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Worthy successor to Brita
We replaced the Brita pitcher that we have used for several years with this one. One thing that bothers me about the Brita filters is how the carbon particles keep escaping into the top compartment of the pitcher. It doesn't hurt anything, but it looks bad to me. mavea's filters haven't had that problem so far. However, their claim that you don't have to soak the filter is not quite true: you have to run two pitchers of water through a new filter to activate it. This is even more trouble than soaking.

The self-opening and closing lid works well. You never have to remove the lid or flip it up. The only catch is that you have to stop pouring water in when it first starts to close. If you keep filling until it closes completely, water leaks out the top of the lid down the handle and interior sides of the pitcher.

We wanted a larger capacity pitcher than the 40 ounce Brita slim pitcher we were replacing. The 3.5 liter Elemaris XL size fits the bill. Be forewarned that the fully filled pitcher is quite heavy at 9 pounds. The contoured, rubberized grip makes it easier to deal with.

Graceful Pitcher + Functional Filter (see info) = Yummy Sexy Water!
We have had this pitcher for 18 months and use it several times per day. It holds the only water we drink or cook with in the house and we drink and cook with a LOT of water (average refill: 7 times per day, every day {unless away}). It is very durable and good looking. We have the black one and it goes very nicely with black appliances. It is easy to fill (just aim for the self-opening and closing flap) and easy to pour from. The little rubberized feet keep it steady on the countertop. The handle is perfectly balanced. We like that it is made from BPA-free plastic (glass would be even better, though).

Keep in mind that if you have hard or especially mineralized water, a "ring" of deposits will form on the top where the refill flap is. It is minor and can be prevented/cleaned (or might not be an issue, depending on minerals in your water source), but it can look icky, especially on glossy black. This is not the fault of the pitcher, though.

FILTER INFO (included because of the inherent "partnership" between the two products):
The filters are great in that I have read they are NSF-certified (yay!), remove more than a Brita or PUR, have silver-infusion to help prevent bacterial growth (we keep ours on the countertop, so this is more needed than if we kept it in the fridge), do NOT release little black carbon particles (ick!), and we're happy they are recyclable. For further eco-savings, buy the three-pack (reduces carbon footprint of transportation in shipping); and, when they're used up, keep a stock of spent filters, to reduce the carbon footprint of sending just one back at a time. Or, better yet, find a store in your area (walking distance is best, of course) that will take yours and send them to be recycled along with others' filters.

Refilling the pitcher:
The top capacity is less than the bottom capacity, so if you refill until the flap "closes", the bottom will only fill to be about 2/3 full. You would need to wait until it filters that water, before adding more to the top. So most of the time, you don't have a "full" pitcher from each refill. Unless you refill, wait, and then "top off". If you sit the pitcher in the sink and let the tap flow slowly, you can stretch the per-refill filtered amount a bit, since it begins filtering immediately. With our use, refilling pitchers to about 2/3 full, about 7 times per day, almost every day, we average about a filter per month, having bought and used 18 in the last 18 months. I do wish they came in a 6-pack, or more.

Our drinking water tasted pretty bad before this filter. It's quite delicious now that we use this filter. No scientific tests yet (ordering a test kit soon), just a very picky palette and infamously sensitive nose. We're not quite sure how the "meter" measures hardness, volume, and length in use, but it lasts a reasonable amount of time for us (about a month), and we can taste the difference a few days after it gets to the 25% "line", so replacing the filter seems to come at an appropriate time. Since the meter uses three factors to determine filter "usedness", your mileage may vary.

With how great this pitcher/filter combination performs for us, it's difficult to drink tap water without it. So, I also wish they made a travel-sized version. :)

I rely on reviews here at OnlineShopDealer to help me make informed buying choices. I hope this review has helped you in the same manner. If you voted this as helpful, I Thank You! :)

Great-tasting Water From a Pitcher
I have used a Brita pitcher on and off over the last few years, but I decided to research all of the available water filtration pitcher systems available to see if there were any that filter out more contaminants and impurities than Brita filters do. As it turns out, when you actually read the side of a Brita filter's box or find their contaminent-reduction chart on their website, you will see that Brita filters are only certified to reduce four substances from filtered water, which are: chlorine, copper, cadminum, and mercury.

