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Samsung Electronics 32GB EVO SDHC Upto 48MB/s Class 10 Memory Card (MB-SP32D/AM)

Customer Reviews

Product Reviews

It said waterproof, so I tested it out! Awesome memory card
I am constantly struggling with memory cards. They get corrupted, transferring hundreds of pictures (more like a couple of thousand) takes forever and they are easy to break. I was very excited to try out this memory card.

It's fast. So very fast. I noticed no lag ans transferring files was a snap. It feels very sturdy and durable. Great for all those outdoor activities. The card claimed that it was water proof so I poured water over it and let it dry and it still works without issues.

Actual speed test results and what they mean for cameras and other devices
To answer a frequent question, this card will work in your camera or other device if it accepts SDHC cards (not the same as microSDHC). Just google the model name of your device with "sdhc" to check. Make sure you get a size your device can use.

This is a review of the 32-GB card. Speeds are often different for different sizes of the same card. There are numerous speeds that matter for an SD card. I'll cover how various speeds of this card stack up for use in cameras and other devices too.

Digital cameras: photos

For digital cameras, still or video, the card speed that matters most for shooting is the *sequential write* speed, which is how fast your images can be transferred from the camera to the card. It's usually *not* the first figure cards give for speed, and Samsung doesn't give any specific figure for it for this card.

This card actually tests at from 15 to over 35 MB/s (megabytes per second) for sequential writes. (See below on where I get these numbers.)

That's a lot faster than the 10 MB/s this card's Class 10 and UHS Class 1 speed ratings require, which may be what Samsung means when they say it writes "twice as fast as conventional SD cards." It isn't fast enough to write "up to 360 photos (8 MB) per minute," as Samsung also claims, though. (That would require a 48 MB/s *write* speed, which Samsung doesn't claim for this card.)

Your camera manual, or online camera info, should say what speed you need, probably in terms of a speed class (see more on speed classes below). In theory you can figure out how fast your card needs to be for maximum shooting speed by multiplying how many shots per second your camera can take by the file size (in MB, not MP) of the photos. For example, if your camera can shoot 2.5 8-MB photos per second, you need a card that will write 2.5 x 8 = 20 MB/s to keep up. In practice, the speed that cards write in tests and the speeds they write for a given camera can be very different, so this can only be a rough guide. (In my own camera, a Nikon V1, doubling the tested write speed of the card doesn't even come close to doubling how fast the camera can shoot after the buffer fills.)

There are other cards at similar prices that write up to twice as fast as this one, but there's usually some trade-off. For example the Transcend 32 GB High Speed Card is currently the same price and about twice as fast, but it isn't as rugged (and it lags this one in random-access transfer speeds, important for those who might use the card in something other than a camera--see below).

Digital cameras: video

With a sequential write speed that tests from 15 to over 35 MB/s, this card is plenty fast for anything short of 4K video. It's fine for 1080p HD. (For 4K video you need a consistent 30 MB/s sequential write speed, offered by some Class 10 and all UHS Class 3 cards. Currently, few consumer-level cameras shoot 4K video.)

Transferring photos/video to a computer

The speed that matters when you transfer photos or video from this card to your computer is the *sequential read* speed, usually the first (or only) number cards give for speed. This card claims "up to" 48 MB/s. It tests close to that, mostly in the mid-40s, which for the 32-GB size means it will take about 12 minutes to transfer a full card.

As with the sequential write speed, there are cards with faster read speeds that will transfer photos to your computer faster, some twice as fast or more for a similar price, but usually with a trade-off.

Other devices

For most devices other than cameras, including tablets, the *random-access* read and write speeds are crucial. Most cards that state speeds are giving sequential figures only, and some of the fastest cards for sequential transfers do poorly for random transfers, so if you compare card speeds for use in a computer or mobile device, be sure to include random speeds in your comparison. Random reads and writes are measured for blocks of data of different sizes; only results from the same-size blocks should be compared to each other.

For *random reads* with *512-KB* blocks of data this card is just a little slower than for sequential reads, low 40s MB/s. That's a good speed, though nowhere near the fastest. For *random writes* with *512-KB* blocks this card tests at 23-35 MB/s, a very respectable range, faster than some otherwise very fast cards. For example, the SanDisk Extreme Pro 32GB 95MB/s card, one of the best available for sequential transfers, tests at only 5-9 MB/s for random 512 KB writes.

