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The BEST Bluetooth I Ever Owned
This is the BEST bluetooth I have ever owned.

I had the H710 before this, but my car was broken into and it was stolen. I immediately purchased the newest model of the same Motorola series - this H720 - and am thrilled with it.

First of all, this bluetooth does NOT stick INSIDE your ear. I can't stand the bluetooths that do that. This unit has nothing to stick inside your ear. It is flat and lays flat against your ear. It is also loud and clear so you don't have to worry that you're giving up on sound. As a matter of fact, sometimes it's too loud and you can lower the volume easily. The sound is nice and clear, and there is no lag time - you don't miss the first few seconds of the conversation - it picks up immediately.

The other thing that I really like about this unit is the flip open design for turning it on or off. You flip it open to turn it on, and flip it closed to turn it off. Simple. No guesswork involved. I love the simplicity of it.

This bluetooth has a GREAT battery life, both for talktime and standby.

Another improvement that I really like for this bluetooth over the H710 was that they changed that big round light ring, and replaced it with a small dot light. This way I don't walk around looking like I'm a plugged in robot (as I am WEARING this and the H710 would blink as I walked around!). On the H720 there's a little mini dot light which is enough for me to see if the unit is on or off, and is enough for me to see if it's red (which means that it needs to be recharged). Great design improvement! I can look like a human and not like a blinking android.

And another nice feature is that it sounds a tone when the bluetooth battery is running low and needs to be recharged.

Once you use this bluetooth, you wont want to go back to any of the others on the market. I'm spoiled now and can't imagine ever go back to using the others out there. This one is a keeper!

Motorola Bluetooth Headset H720
I have owned an H700 revision B that was always difficult to pair with my Motorola RIZR phone, and I was never really happy with it overall. It was always flaky and finally died, so I took it apart to see if I could repair it, it's dead. It has a Broadcom Bluetooth chipset. My brother has the same model Revision C that still works and has been a much better unit overall. I bought both units from different vendors about a month apart, about three years ago at holiday time.

When I looked hard at the various new models I could find very few that sit against the ear, which is what I like. I strongly dislike the kind that fit in the ear canal. I decided that I would try Motorola again but I was really looking at other brands. Motorola has done a fantastic job with this new H720. I have owned it for about a month now and I really like it. It pairs very easily, fits well around the ear and the sound quality is much better. Overall I am very pleased with the new H720.

Buyers should take notice that the new H720 wall charger comes in MICRO USB and they may need or want to purchase new car chargers or MICRO/MINI adapters that convert to MINI USB. All my past Motorola gear (except new H720) has the MINI USB plug.

Best bluetooth I've owned. Very comfortable, great reception!
This bluetooth headset stands out from the rest because it's very comfortable! It comes pre-configured for your right ear, but you can change that to your left ear if you prefer. It paired easily with my iPhone, my Blackberry, and even my Play Station 3. The battery life is very good. However, I tend to charge this every night.

The unit lights up with a blue light when it's in pairing mode and a red light when it's out of battery. You can click and hold the top and bottom buttons to mute the phone, and you can also turn up/down the volume that way.

The thing that I like best about this headset is that I can push and hold the call button one time and Siri on my iPhone responds! It makes it very easy to interact with my iPhone without holding the phone.

I highly recommend this bluetooth headset!

Motorola H720
I can not stand having 'in the ear' bluetooth's. This product fits over the ear and provides great sound quality both to the caller and to me from the caller.

Good price and good product
I purchased this product as a replacement for Motorola H715 headset that I accidentally rendered inoperable by washing. This bluetooth is a definitely a step up. I connects very quickly; no more missed calls due to the bluetooth connecting with my phone. Call quality is comparable on both ends to my H715; very good. I never hand any trouble hearing people or being heard.

Great Bluetooth!
I already had the H700 and really liked it, so I decided to try the new H720. I like it better than the H700. It pairs easily and has a good sound quality. Connects faster than the H700, and is one of the best bluetooths I ever tried.

Good voice quality and long battery life
I have been using Motorola H Series bluetooth headsets for over 2 years now. Have purchased new models as they become available and have always been pleased with the headsets. I have used these with my iPhone 3GS, Blackberry Curve, and also use it to make Skype calls from my PC. The call quality is good. Battery lasts for 4-5 hours, never really clocked the battery life. though, but never had to re-charge it in the middle of the day for instance. If you like the over the ear type headsets this is an excellent choice. Another useful feature is the ability for the bluetooth to connect only when the boom mic is open instead of an auto connect.

H720 Blue Tooth
I love this product. I keep two going at all times;one in my car and one at home. I live on the phone and this product is the best I've found. My biggest problem with most Blue-tooth devices, is that they either stick in your ear hole or they are not loud enough or both. This product has a speaker that rests on your ear, but doesn't stick in your ear. Because of that I don't mind letting someone else use my ear piece, because it doesn't get ear wax on it. Second, is the volume, maybe I'm hard of hearing, but this device has a great speaker and is simple to adjust the volume along with it's comfortable feel on your ear. I wear it all the time and I highly recommend it.

Very picky when it comes to bluetooth headsets
Have owned many many many different brands that usually went back in 24hrs or less... Had my last Motorola for almost 3 yrs, got this one in dec 2010, and still love it as much as day one! In fact this one was for someone else because its a great, EASY, CLEAR, long lasting product. Go ahead, take the plunge, buy it now!

Great inexpensive bluetooth headset
I've owned Motorola headsets for years--H860, H700, H710, H715, and now the H720. My best one was the H700, but after 5 years, the battery no longer holds a charge longer than 3 years. I've had problems with the H710 and H715 stop working just after the warranty ends. The H720 seems to be just fine--using it with an Motorola V3XX phone. No one complains about my voice quality, I was driving my old jeep with the top off and answered a call, and all the caller heard was a slight wind noise over my voice. Talk about hands free in an exteme environment!


Technical data

  • Lightweight, on-ear wearing style ensures all-day comfort
  • Noise-reduction and echo-cancellation technologies
  • Compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled phone
  • Long-lasting charge provides up to eight hours of uninterrupted conversation
  • RapidConnect feature lets you handle calls with a simple flip


Product Description

For calls that are clear and comfortable you can depend on the motorola h720 Universal Bluetooth1headset. Featuring quality audio with the popular flip switch design to easily answer and end calls, H720 offers a no-nonsense hands-free experience at an affordable price. H720 is simple to use, with a quick and easy on/off function. Motorola’s proprietary RapidConnect feature serves as a switch that you flip open to take calls and fold in when you are finished. H720 powers off when folded in to help save your battery, so you get the most out of one charge. With noise reduction and echo cancellation technology, your calls will come through clearly. And, with up to eight hours of talk time2 per charge, staying connected couldn’t be easier. Spend more time talking and less time syncing with EasyPair technology that makes syncing with your phone quick and hassle-free.

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