ago and I'm really enjoying it. This light was super easy to install (one drywall screw with provided screw mount) and has virtually no maintenance required since it gets power from the Sun. I like that the LED lights are always dimly on until it senses motion.... then it lights up with Full brightness for a few seconds and returns to dim light mode. I like this design a lot and I mounted mine above my screen door in my backyard. Now I don't have to worry about having the back porch-light on all the time (which wastes electricity). So far this thing works like a charm, and the Full brightness of the LEDS (when it senses motion) is really bright... brighter than I had anticipated. Only the test of time will show how resilient this thing is... but I'm hoping it will last a long time! Below is a quick outline of my Pros and Cons :

-Super Easy to Install - Just one Screw (which is provided)
-Charges during the day and lights up all night (Dim light is always on)
-Full Brightness (when movement is sensed) is very bright
-Dim light is bright enough to be noticed but not too bright to be annoying
-Sensitivity to Motion is good!
-Waterproof and Heatproof (IP64) - It has survived a few heavy rainstorms already which is awesome.

-The internal battery is not replaceable when it no longer holds a charge... according to the company. Bummer

Perfect for any location . works great.
I've bought 3 pc. 3 weeks later I've bought another 4 pc. Its amazing. its really small but produces huge amount of light. Solar powered lights need a lot of direct sunshine during the day, but not this one , it charged very well cloudy day.


Technical data

  • Easy install: No wiring and No tool require, easy to fit.
  • Environmental Friendly: Rechareged by sunlight, over 12 hours lighting time after one day sun charge.
  • Durable Construction: weather-resistant IP64 and heatproof construction.
  • Intelligent Detection: Auto on at night / auto off at sunrise; Dim light when no motion / Bright light activates when sensing motion. Detects motion within 10 feet - 120 degree angle
  • Stand out from other similar products with over 10 processes of strict quality control and 18-month long-time warranty (Please feel free to contact us directly if you missed the default 30-day guarantee from OnlineShopDealer).


Product Description


Perfect for patios, decks, pathways, stairways, driveways, garden, etc. mpow outdoor solar powered motion sensor light requires No wiring and No tools! Just peel off the plastic and stick to any surface! And it will turn on at night, and automatically off in the morning.


Easy to install and easy to maintain.
Waterproof IP64 and heatproof and durable.
Integrated design of PIR motionsensor and ray sensor.
Detects motion within 10 feet - 120 degree angle.
Activates bright light when inside the 3 metre activation zone.
Over 12 Hours lighting time after one day sunlight charging.


Solar Panel:0.44W 17% Efficiency
Li-ion Battery:2.22WH
LED Power:0.8W,6000K to 6500K,80Lumens
Night sensor:

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