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Motorola Moto G - Universal 4G LTE - Unlocked - 8GB (Black)

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Surprisingly good for the money, fast enough for most all needs
I purchased this for my mom, for a friend, and for a cousin. I have to say I am very impressed with this little device. Just so you know where I'm coming from, my cell phone history starts with my current Nexus 5, Nexus 4, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Nexus, Blaze 4G... and it goes on and on and on. I am a smart phone aficionado, and this little thing impresses me.

The screen has great viewing angles, and looks great in general. I dare say I like the color and viewing angles better than on my Nexus 5. The blacks don't become a light grey at the extreme corner angles. Obviously, my 5" 1080p is more of a pleasure to use than the 4.5" 720p overall, but I had to comment on just how rich and beautiful the Moto G display is. The size means that it has a PPI of about 329. The iPhone 5's retina display, for comparison, sits at 326ppi. The vast majority of people will need no more than what this display has to offer. And, AND... it's wrapped in Gorilla Glass 3. Not that it should really matter that much, I've had Gorilla Glass scratch and seen it shatter so it isn't a super material... but some people will be glad to have it.

The Quad Core 1.2Ghz Snapdragon 400 was fast enough for me. According to some benchmarks I've seen, it supposedly runs about as fast as the Nexus 4. The difference seems to be that this CPU simply sips on the battery. But, I'll get to more on that later. The GPU seemed fast enough for me on the benchmarks I'd run. Not the fastest, but by no means slow. The device doesn't have as much RAM at 1GB as higher end phones which tend to come in at 2GB. However for the average person this will not matter. Android's memory management is pretty good. While a power user might be able to occasionally catch blips associated to the lack of extra ram, the average user will never see it.

For a casual user, the battery life will simply be phenomenal. My own mom, with some light-ish use on mostly 3G network access did 21% battery use over 24 hours, and 55% over 3 days before charging. That's just crazy. Simply bananas. As a disclaimer, I bought 4 phones total and ran into a bug on one of my phones (that others have reported as well on some units) where a full discharge of the battery was not able to be recharged from fully dead without some serious fiddling. I managed to get that phone charging again and decided to try and run the battery down (testing) and I ran into problems. I couldn't tax the battery. I ran benchmarks, 3D intensive simulations, etc... the thing would not give up it's battery. I'm returning the questionable phone, but given that there are bad eggs in any production batch, I'm not docking any stars. I think this phone is worth the 5 stars, regardless of the occassional bad build.

Cons? There's no "advanced" features. There's no LTE (4G) radio on board. There's no NFC sensor for sharing links or doing financial transactions. There's no wireless charging, nor any 802.11ac support for the WiFi. However the average user might not really care about, or need, those things. LTE would've been nice, and most people have been convinced that they need 4G in their lives. However many are reporting real-life 3-4Mb/s transfer rates on their Moto G's... I get 12Mb/s on my DSL. How much speed do you really need to check the weather? I don't see how NFC didn't make the cut, but I guess at the price I can't complain. I'm not wild that the volume rocker is on the same side as the power button, but that's not a big deal.

Pros? This phone feels great in the hand. It has a good weight. I never liked the ultra-light feel of the samsung flagship phones. The phone feels solid despite having a user removable back plate. Oh, and you can replace the back plate with colorful replacements, or flip covers, or what have you.

For most anyone, this will be an absolutely fantastic choice. Don't be afraid, just buy it.

Moto G 4G/LTE version -- you get MORE than what you pay for!
The LTE version of the Moto G is a remarkable phone, and well worth twice its release price (two hundred and twenty). I've owned more than a dozen Android devices (dating back to Eclair) and while the G is our first phone outside the walled garden of Verizon, I have many, many good things to say about it -- it's a shame I can't give it 6 stars! It's important to remember that this phone should be judged, not against the best $500 and $600 phones available, but instead against unlocked mid-range phones in its price range. In that match-up there is nothing that comes even remotely close.

