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Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear Headphone - Black

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Product Reviews

Excellent build quality. Outstanding sound quality!
Wanted a pair of headphones that looks great without sounding like overpriced crappy garbage(beats). These sounds great; well-controlled bass, very detailed mids and a smooth crystal clear treble. They also feel very durable and comfortable(for an on-ear headphone). the only complaint would be its isolation.
Are they a bargain for the price?
Yes! They are a bargain for the price. Highly, Highly recommended.

durable, great sound, gorgeous design
wanted a pair of headphones that were also compatible with my iphone. did my research before getting these and I'm so happy with the purchase. they come with a soft drawstring bag and a soft shell case. soft cloth covering on the ear cups. metal headband. plastic iphone remote. I've traveled three times with them and I usually just wear them around my neck because I never have the extra room in my bag. doesn't bother me but it's just something to be conscious of. got a bit of a pinhead and a thinner build and these still look proportional and great. picked the ivory color because it matches most of my stuff. amazing sound quality. great build quality. great aesthetic. only complaint is that they're pretty tight so you'll need to give your head/ears a break after about an hour. have gotten pretty used to it by now so it's not bothering me too much now.

Comfort, flexibility and of course amazing sound.
These are probably my favorite pair of portable headphones ever. I'll summarize first for people.

-doesn't hurt the crown of my head
-Metal is flexible which can reduce ear pressure if you so wish
-Ear cups breathe and are comfortable
-Hand stitched and amazing quality
-2 year warranty in US when all others only have 1 year.
-Removable and replaceable cables included

-Doesn't provide noise isolation

Review write up

I first got these headphones as a gift. Let me say right off the bat that I would gladly pay full price for them. I'm not an audiophile and for the longest time I believed in the notion that I should never pay more than $50 for headphones. With this in mind I was very skeptical when first trying these out. "There won't be any difference in sound compared to my current headphones" I said. I assumed the price was all just aesthetics. I was pleasantly wrong.

Putting on these headphones at first you need to slide the ear cup itself instead of the band like other headphones. Once you find the right position and angle you're set for takeoff. The sound is AWESOME. I went through and re-listened to all the top songs in my collection. Songs I thought I knew by heart of every beat were richer and more expansive in the amount I could hear. I tossed them at my girlfriend to try out. She too was taken back by how much you can hear with these. Each instrument is clear, vocals aren't underwhelming but not over powering. Bass is clearly there but doesn't drown out the mids or the highs. I listen to a lot of electronic music as well as some rock so I tossed them at my Dad for him to try out some Jazz. He loved them and said the same thing I said which was "you can really hear every instrument in the song".

After using these other headphones make music sound just smashed together. I've used these

-with my Nokia 928
-Desktop PC
-Surface Pro
-Sony STR-DH520 receiver

They sound great on all cases.

These headphones do excel more though with higher quality audio. This means no more "downloading" under 320 bitrate songs. No more listening to youtube under 720P (yes the sound bitrate is effected with the resolution you select). You're doing yourself a favor if you listen to better bitrate audio with these headphones; the capability is there.

Even on Pandora known for its crappy 196 bitrate sounds great.

Something I've noticed people complain about these is that they make your ears tender. On plastic earphones this would be a problem. NOT THESE THOUGH! Just bend the metal band out a small bit at a time and the tension on your ears is fixed! Same goes for people who think they don't have enough tension. Just push them closer together at the base. The metal on this band is super high quality so bending them out a little bit to give the perfect fit didn't worry me at all. Honestly I can't think of any other headphones that can do that for this price and build quality.

Now the Cons

Yes these are on ear headphones. They don't shut out noise like over the hear. Honestly I don't mind. I live in San Francisco and walk to class with these along the busy streets. I just turn them up a little bit louder than if I was at home and i'm still entranced in my music. Over hear headphones make my ears sweat and if i'm in a hurt to get to class or work then that just makes it worse. These have never caused my ears to sweat.

The remote control only works on Apple products. I tried it with my Windows phone, I let my Android friend try it without any luck as well. I don't fully mind, but it since the cable is removeable it would have been nice for Sennheiser to offer different cables based off of the top three Mobile OS these days.