Small-block read and write speeds are more a measure of how fast a card accesses a location in memory, so they're sometimes expressed in terms of input/output operations per second, IOPS. For *random reads* with *4-KB* (small) blocks, this card tests at 4.6-4.7 MB/s, over 1,100 IOPS, which seems slow compared to the other speeds but is actually quite good. For *random writes* with *4-KB* blocks, this card tests between 1 and 1.7 MB/s, 265-410 IOPS, still pretty good for what's usually the slowest spec for a card, about the same as for the SanDisk Extreme Pro.

There are better cards for random-access transfers, but like the faster cards for sequential reads, there's usually a trade-off, often price. For example, the all-around excellent SanDisk Extreme Plus 32GB card has faster speeds than this card in every category, including the random 4-KB read and write speeds, which are roughly twice as fast (7.4-10.4 and 2.2-3.7 MB/s), but it's currently 75% more expensive. For comparably-priced cards that also have good sequential speeds, this Samsung card is among the best for random read and write performance.

Notes on speed ratings and speed tests

There are two speed class rating systems for sequential writes. The older speed class ratings are symbolized by a C with a number inside, Class 4, Class 6, etc, with the numbers representing the minimum MB/s. Class 10 cards, the fastest under the old speed class ratings, write at a minimum of 10 MB/s. UHS or Ultra High Speed ratings refer primarily to a different speed (bus speed), but for sequential write speeds UHS ratings start where the old speed class ratings leave off: UHS Speed Class 1, symbolized by a U with a 1 in it, writes at 10 MB/s or faster and UHS Class 3 writes at 30 MB/s or faster. (UHS ratings use Roman numerals for bus-speed classes, currently I or II, and Arabic numerals for write-speed classes, currently 1 or 3.)

The test results I give here are from various professional and amateur tests, using several programs for sequential speeds, and mainly CrystalDiskMark for random speeds. You can find such test results in professional reviews and posted online by actual users. For OnlineShopDealer, there are sometimes screen shots of test results posted in the customer image section of the card's product page, located near the top right of the customer review section. (You have to be sure the results are from the same size card, as reviews of different sizes are often given together.)

In sum

This is a high-quality, well rounded card that should perform well in most cameras and other devices. Not the fastest, but more than fast enough for most uses, with a good reputation for durability, a good deal for the price.

Excellent performance
I have used many different brands of SD memory cards for my photos shooting and as storage medias for my Android devices. The Samsung EVO Class 10 memory card works very well with my Samsung NX camera for both photo shooting and video recording. The camera registered about 2350 available pictures with the 20 Megapixel resolution and about 21 minutes of recording time. The video recording is very smooth as well. Uploading of the pictures and video to my PC is also pretty fast as compared to other SD memory cards.

I also ran some speed tests comparison with the Sony and Sandisk class 10 SD cards. While the read speed is about the same (at around 38 MB/s among all devices), the Samsung EVO excels in its write speed (19 MB /s on EVO vs 15 MB/s on others). The faster write speed is particularly advantageous for video recording and rapid photo shoots.

This product is an excellent choice with its reasonable price.

A durable and fast SD memory card
This Samsung 16GB SDHC Class 10 memory card is more rugged than any of the devices I'll ever put it in. I've used this in my Samsung camcorder and it's worked well. Class 10 cards are recommended for most video purposes and helps to ensure that data can be written (and read) at a fast enough rate to avoid bottlenecks and ensure best performance.

Up to now, I'd never heard of a "Water proof, Temperature Proof, X-Ray proof, Magnetic proof" SD card. This thing will outlive my camcorder since my camcorder is none of those things. I guess its comforting to know that if I drop my camcorder into a lake while recording something, that at least the memory card will survive.

I can't say that I've exposed this to x-rays or strong magnetic fields, but if the claim is made that this will not be affected, then I must take that as fact. I don't have personal experience with that however.

It seems to be a good choice if you're looking for a rugged SD memory card for your devices that will be in more harsh environments, or maybe just for the peace of mind that this is one rugged memory card.

The Memory Card as Commodity
I used to be very conscious of brand names when I bought technology. For example, many years ago, I wouldn't be caught dead with anything but genuine Nikon camera bodies, lenses, motor drives, flash units, whatever. I never considered buying "off-brands." Today, though, with few exceptions, I think the electronics playing field is almost perfectly level, and I usually don't even think about brand names in my purchasing decisions.

