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Midland AVPH3 Transparent Security Headsets with PTT/VOX - Pair

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VERY comfortable!!!
I have tried other kinds of these things and there was always 2 problems. 1 they hurt after a long shift. 2 they made it hard to hear it was as if you had an ear plug in one ear. These worked MUCH better both ways. Because of the acoustic tube you can still hear with the ear that has the piece in it. I found out right away that even after a 12 hour shift my ear was not sore from wearing this. If you want to use a two way with an ear piece this is the only way to go.

Amazing Product
I bought these along with Midland radios to use in the 2 bars that I run so all of my bartenders, door guys and bouncers are always in contact with each other. It gets really loud on weekends when the bars are packed and all of my staff can always hear each other perfectly. We have tried dozens of different radios/headsets in the past, and we could never find headsets that allowed us to hear each other.

Great product, I would recommend to anyone looking for good quality headsets to use with their 2 way radios.

PERFECT option for loud events!
I purchased two sets of these for a very large event. We were not part of security but part of the music program. Four of us had to seat over 400 people in a choir and orchestra in a venue we had never rented before. The headsets were invaluable! There is no way we could have communicated with out them! Over the two day period the ear pieces were comfortable and the microphones picked up every word accurately. Look forward to the next event to use them again.

(the 15 yearold kid who bought these)
I had gotten some Midland LXT110's recently (mainly for airsoft, paintball, fishing, and what not), and these headsets. I had tried my friends headsets before, and they're good quality, but it hurts my ear after a while, (why I use headsets when I'm fishing (ice fishing mainly), I don't like when other people hear my conversations), I tried these, and oh my god, these are perfect. The sound quality is amazing, like a perfect diamond, comfortable like a broken-in, leather recliner. So easy to use (2year old could probably figure it out). At first when you put it in your ear, it'll feel weird, but it's comfortable after about 10mins (for me) (it's just a tad uncomfortable at first, and you can still hear outta that ear quite easily for it being like an ear plug). Some people may be wondering why I got these for airsoft as well. Simply put, I HATE it when my position is given away because someone used the radio, and the wrong time (for me). With headsets, I can hear my teammates, hear movement around me, and more importantly, hear my enemies radio call end sound. The weird thing about these in my opinion, is the placement of the PTT button, but I'll get used to it soon enough. A plus side of these being clear, perfect sound quality (as if the person was right next to you), you sometimes forget that your wearing it, and, sometimes, people don't even realize you've got a headset in use. The mic is actually so clear, that I put it up to my small boombox, held the PTT button on it, and my friend could hear EVERYTHING on the other headset.


Sometimes you forget your wearing it and say something out loud forgetting to push the button (if you don't have the VOX setting available on your radio).

5 - 5 stars on this FINE product. I would be a dick and say to "BUY IT, IT'S AWESOME" and sound like a 5 year old, but what I'll say, is:
I highly recommend this product to anyone who has a 2pin Midland radio.

Secret Agent Man!!!
We use these with our Midland radios for the security team we have at our business. The security team are never more than 200ft away from each other and through three floors of building. They are well constructed, lightweight and unobtrusive. The team loves them over the old ones we had where they looked like Britney Spears in a concert (boom mic, etc). Now they can be like Secret Service and can watch our patrons in a bit of cognito. They are well worth the money and we plan to buy more for the other radios.

Essential accessory for hunting
Paired with the Midland GXT1050VP4 radios these are essential accessories for hunting. Four of us used these on a hunt in the mountains and surrounding range over the past two weeks. Working the rangelands as a team, we were able to coordinate our movements and direct each other while maintaining the stealth required. While we did not use the headsets in the VOX mode, the PTT function worked flawlessly.

The earbuds are comfortable and it is easy to forget you have it in. More than once we came back to camp to find that we were still wearing them long after we had switched the radios off.

Sound quality was excellent enabling whispered speach to be heard clearly even in strong gusty wind. The mike was easy to reach clipped to a collared shirt and the sturdy metal clip never slipped.

I found that the rig was easiest to wear with a button down collared shirt or jacket. Routing the wires around the back of the neck and around the collar buttons kept things in order and out of the way.

All in all an excellent product and an absolute necessity for hunting or any activity where you want stealth along with excellent sound quality and easy operation. Well worth the money.

As a wedding consultant/coordinator, I knew I needed to be able to communicate with my staff to make the event run smoother and in case of emergencies no matter where we were doing the ceremony/reception. After looking at many similar products I decided to take a chance on Midland and the surveillance earplugs. I must say they are great! My friend has a similar product, but hers do not measure to the radius and clarity of mines nor do her earplugs measure. Great investment!

Discrete listening
These versatile ear-pieces have been great for listening to mono, non-music podcasts. The unit as a cool secret service look, but is still less obvious than most cell and stereo headphone gear. I wear it for exersize, driving, just about anywhere I want to enjoy confortable non-stereo sound.

I say non-stereo, but the sound quality is excellent, providing lots of good quality signal.

Great headset!
The Midland avph3 are awesome headsets, especially for the price. They look and feel great and the audio is also on par. They're not great for loud environments, the throat mics work much better for that. These work on a lot walkie talkies you will find at major retailers (which use the S2 style 2-pin jack), but they don't work on a lot of HT (handy talky) HAM radios such as Kenwood, Baofeng, Wouxun, etc, this these use the Kenwood K1 style 2-pin jack. The size and spacing is different between the S2 / K1 mic/phone plugs so that they're not compatible between radios. In short order, Midland headsets don't work with Kenwood radios and visa-versa. Take a look at the picture I uploaded in the item photos to get a better idea of what I'm talking about.

These things are cool!
Bought these for two purposes...communication while off-roading in the desert, and for 'covert' communication in quiet situations like weddings and events. The headsets work perfectly for both, with no discomfort in either situation. Sound quality is perfect, even with loud engine noises in the background. Earpiece fits snugly without issue, and microphone can be located comfortably anywhere in the chest-area.

One TINY thing...It'd be cool if the mic cord was a little longer so you would run it down your sleeve and have it sitting on your wrist (like the secret service does).

Highly recommend these things...takes a quality product and makes it even more convenient.


Technical data

  • A transparent ear microphone with a behind-the-ear design
  • Fits directly into the ear; ideal for security business
  • Includes push-to-talk and vox options
  • Works with All Midland GMRS/FRS Radios
  • Dual Pin Connectors


Product Description

midland Transparent Security Headsets for use with all Midland GMRS, Pair Packed

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