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Minisuit Selfie Stick with Bluetooth Remote Shutter for Apple & Android Phones

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Portable yet Durable!
With the advent of selfies, there is now a plethora of selfie taking devices in the market. Some of my friends have bought a go-pro with the elongated stick. But why spend $400 extra, when you can spend $15 and achieve the same result? Minisuit's products are always simple and self-explanatory. Anything that isn't self explanatory is explained with diagrams and succinct sentences on a little booklet that comes in the package.

I have a Note 3 (a very big and heavy-ish phone) so I was afraid that the stick wouldn't be able to hold onto it. Can you imagine trying to take a selfie during a hike and having your phone fall on some rock and break?! That was not going to happen to me. I did some tests in my apartment and flung the stick around to see how well it'll hold my huge phone. IT DID NOT BUDGE!

There's also a wheel you can turn so that you can angle your phone whichever way you please. The stick itself can be minimized to fit in your purse/backpack, so you can take pictures wherever you please ;) But even when you elongate the stick, its strength does not falter.

The coolest part about this is definitely the remote control. This is where the little booklet comes in handy. The remote control only works with the original camera app or the Camera 360 app. It doesn't lag and it also comes with an extra battery! The only qualm about this is that I had to switch to my original Samsung keyboard when pairing with my remote. Not sure why, but it was easy to switch back.

Either way, I trust this stick in handling my huge phone and am so happy that I don't have to bother random strangers to take group pictures anymore! #independentwoman

Just got this product in the mail and let me just tell you: AMAZING AND TINY!

I'm def not tech saavy so the instructions were very clear and I didn't need my boyfriend to help set me up. Best thing about this is that they give you an extra battery for the shutter key ring thing! The rubber grip for the phone was legit: i moved the stick around a couple of times (around a rug!) to see if my iPhone would fly off; it didn't. Its very lightweight and compact so I can put it in my clutch and take it to a club or a small event but extends long enough where I can capture a large environment. Pretty happy with this and the price was so worth it! Thanks Minisuit for another great product I bought from you guys!

Best Selfie stick + bluetooth remote I've ever used!
Excellent selfie stick, the construction is solid and it holds my Samsung Galaxy S4 with the extended life battery in place no problem! Even with the additional weight/form factor it sat securely in the grip and I was able to walk around all day and even hike with it. The bluetooth remote worked flawlessly, the instructions were simple and straight to the point. Plus the remote came with 2 batteries which is awesome because I'm sure I'll be using this all the time. The package came fast and secure, the actual product is lightweight but built very strong and extends far maybe about 3ft or more.

For the price and quality along with the bluetooth remote to take pictures + extra battery this is hands down the best selfie stick combo I have come across yet. Highly recommended for everyone in the market for something like this. Cheers!

Impressed by it
I received this product on time and was very impressed by the quality for the price. I'm glad I shopped around and found this one cause It turned out to be a good investment. Its very simple don't need no instructions everything is pretty self explanatory and it extends about 39 inches which is pretty good. The bluetooth is simple and comes with an extra battery. Overall I'm happy with it and recommend it.

I have to say this is a great product, and really fun to use
I have to say this is a great product, and really fun to use. I bought it for my iPhone but mostly use it with my GoPro for selfie videos . The extension goes up to 3 feet and mounting a GoPro camera doing a video selfie is fantastic! All mechanisms on the stick is tight and does not feel loose and wobbly. For the price, it's a must have! Thanks Minisuit

The remote was easy to set up and it's good so far
I received it today and tried it out right away. The remote was easy to set up and it's good so far. I will take this out next time I hang out with friends. I would total recommend this :) you won't regret

What a stick
I seriously never considered getting one of these things when they started popping around, but when even parents started using one, I thought I'd give it a try. And let me tell you I do not regret it one bit!

Received it really quickly and started using it the same day. It fits both my iPhone 5 and my girlfriend's Nexus 5 so don't worry about compatibility. The bluetooth remote works flawlessly. As far as the build of the stick itself, it has been holding surprisingly well despite dropping it a couple times whenhiking (without the phone attached, thankfully) and it shows no signs of breaking anytime soon.

... item just in time for my euro-asia trip just like MiniSuit promised
I received this item just in time for my euro-asia trip just like MiniSuit promised. It was one of the most convenient and useful items I brought with me. Everyone who saw me using it asked where I got it because they saw how easy and lightweight it was to use. I definitely recommend it to anyone who loves taking as many selfies as I do. The price and product is unbeatable!

The Minisuit selfie stick is great for your phones or gopros
The Minisuit selfie stick is great for your phones or gopros. It comes with a remote and app access to function with your smartphones. Its very durable and collapses down to a very compact carrying size. It'll be a great addition to bring along for your adventures.

Photo Stick I can't live without
Best camera gadget ever. So much fun to now be in all the photos instead of behind the lens. Easy to use and small enough to carry every place I travel to. Works GREAT on camera and phone


Technical data

  • Minisuit SELFIE STICK with Remote Shutter is perfect for parties, a day out on holiday, large family gatherings, because now the photo can feature the most important person in the world: YOU! Amaze family, friends, and foes alike with your new toy!
  • Adjustable width of cradle 2.0 - 3.5 inches [50 - 89 mm] can fit Apple iPhone 6 4.7" (not Plus), 5 4 3, Samsung Galaxy S5 S4 S3 S2, OnlineShopDealer Fire Phone, HTC One M8, LG G2 G3 G Flex, Motorola Moto E G X, Nexus 5, Nokia Lumia, Sony Xperia, and more!
  • Universal fit for all handheld devices with standard tripod mount [1.4 inch screw]; the must-have for camera devices such as GoPro!
  • An extremely lightweight 0.4 pound [5 ounces], monopod extends up to 3.5 feet [235-1005 mm], cradle width expands 3.5 inches [89 mm]. Adjustable ball-head-and-thumb screw locks for multiple angles with 180 degree position.
  • Bundle Package includes: 1 Bluetooth remote for systems over iOS 6.0 or Android 4.2.2, 1 battery, 1 telescopic monopod, 1 cradle, 1 easy installation manual, 1 handstrap lanyard.


Product Description

minisuit beats the rest with the new Selfie Stick! This telescoping pole works with cell phones and cameras, allowing you to capture photos of everyone in the selfie shot! Super lightweight, fits in most backpacks, easy to attach and to use throughout the day, you will wonder why you did not get a selfie stick sooner! Amaze family, friends, and foes alike with your new toy. Perfect gift item! [Note: to switch phones such as Android to iPhone and vice versa, simply press and hold button down for 10 seconds for system switch.]

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