While it is certainly nice that Brita filters are certified to remove four things from water, the Mavea system is certified to remove many more impurities than Brita, which include (as taken from the manual): chlorine, cadmium, copper, mercury, atrazine, benzene, simazine, and tetrachloroethylene. While Pur and Zero Water are other water filtration pitcher options, many reviews said that newer Pur filters do not last long and are of a lower quality than older filters. Zero Water filters were noted to have a very short life-span as well, and were said to sometimes produce "fishy-smelling" water. All of these factors led me to choose the Mavea system, and I am very happy I made the switch from Brita.

Each component of the pitcher is made of sturdy plastic that easily detach and attach for washing, and the rubber feet are great for helping to keep the pitcher in place while it is being filled in the sink. To fill it, you simply put the automatic lid underneath the faucet and, a few seconds later when the lid starts to close, you remove it and wait for your water to be filtered. The pitcher is a little slow (and produces some noise), but a few minutes of waiting is a small price to pay for thoroughly cleaned water. The water that comes from this pitcher is much better-tasting than Brita's and has absolutely no taste, which makes it incredibly refreshing to drink. In addition, Mavea's filters are about the same price as Brita's, which means you get a lot more filtration for your money with this pitcher versus Brita's (despite the slightly higher up-front cost of the Mavea pitcher).

This pitcher is not quite perfect, however. One contaminent I wish the filter removed was fluoride, but no water filtration pitcher I researched filters it out. Despite this fact, I am convinced this is the best water filtration pitcher on the market, and to get better results than this at home you would either have to use some kind of pricey water filtration system or buy wasteful bottled water, both of which are less attractive (and more expensive) options than a Mavea system. If you are considering this or the smaller Elemaris, I would suggest getting this model, even if only one person is going to be using it, that way you will always have fresh water on hand without having to wait for it to filter, as the pitcher does not take up much space in the fridge. Not only does this pitcher produce great-tasting water, it also looks great and seems to have been quite well-made (in Germany). If you get this, be sure to read and follow the instructions when you get it so you know to soak new filters and to dispose of the first two fillings, etc. Overall, this is a great product that I recommend if you, like me, want to try to reduce your exposure to chemicals and contaminants as much as possible.

great filter
Like the other commenters I think this filter is great. It feels sturdy, the plastic is hard, but the handle gives it a good grip. It was pretty easy to put together and take apart - so cleaning is a sinch. I also love the fact that you don't need to open anything to fill it, just start pouring in the water. Our other brita pitcher's split cap approach was so dumb compared to this. I am relieved to have received the product as advertised and all seems to be functioning without a problem.

P.S> wife said that the water tastes way better than our previous Brita and that there are no more black carbon pieces floating around everywhere.

Water tastes great, attractive pitcher!
Having had a Brita filter system for years--replaced that with the Pur system, and finally replaced the Pur with the Mavea pitcher I have to say that this filtered water tastes great.

I live in an area with very very hard water, bad enough that if you make ice cubes with unfiltered water you'll have residue floating in a glass after the ice melts so having a pitcher that removes the limescale was one of the main motivators for my purchase. I believe that I can taste the difference in my coffee after switching to the filtered water from this pitcher, and if I am able to spend less time descaling my machine (it should last longer now) that will be just fine with me.

The pitcher is very easy to pour from, and even easier to fill as there is 'door' on the top of the pitcher that you refill from, it's self closing, and very intuitive. The usage meter on the lid is easy to read and understand.

BPA free AND great style
I bought it because it is BPA free. Replaced an old, cracking Brita pitcher. It looks great, is easy to use, water tastes great (no taste at all). The pitcher is dishwasher safe which adds convenience to an already useful item. Very happy with the purchase, recommending to other family members.

Pros: BPA free, self-closing water intake, filter-replacement indicator, rubber feet preventing slips, nice modern styling
Cons: non really, except not sure how the filter sensor gets its measurements

Great alternative to faucet filter attachment
Finally fed up w/ purchasing water gallons in my weekly food shopping, reviewed & researched different faucet filters, reading the good & extremely bad experiences of customers. I decided go w/ a filter pitcher & love the Mavea Elemaris XL. It is a bit heavy, but its modern design is attractive enough, that it flatters family casual meals. The top is unique in that you can't over fill it because it automatically bobs close when the filter has reached its limit...very cute. Best part only the most minor assembly, 2 min if that. Definitely recommend for purchase.