Here's a quick list of Pros and Cons, including a few comparisons to its sexier cousin the Moto X (we also own two of those!):


- excellent screen
- excellent responsiveness -- no lag! (impressive with "only" 1GB of RAM)
- boots quickly
- excellent battery life -- finishes a day of moderate use with more than 50% remaining
- GPS is spot on with a fast lock
- buttons are sturdy
- nice "feel in the hand" (like the Moto X)
- microSD slot! -- many (if not most) apps can be moved to an SD card
- wifi tethering works! -- not sure if this varies by carrier but it's all good with Straight Talk
- activation on Straight Talk (AT&T's network) was a breeze, and we're getting excellent LTE coverage (~20Mbps down) with one minor caveat (*see Cons)
- Gorilla Glass screen much appreciated
- includes the new Motorola Alert app (great for kids)
- came with KitKat 4.4.3 installed, and stays first in line for new updates (no carrier delays!)
- outstanding camera w/flash (doesn't compete with higher-end phones though)
- only version of the G available in white so far


- back "door" tricky to remove (fingernail helps!) to access SIM and SD cards
- no charging plug included (only the phone and a USB cable in the box)
- lacks many of the nice software extras on the Moto X (especially touchless control and active notifications)
- slightly cheaper build quality than the Moto X (somewhat moot with a case)
- *LTE is great in town but unfortunately no cell coverage at home (that's cool, wifi is fine!)
- selection of cases still pretty limited (dumb that the E and X cases won't fit)
- non-removable battery (back door comes off but it's screwed in!!!)

As we've had it barely a week, I'll try and update as needed -- feel free to post questions in the comments area (though note: I *can't* help with technical issues like "will it work in country X?" or "will it work on GSM carrier Y?"). But if you want me to test something out on the model+configuration+carrier we've got and I'll give it a shot!


Superb unlocked budget smartphone. Moto G LTE comparison.
You can read other reviews for details on the Moto G. I will primarily compare the Moto G LTE version with the Moto G (3G) and Moto X in this review.

I own all three of the above phones and I chose the Moto G LTE as my daily phone since it have the best compromises out of the three.

Features the Moto G LTE have that the Moto G 3G version lacks:
-4G LTE of course.
-Gyroscope. For example, if you install the Google Camera app, you can take Photosphere photos. The 3G version do not have this feature.
-MicroSD support. (PS. It will work with 64gb microSD card formatted as FAT32. If your 64gb microSD is formatted as exFAT, you need to reformat it as FAT32.)

Things from the Moto G LTE that I prefer over the Moto X:
-Better grip comfort:
The Moto G is thicker than the Moto X which is a good thing. The back cover is soft and smooth, and due to the thicker sides and rounder edges it is ergonomic and more comfortable to hold.
-Better battery life:
While both have LTE, due to difference in screen technology and lower powered CPU, the Moto G tend to get half an hour to one hour of screen on time more than the Moto X.
-Stays much cooler:
Due to the lower powered CPU and maybe the size, it doesn't get as hot like the Moto X. Even after using the phone in navigation mode for an hour, the phone doesn't get hot enough to become uncomfortable to hold.
-Moto G LTE version have microSD support, Moto X don't. It's true Motorola is coming out with a Moto X with 64gb, but its a bit too late and probably more than most want to spend for a phone that is not top of the line anymore.
-Better screen details:
This will be controversial to some. I actually love the AMOLED screen technology which is used in the Moto X and Samsung phones, due to it's superb 180 degree viewing angle, super deep black, and excellent contrast. However, for a budget phone, the Moto G screen is very acceptable. While the viewing angle for the Moto G's IPS screen isn't very good, it's actually sharper than the Moto X AMOLED screen and have smoother colors (less color banding). It's about same brightness as the Moto X screen.

What I felt missing from Moto G:
No NFC. This is the only thing that bummed me out about this model and I felt it should have been included at its price point. Lacking NFC takes away some cool and useful features. With NFC you could: pay using Google Wallet, easily transfer contacts or files between Android phones using Android Beam, ability it to use "Moto Skip" to unlock your phone, and fast pairing with NFC enabled devices.

Of course there are other cool exclusive Moto X features like Touchless Control, Active Display, and quick camera access. However, the Moto G does have a white LED notification light and you can download third party Active Display alternatives.

Overall: I recommend spending a little more to get the Moto G LTE version over the 3G version. It holds its own against the Moto X, while not as fast and features-filled, it gets better battery life and includes microSD support, while practically retaining the same size and use comfort. It's a very well rounded phone that run stock Android smoothly and very little bloatwares. The build quality is pretty decent. It have nano coating for water resistant, but I definitely recommend getting a tempered glass screen protector. IMO, the build is as good or better than some other plastic flagship devices (*cough* Galaxy). The battery life is adequate to get you through an entire day. Lastly, being a Motorola phone you know that you'll get good signal and call quality.

The weak points of this phone include having an average 5MP camera and not having a highend CPU/GPU package to play heavy graphic games. Those two factors probably aren't vital for the target consumers of this device. You get about 5.5GB of free space for the internal storage out of the box, but just compliment it with a decent sized microSD card. It's the most well rounded budget smartphone I've used to date.

