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MEElectronics Sport-FiĀ® M3P In-Ear Headphones with Memory Wire and Inline Microphone and Remote (Black)

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The most comfortable for sensitive ears......
The sound quality on meelectronics has always been superb. I like my BASS and I like it strong, and these earphones do a wonderful job of getting that vibration to rock out for me. The sound comes through clear and crisp without any static or other outer worldly noises. It is soooooo smoothe. I have sensitive ears so wrapping anything around the ear can cause discomfort but these are the most comfortable ear phones I have ever experienced. They fit perfectly on the outside and the inside. Actually, I couldn't ask for a better fit, it feels like they were designed especially for my ears.

The wire is straight and doesn't bunch up and get tangled like cheaper ear accessories and the *shirt clip* holds the cables in place, exactly where you want them. The *cable cinch* also works well to keep the wires out of your way when exercising or just bending over. The microphone and remote has several fantastic functions and work flawlessly:

Answer incoming phone call
End phone call
Play media
Skip to next track
Restart the track/previous track

I ordered the bright green earphones and the color is lovely. I've had several *walkers* ask me about where to buy them and what other colors are offered. I think everyone wants a performance driven set of earphones for their multitasking/multidimensional lives and I can highly recommend these !!

Great for running or outdoor activity
I have experienced a number of MEElectronics and I have yet been dissapointed. These headphones are no different.

The headphones arrived packaged very well and include a package of additional ear tips that ensure you 1) have replacement tips and 2) have tips that fit perfectly in your ear. The headphones are built very well, to the point of being rugged. They fit very well (select your own ear tips) and once placed, will not come out or off your ear. The design and angle of the headphone really helps keep it in your ear and the wire piece seals the deal in wrapping it around your ear. Even during very vigorous activity, I could not get them to come out.

Sound quality is far, far, better than you would expect in this price range. While they cannot compare to the recent Monster DNA headphones I purchased at 8x the cost, the sound quality difference between the two is negligibly noticeable when running or working out; far more noticeable when simply laying back and listening to music. Headphone features also make them far more valuable compared to others. For example, you can answer incoming calls, play media, skip tracks and restart tracks, and end calls.

In summation, I love these headphones without reservation.

Sweet color and cool clear plastic
Before I say anything these things look hot man! Sweet color and cool clear plastic! The cool memory wire makes them pretty awesome and unique as well. Probably one of my favorite innovations ive seen in an earbud. Once again i've decided to go through MEelectronics and I can sincerely say satisfaction with their products is an understatement. These headphones are awesome! The functionality and quality combined with an affordable price makes buying their products a little too easy. I really enjoy the noise cancelling factor they provide through the complete in ear function which makes them contour to my ear perfectly and I can get through those long workouts or car rides without getting that dreaded achey ear that other headphones give me. Normally I don't like purchasing medium grade headphones because I feel like they will short too quickly and I won't get my money's worth but I really appreciate the quality in these and they seem like they will withstand the test of time and allow me to be myself using them. The clarity and volume level output is incredible and these certainly make Beats and Skull Candy look like a lesser product. I I listen to Rock, Rap, Raggae, Metal, Spanish, Techno, House etc regularly and I love that these phones do all my playlists the justice I deserve and not only compliment a few genres like most headphones in this range, these things can do it all! Best thing is when I have a question about any of their products getting good customer service is never a difficult task. These guys do headphones right I cant wait for the next set of big headphones to drop because Ill certainly be showing all my friends like usual. Most people like me are on a budget and wanting high quality goods without breaking the bank isnt usually a feat that companies can offer without skimping in some area of their business and MeElectronics never seems to do that. Not to mention they ship fast! Got mine within three days!

Great headphones! I used them on a run today ...
Great headphones! I used them on a run today and the memory wire really held the headphones securely in place. I liked the fact that the these headphones have a built in microphone that can also serve to skip forward or backward on my iphone playlist. Overall, a pretty solid set of headphones!

Excellent earbuds, reasonably priced
These are surprisingly good for such a low price. They're comfortable, they fit over the back of my ear for extra security, and they have all the nice things you only expect to get with expensive buds...volume control, extra rubber covers for precise fit, and even a clip to attach the wire to your shirt.

I am especially impressed by the quality of the wire. Many earbuds have such thin, flimsy wire that I am always afraid it will break. These have a good quality wire, slightly thicker than usual, and clearly less apt to break.

So...the most important do they sound? Well, they're earbuds, not studio headphones. For buds, they sound great! The highs and lows of the music come through clearly and I am extremely happy with them.

In the interest of fairness, I will say that the manufacturer supplied me with a pair of these buds for testing purposes. But I assure you, these are great buds and again I am stunned at how reasonably priced they are. If you like earbuds, give these a try!

Great sports headphones
Great headphones with amazing sound quality! Very convenient and snug fit for being active at the gym. Button for microphone and controlling the music works very well.

Five Stars
It's hard for me to find good headphones that don't fall out when I run. Finally I found these headphones, they come with 4 different size ear tips to get that proper fit and comfort. Now I'm jamming out hard when I'm running.

Great Headphones for a Workout
I just recently made the decision to start working out and these headphones help keep me motivated. They do exactly what they promise to do. They don't fall out while i'm exercising and the sound quality is great, they truly are sweat proof and make listening to music while i get in my workout that much better.

These headphones are the most comfortable headphones I've ever owned
These headphones are the most comfortable headphones I've ever owned! I love them and I love the power button on the headphones. I can take them anywhere. They're very convenient and comfortable! I'd recommend these to everyone!

This set has even better bass, fit and an ability to pause and ...
Had another version of a MEElectronics headset (M6 type) which worked and sounded great for a very long time (~2 years). This set has even better bass, fit and an ability to pause and advance tracks. A great buy.


Technical data

  • Secure over-the-ear fit with memory wire technology
  • Sweat-resistant and noise-isolating design
  • Microphone and controls for phone calls, music, and volume
  • Premium enhanced-bass sound
  • Inline microphone and remote


Product Description

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