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Minecraft Core Player Survival Pack Action Figure

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Worth the extra money
We bought several minecraft figures for this set. This is by far the best. The chest opens and closes and the pick axe fits inside. Great addition to the set.

Great product!!
Bigger than I expected....can't wait for my kid to open.....thought they would be more like lego size but glad they are bigger!! Easier to keep up with!!! My kid is minecraft crazy he is going to love it!!!

Bring on the Minecraft!
Perfect little plastic toys for my Minecraft loving boys. These are great. Sturdier then I would have thought. They characters have moving arms, legs, and heads. This one completed the set that my boys already had. Best thing is the chest opens so they can keep all the little pieces from the other sets inside of it! Would absolutely recommend this for any Minecraft loving kid (or adult!) :)

Love it
My son loves it!!! Got it super quick. Great detail & quality. Great price & very durable,got all the figures

Just Awesome!!
I bought this for my son and he just loves it. He is obsessed with minecraft and had to have the whole collection

Brilliant little set for the hardcore Minecrafter
Some random thoughts

* Somehow when I saw the photos I imagined these as being rather bigger

* The minecraft-loving recipient of this Christmas gift also loved this item

* Toy is stiff and one-directional because articulation of the characters in the game is stiff and one-directional

* Similarly, printing is blocky and low-quality because the game is blocky and low-quality

* Toy is really more intended for display than playing with and does seem to stand up reasonably well

Perfect for the younger minecraft fan in your family
I purchased this as a gift, and they loved it! The quality is fantastic on the figure, the plastic is somewhat thin on the chest, but I expected that. The pickaxe and sword are somewhat hard to get the figure to hold at first, but once they get worked in a little, it's perfect.

Kids loved it!!!
My kids have been watching the you tube video for mine craft for weeks, and they fell in love with the toy.

Minecraft Core Player Survival Pack Action Figure
The shipment came in reasonably on time and packed well. My son enjoyed it and was exactly as pictured on site.

(Comment from my son:)
I love it because I get to put Steve on the bed when I go to bed. The condition and the size of the pieces are great!

I like that I get to take the pieces apart if I need to. I sometimes need to twist them but it's great condition.
I enjoy playing with them.

Got it as a X-Mas gift for my daughter and she absolutely loves it. Her friends were asking me where did I get it. 😊


Technical data

  • Steve & Workbench
  • Pick Axe & Sword
  • Bed & Chest


Product Description

Minecraft Core Player Survival Pack action Figure

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