Moto G US GSM 16G
I purchased this phone as a replacement to the Samsung Galaxy S3 I had that died a horrible death; details not needed...! I wasn't willing to put out the $400 for a replacement Galaxy, even though I loved it.

Compared to the GS3, for the price, this phone is a stunning replacement! It's a little heavier, sure, but I'm perfectly fine with that. I have experienced no problems with it whatsoever, having had it in hand since the Dec. 18th. Everything seems to run smoothly, with no hiccups through T-Mobile's service. I have dropped down from 4G speed to 3G, but this is entirely so minor as not to be a complaint whatsoever. I do not experience lags over the network at home which is where use is heaviest.

Phone calls are clear. If you toggle the volume up, prepare for a loud ringer...There is a tiny gap between "soft" and "loud" on this phone. This is also good for me, however, and the alarm apps I have, as I can sleep through most alarms and phone calls. I do not have any problems with loose buttons on my model, either, which I had prepared for.

The back of the phone is less irritating to deal with than the Galaxy's - it's not thin and I don't feel as if it will break when I remove the back of the phone. Once you get the hang of removing the back, which you honestly shouldn't have to do often, it's not that agonizing of an experience, plus the phone comes with instructions on how to remove the back if you are fearful of breaking it.

Cameras are important to me in a phone. With static images I have not noticed any drop in performance over the Galaxy. However, with some movement quality drops, but I am still learning how to use it and generally have an easy time mastering camera phones despite their limitations. I haven't played with it as much as I intend to yet, so I can't really comment on how well the camera will treat me when I've learned it.

The screen is clear, bright, and stunning, and I have no complaints there either. It may be smaller than the Galaxy's, but again, as someone who uses the phone primarily for social media and to communicate for other projects when I am out and about, as well as keep schedules and tasks in order it does not bother me whatsoever to lose .5cm of the screen.

The device does everything I ask it to do without hitch, therefore I granted it a 5-star rating. For the price, it's a great device and I do not see much loss between it versus the SG3, of which mine was always a factory set and not a rooted device.

Righly puts every single cheap Android phone to shame
Ordered a Global GSM version which has been optimized for global roaming 3G. (Clarification Edit: I bought Global GSM as this is a gift for someone in SouthEast Asia)

The phone deserves 5 star.
SCREEN 1280×720 4.5-inch IPS (329 PPI) - Corning's Gorilla Glass 3, Even the new Nexus7 2013 model doesnt has Corning Gorilla Glass 3. This was something which made me surprisingly happy.
OS Android 4.3 - Hopefully upgrades will be available more often, as belongs to Google parent company
CPU 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 (quad-core Cortex A7) - This is what does the magic of increasing battery life, which giving amazing performance
RAM 1GB + Adreno 305 - Enough to play Temple Run 2 without lag.
CAMERA 5MP rear camera - Can be called drawback, but hey its $179 phone
Moto will soon offer nice set of colorful rear shells and covers
FM Radio - Few newer phones like Nexus 5 dont ship with inbuilt FM Radio

No power adaptor, just the USB
1GB RAM might get outdated soon enough
3G might look slow to some who are used to LTE
No NFC, No 5GHz 802.11n
8GB version - I should have ordered the 16GB one

In short its like a low end version of Nexus devices google has been launching, powerful yet cheap.

Moto G Universal LTE using on T-Mobile network
Bought this phone to replace a one year old Galaxy S4 from T-Mobile that quit working. I always buy my phones outright no contract and after my experience with the S4 I was not willing to drop $600 on another flagship phone. I am glad I didn't.

Pros: Fast data 30+ Mbps down, 14+ up
Good call quality
Expandable memory micro SDcard slot. Why every device does not have this IDK.
No bloatware
Great interface, almost vanilla android. Very snappy interface. Much faster than the bloated, laggy S4
Excellent Feel in hand. Nice curved back very natural in hand. Good weight feels very solid. S4 felt like a plastic toy
Android OS very up to date.
Excellent screen very clear, pretty, easy to read (same pixel density as the apple "retina" display)
GPS super fast and accurate locks
Tons of accessories available cases, screen protectors etc. Original Moto G non LTE accessories fit.
Super easy setup and migration of data from old phone sms, call logs etc. using built in app Motorola Migrate
Battery life is descent

Cons: Camera takes descent pictures. I am satisfied with them but if you are serious about your cell photos it may not be enough
4.5 inch Screen size is great side by side with an iphone but moving from the s4 it took a little adjustment.
Non removable battery. To me this is annoying I like consumer serviceable batteries, but really have no need to remove it.