This Samsung Evo 32GB Class 10 SDHC UHS-1 memory card is a case in point. I typically use SanDisk memory cards in my digital cameras and video recorders, not out of brand loyalty but simply because they're the most widely available in my area, if not often the cheapest. But if I can get another brand, such as Sony, at a lower price for the same performance, I don't hesitate to buy it. Now Samsung is a third player in the game.

The memory card comes blister-packed in a thin but sturdy cardboard sleeve. The packaging is exceptionally secure, but it quickly succumbed to deftly wielded scissors. I popped it into the memory card slot of my Sony HDR-CX230 digital video camcorder. The camcorder recognized it within a few seconds and I was good to go. I formatted it, even though that wasn't necessary, and recorded some test video. It worked just as it should. According to blurb on the package, the card is waterproof, shockproof, magnet proof, temperature proof and X-ray proof, but I didn't test those attributes. I'll take Samsung's word for it rather than dunk, freeze, bake, magnetize or X-ray it!

As I said in the title of this review, memory cards are a commodity these days. I think buyers can expect all brands to perform about the same, so, at least for me, price is my main discriminant in deciding which one to purchase. But I do especially like one thing about this Samsung card that makes me prefer it slightly to other cards on the market, and that is that it's white rather than the more-common black. Thus I think it would be easier to find if one happens to drop it in a poorly lit area, as I did once with a black card at an airport gate.

I'm very pleased with the Samsung Evo 32GB Class 10 SDHC UHS-1 memory card, and I recommend it highly.

Samsung 16GB 48MB/s Class 10
First I need to mention that the physical build of this SD card is of durable quality, better than others that I have used(Kingston for example). Now normally I use a Class 4 or 6 SD card for my HD camera and camcorder, and this Samsung Class 10 memory card blows those away. There's a noticeable lag after I take a photo with the previous memory cards whereas with this one it takes only a split-second and then the camera is ready for the next shot.

Also transferring files to the computer is a lot faster, in my case it's about 3x faster than when I am using the smaller class memory cards. This card will come in handy when I need to transfer larger video files to my laptop, which will make the job a lot quicker. It's a bit pricey but you get good performance and it will come in handy when you need that split second shot.

Great for Outdoorsmen
I use a waterproof, active sports camera. It’s good to know this EVO card is water proof, shock resistant, extreme temperature tolerant, as well as magnet and X-ray resistant. So, if dropped, crashed, left in a baking car, dropped into water, stepped on, magnetized, I feel good that at least the photos can be restored.

As for speed, this card worked fine in my outdoorsman’s camera, but so did the prior Kingston card. Several online pro testing organizations’ reviewed EVO as faster than comparably priced SD cards. So, if your high end SLR or videocam is running into speed problems, this is a good choice presently (until its competitors speed up).

Compared to other SD cards as of June, 2014, the EVO is perhaps a couple of dollars more. But given its durability and speed, this is worth it for me.

Works Well for Camcorder
I needed a larger SD card for my Canon M30, so I ordered this one to see how it works. I find it to be as fast as other class 10 cards, and about average for downloading the files.

I prefer using the SD card for my Canon because it is faster to remove the card than to connect the camcorder to the computer via USB. I wasn't sure that this one would work (I'd not used more than 16 Gb before), but it works fine in my device. The recording went well, and there were no errors; I didn't notice any difference between this and my other Class 10 flash drives. I put the disc into an adapter and transferred the files to my computer, again without errors. Transfer back to computer is going to be dependent upon the speed of the port and adapter being used. I didn't notice it being any faster than my other class 10 cards, but I suspect it is the adapter, which is rated as USB 2.0, but always transfers at 20 Mb/sec. So while I did not see the advertised read speeds, I am not detracting any stars because I believe it is my Windows 8.1 system in combination with this particular SD adapter that is causing the slowness.

The card is advertised as being good despite being x-rayed, getting wet, etc. I did not test these features out!

Summary: No surprises, which is a good thing when dealing with video and picture files. Highly recommended.

Works great
This SD cards works great. I have no problems at all. I tried it in both my camera and a video camera (reformatting in between for each device) and it was fine.