So yeah the cons really aren't the big of a deal compared to the pros. These are great headphones and I've seen Best Buy have them for as low as $139 once but usually they go for $170- $200. Pick them up and you won't be disappointed.

Unreal sound quality. Contemporary retro look.
These are awesome. They look great and sound even better. In a headphone era dominated by hideous BOSE, Apple earbuds (they have their place) and Beats by Dre (ugh.), its nice to find a quality headphone that have good sound and good style.

Really like the ivory/brown color combo, looks like old aviation headphones or radio operator.

Great sound and comfort
Great timeless design, and great sound.

Sound is fairly flat (in a good way). Able to hear lows, mids, and highs without any of them feeling unnaturally pronounced.

Sound isolation is good, as it blocks a bunch of noise but doesn't completely cut you off from outside world (great for street use)

Comfort is amazing, as the cushions are sublime. The band is a bit tight initially and presses the earbuds a bit too hard against the ears, but it eases up a bit with some use and is no longer an issue. I use these with and without glasses, and it is always comfortable.

minor issues are that they do not fold up so they are the same size in storage as they are in use. And while the cables are removable, the end that goes into the headphones has a unique locking function so replacement cables will likely have to be gotten from sennheiser.

Fun headphone, good blend of audiophile and consumer appeal
My other go to on ears are Audio Technica ESW 9s. Not sure these will supplant those, but the sound signature of these will definitely appeal more for more upfront, fun music. Low end is a little much for my tastes, but it is easily adjusted with an amp when necessary.

FWIW I have a pretty big head and find no comfort issues with these. These are a good blend of Sennheiser quality and curb appeal to those new to higher end headphones. Certainly better than pretty much any Beats model, and a good "stylish" alternative to the P3/P5.

Awesome Headphone
Awesome Headphones i love them! I wasn't sure they would be as good as what i had read about the full size momentum.. Fast Shipping and great product!

I'm very, very pleased with these headphones!!
Simply put, these are the best headphones I have ever owned; an audiophiles dream. Aside from the price and lack of noise cancellation (to be expected given they are not specifically for noise cancellation) there is virtually nothing negative about this product. The overall design, comfort and sound quality is superlative! Sennheiser, what a Beautiful product!!!

Excellent Headphoens
As an ex- musician I have been through many, many various "cans" through the years, but really love everything about these.
Pretty much never put them down.
Highly recommended.

Execellent sound, very comfortable
These headphones are very comfortable and sound great. I may never use my in-ears again unless I need to travel really light. I do wish the cord was longer because an extension cord only works with the plain cord and not the one with the volume control. These will not replace your top of the line headphones, but when you need portability these would be hard to beat at this price point.


Technical data

  • Compact closed back, on-ear design isolates ambient noise to maximize musical enjoyment.
  • Headband and layered foam ear pads are covered with supersoft, breathable and durable Alcantara providing comfort and a perfect fit.
  • 18-ohm operating impedance produces outstanding bass response, dynamics and overall output level with portable audio devices
  • One of the two included connection cables features a metal in-line three button control and microphone supporting Apple devices like iPod, iPad and iPhone.
  • 2 year global warranty


Product Description

MOMENTUM On-Ear. Stunning sound and sensational style. Beautiful and compact, the MOMENTUM On-Ear embodies the style and substance of Sennheiser's critically acclaimed MOMENTUM headphones in a smaller, lighter, refreshingly fashionable approach. Designed specifically for use with phones, tablets and laptops, MOMENTUM On-Ear is the perfect choice for on the go music enthusiasts seeking superb sound quality. MOMENTUM On-Ear employs precision 18-ohm transducers using powerful neodymium magnets. They deliver exceptional detail, superb dynamics and solid bass response. The smooth frequency response has a slightly elevated emphasis in the bass, delivering a full bodied, warm sound. The ear cushions and stainless steel headband are covered in luxurious Alcantara, for exceptional wearing comfort for long listening sessions. MOMENTUM On-Ear is available in a range of fresh pastel and traditional colors carefully selected by an international team of fashion designers. MOMENTUM On-Ear will complement your sense of style while making a statement about your passion for sound quality.

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