Overall I am glad I bought this phone. I was looking at this phone versus buying a $650 S5. I think for me this is a much better choice. I don't like that all the flagship phones are loaded up with so much bloat and wow gadgets that never get used. All they do is slow the phone down. Non of the cons really bother me either. The phone does what I need it to do, make phone calls, navigate quickly accurately, search the web and find info needed quickly when away from a computer, and has a battery that lasts at least a day.

Should be called the Moto Great. Wonderful phone for the price
I pre-ordered this from Motorola directly and received my phone on 12/3/13. The phone is great for the price. The best phone you can get at this price point (off contract) bar none. I did not experience any issues setting up the phone and using it. I purchased this primarily as a world phone for when I travel overseas. It is perfect for that purpose. Great display, sharp and bright. The processor keeps the phone zipping along quite nicely, I haven't noticed any lag yet. Call quality is very good and WiFi connectivity is also very good. Keep in mind that mine only came with a USB cable for charging and no AC USB power adapter. This was no issue for me since I have plenty from old phones. It is a standard micro USB connector. The picture quality is fair to good but what do you expect for a phone at this price. My only gripe is that the back cover is a bit finicky to remove. Make sure you hold the middle while prying up the BOTTOM of the cover first. If you try to open it from the top (like I did), you will most likely crack the back cover along the tiny strip of plastic around the hole for the headphone jack. I feel like they should have had the back cover go around the headphone jack without the thin strip (so it fits like a U around the jack instead of like an O like it does now). I would definitely recommend this phone for frequent overseas travelers. I'd even recommend the US version for normal use here as well.

The best phone for the money, period.
I'm giving the Moto G 5 stars because I'm comparing it to other $199, off contract smart phones. Not a Nexus, not the Moto X, not the Samsung mini. Any review that can't grasp that this is an intro level phone and it will not have the performance of an Android device of a higher price point is a complete waste.

If you are coming from a feature phone, have kids who need a phone and you don't freak out when they destroy it, or your simply want an off contract back up, there isn't a single phone for the money that will come close to the Moto G.

My only suggestion: There is no reason not to drop the $20 extra from the 16 gb model.

My opinion, and some suggestions for new buyers and t-mobile users.
This phone is absolutely amazing for the price. If it broke today, I would order a new one tomorrow. To anyone who is wondering about coverage with t - mobile ----

It works with a micro sim card ONLY. Do not try to use adapters. A t - mobile micro sim kit can be purchased here -[...] ---- for $10.

You can use any prepaid plans with this phone, even the new activation $30 a month plan. I am currently using this plan.

There is no 4g on this device. I get HSPA+ at about 80 ping, 10mb download and 1-2 mb upload which is plenty good enough for the average user.

Note : You should buy a charger because this phone does not come with a wall adapter. I would recommend the official motorola charger so that your phone will be covered under warranty if there are power problems. It can be purchased on onlineshopdealer for $6 here ----

Also, please note that your phone will probably come in an ENVELOPE not a box. This means that they will probably leave it in your mailbox. The whole package is really tiny, so don't be alarmed.

First phone to make you want to get off contract... no joke
About 6 months ago my spouse smashed the screen to her Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket. She still had another year to upgrade and needed a new phone. I searched high and low for a used phone or another off contract phone. I was having little to no luck. most were either too expensive for what she wanted or so lousy it would be a huge step down in terms of quality an dependability. She had decided to just just get a used phone and take the leap that it wouldn't be in bad shape...that is until the moto G was announced. I was very excited to see it release but disappointed to see it would only be outside of the US at first. Fast froward a few weeks and it was released stateside. Here were a few of the quick selling points for her ( a non smartphone aficionado). This was a X-mas purchase so these are all her points after she had the device:

- HD screen - 720P and great viewing angles for a device at this price point. It's not mind-blowing but at 4.5 inches its a impressive pixel density and very well done. As a side note you might want to up text size as at this pixel density text mighth be smaller than you might be used to coming from a non HD device.
- The size, shape and feel of it - It's about a midrange size. Not very thin but not too thick either, it has a good feel in your hand of some heft and feeling well put together. The buttons feel good and the back is a rubberized material that feels good in the hand.
- Vanilla android - She came from the Samsung Touchwiz overlay on top of android and swore she would never like plain android. The plain android really surprised her with its simple elegant design and lack of ugly over the top icons or colors or just plain clunkiness.
- The Android 4.4.2 update - Basically just turn your phone on you bought from OnlineShopDealer and the the newest update is all ready to download. Simply do like you would an iOS update and let it update over wifi or mobile if you desire. 4.4 is a vast improvement over 4.3 in terms of smooth functioning and new features
- Simple camera interface - You can tap the screen, focus and take a picture and the options are small. Many will like this. if not download one of many different apps.
- It's very snappy - Her words. Basically if she wants to do her usual social networking, reading news, or playing a game...its fast and doesn't make you want to pull your hair out. apps open and close in a snap.

