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Minecraft Core Creeper Action Figure with Accessory

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Sturdy, solid toys your kids will LOVE!
I had my doubts, but hoped for the best and ordered all 4 of the different Minecraft Core Action Figures. They're awesome, just the right size and very strong, sturdy figures. Soooooooo cool looking, it's about time these were made. So many kids love Minecraft and having these toys is too awesome. VERY IMPORTANT: The back of the package shows the other figures available (Enderman, Zombie, and Steve) - so if you're thinking of this as a gift, the kid will see the back of the package and want all of them. Go ahead and get them. They make such a nice set and are fun to play with together!

A bit small but still a good product
A few random observations

* Somehow when I saw the photos I imagined these as being rather bigger

* The minecraft-loving recipient of this Christmas gift laughed aloud and was very happy with it

* Articulation is stiff and one-directional which exactly matches the articulation of the characters in the game

* Colors are bright, vibrant and not likely to fade.

* Toy is really more intended for display than playing with and does seem to stand up reasonably well

Great Christmas present for my grandson
This is Christmas present for one my grandsons. I am sure he will be so excited about this. I am so very pleased how quickly it was shipped to me! I gladly order more from you.
Thank you,

I bought this for my sons (age 9 &10) for Christmas...They know nothing of it yet, but I love it already!! Thanks.

Creeper Action Figure
I'm very pleased with the packaging and the product. The plastic creeper has good detail and moveable legs. The TNT and coal were nice accessories.This would make an excellent cake topper for any Minecraft fan.

I love this little guy. It is a perfect representation of the computer creeper. I have a little boy who pretends with them all the time.

5 stars if you ask my son
This Creeper action figure is a hit with my son but it is small and kind of pricey for the size... but it made my little guy happy so I guess it was worth it.

Great geek quality, questionable product quality.
This is a great product if you want something that looks ultra - Minecraft kitsch, but it isn't really made to stand up to prolonged 'use'. The joints are stiff and the plastic is a little on the brittle side by the feel of it. I'd not let your minecraft-fascinated kids play too much with these. Other than that, I love this guy. He's guarding my desk at work.

Minecraft Action Figure
Purchased this for my nephews birthday along with 2 other minecraft toy sets to go along with his Minecraft themed party. They were a hit. He loves the game and having these toys to play with in real life was a plus! Now he doesn't spend all his time on his staring at his iPad.

All three sets are made well. They definitely don't feel cheap, even if the price is affordable. If you've got a little one in your life who loves the game as much as my nephew, I highly recommend these toys.

Gotta have it
If you do plan to order these, you're going to want them all. They are well constructed, have great articulation, are impossible to break, and they are fun!

The creeper in particular is a great set. He comes with a TNT block and gunpowder. However, the gunpowder does not look like it does in the picture. In fact, it looks much more like the one in game.

Overall five stars!


Technical data

  • Overworld Creeper
  • Collect all Series #1 Minecraft action figures
  • Gun Powder Accessory


Product Description

From the hit video game, Minecraft, bring home the Creeper action figure pack! Collect all Series #1 Minecraft action figures!

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