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Buy Mpow Super Bright 20 LED Solar Powered Wireless Weatherproof Outdoor Light Motion with 3 Intelligent Modes

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Mpow Super Bright 20 LED Solar Powered Wireless Weatherproof Outdoor Light Motion with 3 Intelligent Modes

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Customer Reviews

Super bright and good quality. Works throughout the night.
Disclaimer: This product was provided to me at a promotional price in exchange for an unbiased product testing and review.
Light and compact. Plenty of light, I meant PLENTY.
I was extremely happy having installed this over the door in the backyard. There are 4 modes (including full OFF) that gives plenty of flexibility as far as usage does. The motions sensor is plenty sensitive and kicks the light on with no issues. I was amazed how much of an area on our patio was lit up.
As long as there is sun in the day time, this works through out the night without issues. Even with cloudy days, the solar panels seems plenty efficient to keep the light going for hours.


  • Three Intelligent Modes: Strong Long Light Mode, Dim Light Sensor Mode, Strong Light Sensor Mode. Choose the perfect mode for yourself!
  • Updated Solar Panel: We have updated the solar panel power, thus getting faster battery charging in less sunshine environment.
  • Brighter LED Lights: Mpow Lights now have 20 big LED lights, which is far more brighter than the previous version.
  • Greater Sensor Ball Head: Compared to other similar lights, the sensor ball head of Mpow Light gets bigger and more powerful so as to have a longer sensor length of 10-26 feet (Note: The sensor length will be affected by the temperature of environment, especially in winter!)
  • Better Waterproof Level: This Mpow LED light now gets two layers and a tightly-sealed loop. It's more wheatherproof.


Brighten Your Way Home! Smarter Sensor Modes mpow Solar Motion Sensor Light now have Three Intelligent Modes for your choice. 1.Strong Long Light Mode: when fade into darkness, the light will keep strong and bright until itself dies. 2.Dim Light Sensor Mode: when in dark night, the light will be dim without people coming near, however become bright if people comes, and the bright light will last 15 seconds until it returns to dim light again. 3.Strong Light Sensor Mode: In night, the light will be strong bright when people comes, then 15 seconds later, the light dies automatically. Brighter Lights Last Longer This Mpow light is now equipped with 8 bigger LED lights, which is far more brighter than other similar LED lights in the market. And what's more, we increase the battery capacity from 600mAh to 800mAh, thus getting some two more hours' duration. Better Sensor Ballhead When received this Mpow Solar LED Light, you will find distinct difference compared to its previous version or similar lights in the market, We update the PIR motion sensor and ray sensor, so it becomes more powerful that it can detect people within 26 feet! Phenomenal Overall Quality To improve the waterproof level, we now add two layers, tightly sealed inner loop to its back case, hence, this Mpow light becomes more durable and weatherproof. And we also update the solar panel, thus getting a high-efficient, frosted, anti-scratch solar panel.

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