Here are a few things you should know:

1. You just have to update to 4.4.2...its simple, clean, fast, and has many new added features
2. There is no NFC for you people out there who want it for paypass, but that's a small sample size. To make up for that and to share pics and videos, just use superbeam from the playstore. It works perfectly.
3. You can easily migrate your stuff from your old phone by using the Motorola migrate app. It's fast, easy, and complete. (except music but I prefer to do it separately anyway.
4. The camera is very middle of the road but is easy to use and more than great for pictures posted to social networking.
5. FM radio is on here and works great. A feature most carrier phones disable.
6. There is no LTE but H+ is still more than adequate for what 95% of people need.
7. Don't use chrome browser as an indication of the speed of the phone. Firefox and Dolphin are much better and don't lag like Chrome is notorious for.
8. There is no external SD card option but you can use a an OTG USB adapter to load content.
9. Tethering options are all enabled.
10. Miracast options are there as well.

To sum it, its a great phone for a great price and you will be amazed how quickly stock android will grow on you.


Technical data

  • Optimized to work on 4G LTE and supports 3G (UMTS/HSPA+) and 2G networks also.
  • Moto G with 4G LTE has an incredible edge-to-edge 4.5 inch HD display. You?ll get a sharp picture, and then some. With scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass, you can use your phone the way you want to without worrying about it.
  • For extra protection, Moto G has a water-resistant coating protecting your phone inside and out. Now, a little rain won?t stop you from taking a call.
  • The Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 quad-core processor with built-in 4G LTE, lets you multitask with speed and ease.
  • Moto G with 4G LTE is smart when it comes to the battery, so as you go about your day, you wont run out of power. This product ships with a USB charger only (no wall adapter included).


Product Description

Moto G LTE. Exceptional Phone. Exceptional Price.

Moto G is designed for all the things you want to do—taking and sharing photos, watching videos, checking scores, getting directions, listening to music, you name it. Moto G also gives you choices. Different interchangeable backs called Motorola Shells can be switched out to reflect your unique style. Plus, you’ll have access to more than one million apps on Google Play to create your own mobile experience. Every detail is just how you’d like it. And now spend less time waiting, more time enjoying with 4G.

Customize with Motorola Shells Wirelessly transfer stuff from your old phone to your new Motorola phone with Motorola Migrate. Brilliantly Sharp Display

What you’ll notice first about Moto G is the sharp 4.5” HD display. Its edge-to-edge display stretches to all four corners of the phone. Watch, read and browse on a big, brilliant display. You’ll get a sharp picture and then some. Moto G is made to last. With scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass, you can use your phone the way you want to without worrying about it.

Quad Core Speed

You don’t have to hang up to send an email or turn off YouTube when you want to text. Switch between tasks without slowing down. With the Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 quad-core processor with built-in 4G LTE, Moto G multitasks as easily as you do.

Smart Extras

Moto G is smart when it comes to the battery, so as you go about your day, you won’t run out of power. With Moto G, you’ll be running on the Android operating system, with easy access to Google mobile services and more than one million apps and games. And with a guaranteed upgrade, you’ll be enjoying the latest and greatest Android experiences. Touch anywhere to take a shot, capture panoramic pictures or record HD video. And within three taps, quickly share your best photos with friends and family. For getting the shot and staying in touch, Moto G is all the camera you need. We've upgraded the upgrade process. Wirelessly transfer stuff from your old phone to your new Motorola phone with Motorola Migrate. Moto G recognizes when you shouldn’t be bothered, like when you’re sleeping or in a meeting. You can set actions and exceptions so they work exactly how you want them to.

Sharpest 4.5 HD Display. Easy to use with one hand because of how it’s curved.
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LTE bands 2, 4, 5, 17; UMTS: 850/900/1700/1900/2100 GSM: 850/900/1800/1900

Spec Highlights
  • Android 4.4 (KitKat)
  • Qualcomm MSM8926 quad-core A7 1.2GHz (Adreno 305 450MHz GPU)
  • 4.5” 1280 X 720 HD, 329 ppi Display
  • 2070 mAh Battery
  • 1.3MP Front Camera & 5MP (4:3) / 3.8MP (16:9) Rear Camera
  • 8GB standard, microSD card support up to 32GB Memory

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