UPDATE Sept.19, 2010: The water meter stopped functioning on my pitcher several wks ago and I finally got around to review the material included w/ the purchase; specifically the product number I had registered on the Mavea website back in March. I sent an e-mail to Mavea including pertinent information on a Sunday night and received a response to my inquiry Monday. A new filter was fedexed to me and they graciously included a filter, all which arrived Thursday of the same week. Mavea can definitely teach a number of companies about customer service & appropriate timely responses. I'll continue recommending this pitcher to friends & family and anyone else who wants to drink cleaner water and conservation conscience. It doesn't get any better than this.

Highly recommended product! 100% satisfied!
I could go into detail but I think the other reviews have done that, this Mavea Pitcher Filtration device is absolutely awesome.

I followed the steps to activate the filter, then put a glass of tap water next to a glass of filtered Mavea water, my family was incredibly impressed, the tap water had a very slight (almost unnoticable discoloration) with particles floating around, the Mavea water was incredibly clean both visually and to the taste.

Filters are not that expensive when bought on OnlineShopDealer, the manufacturer recommends changing every two months (due to built up crap it removed from all the tap water) but still at just $6 or so a pop that sure beats buying inferior cases of so called distilled water from Wally World or Costco or other filter refills from so called competitors.

IMHO, the Mavea is a superior product compared to the pur water or brita pitchers, my family knows, we have tried them all. Unless something even better than this one comes along we are sold for life on this product.

Edited to add: After using this product we do still think highly of it but the filter sensor to tell you how much filter value your filter has remaining does not work so you have to merely write on a calendar when to change it. Our family uses each filter for 6 weeks then change it.

Mavea is better than our older Brita water filtration pitcher
Here are the reasons that we love our new pitcher better:

1. Cover fits snug, while the Brita pitcher cover was looser and tended to fall off

2. The Mavea pitcher pours smoothly without water spilling. Once I tilted our Brita pitcher beyond a certain angle, the water spilled uncontrollably

3. The Mavea pitcher fills without removing the cover, and stops water from going in the pitcher when it is full.

4. The Mavaea pitcher has soft nonslip 'feet'

In short, the Mavea pitcher has a better design.

Goodbye Brita
I was starting to despise my old Brita pitcher...the black particles showing up in the water especially.
I was so happy to kick it to the curb - I finally did, and this, as other reviewers have mentioned, is a definite upgrade.
It's what I should have been using all this time.

-The design is beautiful and sleek.
-The no-slip bottom is very useful.
-BPA-free is a big YES.
-Holds a good deal of water
-The lid will not fall off when you pour - hooray!
-AND, no black particles in your water!!!!! Woo hoo!

Some reviewers have complained about "water leaking into the handle" when they fill?
I have never had this problem, and you know why?
Because I followed the instructions and fill through the pour-through lid.
How it works is, instead of taking off the top to fill like the Brita, you turn on the faucet and let the water run through this little trap door in the top of the pitcher. The trap door closes automatically when the reservoir is filled to capacity. (It's an ingenious little design.)
Really? You ask. Yes, really. And it works.
If you stop filling when the trap door closes, you will have no problems with overflow or leaking.
That being said, this pitcher can hold a lot of water, yet you can only fill it about 1/3 at a time. That means you will either sit there and wait so you can fill up the whole thing (it filters quickly compared to the Brita, but does take a few minutes) or just fill it 1/3, use that, and fill it again.
That's really my only complaint, which is pretty petty, all things considered - I wish the filter reservoir could hold more water so I didn't have fill and wait, fill and wait in order to get a full pitcher.

Instead of soaking the filter for 15 or 30 minutes or whatever Brita requires, when you first get set up, I believe you rinse the filter and then run 2 pitcherfuls through it. So, it about evens out there - they're both about the same amount of trouble, no big deal.

I can't say I detected a notable difference between the Mavea and the Brita water, but I was so excited to toss my Brita, I didn't do an official side-by-side taste test. Mavea is smoother and rounder tasting, more neutral in flavor than my tap water. I definitely notice the difference and much prefer the filtered water. If you have particularly unpleasant water at home, I'm sure you will notice a big difference.

I'm happy with this and would recommend it to anyone.


Technical data

  • MAVEA: A More Advanced Water Filter
  • Easier and more convenient to use features
  • Available in an array of sizes and colors to fit every lifestyle.
  • Utilizes advanced MAVEA Maxtra filtration
  • BPA Free

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