Works Well and Fast
An excellent SDHC card that lives up to it's promise. Samsung makes flash memory for many devices, so it figures that their own SDHC cards would be good.I am using this with a Sony NEX-7, and transferring files to a Mac Mini using it's built in SD card reader. Others have done speed tests on this card, and while there may be faster, for my needs it is more than adequate, and the price is reasonable. Transferring RAW files is noticeably snappier than my old Class 6 card. Upgrading from a 16 GB to 32GB card means that I can shoot in RAW pretty much all the time without worrying so much about capacity. Plus, it is waterproof!


Technical data

  • Up to 48MB/s transfer speed
  • Great for Digital Cameras, DSLRs, Camcorders and PCs.
  • Great speed and performance upgrade for full HD video recording and high resolution pictures.
  • Water proof, Temperature Proof, X-Ray proof, Magnetic proof
  • Compatible with devices with SDHC and SDxC slots.


Product Description

Preserve all of life's special moments and get the most out of your digital camera or camcorder with Samsung's EVO 32 GB SD Memory Card. This high-performance memory card features read speeds of up to 48 MB/s for quickly transferring high-resolution photos and videos and is UHS-1 enabled to capture Full HD video. Waterproof, temperature proof, shockproof, magnet proof, and X-ray proof, this reliable memory card ensures that memories of your vacation, wedding, or child's graduation remain safe.

Read speeds of up to 48 MB/s allow for quick transfer of high-resolution photos and videos. View larger.

Take professional-quality photos and record smooth Full HD video. View larger.

An ideal card for DSLRs and HD camcorders. View larger.

X-ray proof. View larger.

Designed for the Latest Digital Cameras and Camcorders

This ultra-high-speed memory card is ideal for your DSLR camera or full HD camcorder. It offers support for photographers and anyone who needs to capture split-second action shots and quickly transfer them to their PCs or other devices.

Shoot Seamless Full HD Video

Capture special moments as vividly as you experience them. This memory card is Class 10 and UHS Speed Class 1 rated, which means it records smooth Full HD video.

Fast Read and Write Speeds for Better Performance

Fast read speeds of up to 48 MB/s make transferring high-resolution images from your DSLR or camcorder to your laptop or tablet PC efficient. The memory card's write speeds let you capture shots twice as fast as conventional SD cards, making the card ideal for fast-action photography. When shooting in continuous burst mode, you can capture up to 360 photos (8 MB) per minute.

Large Storage Capacity Holds More Memories

The card's generous 32 GB capacity holds up to 18,630 photos (8-megapixel) or 550 minutes of HD video. This means you can shoot longer without stopping to download or having to switch cards.

Built to Withstand Extreme Conditions

This waterproof and temperature-proof card can withstand up to 24 hours in seawater and in temperatures ranging from -13 to 185 degrees F. It also protects your data from damage caused by airport X-ray machines, resists up to 13 times the magnetic force of home theater speakers, and can survive being run over by a 1.6-ton vehicle.

What's in the Box

Samsung EVO 32 GB SD Memory Card.

EVO 32GB SD Memory Card At a Glance:
  • High-performance memory card for HD camcorders and DSLRs
  • UHS-1 enabled for recording Full HD video
  • Read speeds up to 48 MB/s for fast file transfer from card to computer
  • Write speeds twice as fast as conventional SD memory cards
  • 32 GB storage capacity holds thousands of photos or hours of Full HD video
  • Waterproof, temperature proof, shockproof, magnet proof, and X-ray proof

Capture shots two times faster than conventional SD cards. View larger.

Find the Right Memory Card for Your Devices
  Standard EVO PRO
Family Line microSD SD microSD SD microSD SD
Capacity SD Adapter Included:
8GB, 16GB, 32GB
8GB, 16GB, 32GB SD Adapter Included:
16GB, 32GB, 64GB
16GB, 32GB SD Adapter Included:
16GB, 32GB, 64GB
16GB, 32GB, 64GB
Device Compatibility Cellular Phones, Smart Phones, Tablet PCs Digital Cameras, DSLRs, Camcorders, PCs Cellular Phones, Smart Phones, Tablet PCs Digital Cameras, DSLRs, Camcorders, PCs Cellular Phones, Smart Phones, Tablet PCs Digital Cameras, DSLRs, Camcorders, PCs
Speed Class Class 6 UHS-I Grade1, Class 10 UHS-I Grade1, Class 10
Transfer Speed Up to 24MB/s Up to 48MB/s Up to 90MB/s Read (UHS-I Interface)
Up to 80MB/s Write (UHS-I Interface)
*16GB Up to 50MB/s Write

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