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MAVEA 105731 Maxtra 6-Pack Replacement Filter for MAVEA Water Filtration Pitcher

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Technical data

  • NEW GENERATION: the unique new shape of the Maxtra filter delivers consistent filter flow rate over the life of the filter
  • CLEAN: filter micro-screen reduces release of carbon particle black bits into system
  • FAST: no pre-soaking required to activate filter, saving 20 minutes for filter exchange
  • SAFE: contains silver to provide antimicrobial protection and extend filter life; BPA FREE
  • SUSTAINABLE: MAVEA offers a comprehensive filter take-back and recycling program; simply download a shipment label and drop filters in the mail


Product Description

Clean. Filter micro-screen reduces release of carbon particles into water.

Fast. No pre-soaking to activate filters. The filter is steam sterilized and then vacuum-sealed to maintain its ready-to-use condition.

Safe*. Contains silver to provide antimicrobial protection and extend filter life.

BPA Free. All filter system components are made from BPA Free materials and certified safe for use with drinking water.

Consistent. Unique shape delivers consistent performance over the life of the filter.

* This product does not protect individuals from bacteria, viruses and other disease organisms


MAVEA has introduced a new line of advanced pour through pitcher filter systems and filters that have a numerous advanced design features to make your filtered water experience significanty better. These are our Elemaris and Marella pitchers and MAVEA Maxtra filters.

WQA–certified to significantly reduce chlorine and other unwanted elements

How does the MAVEA filtration system work?New generation of filter technology that is certified by the Water Quality Association to NSF standards 42 and 53 to reduce:

  • Chlorine taste and odor
  • Heavy Metals (mercury, cadmium, copper)
  • Agricultural Chemicals (atrazine, simazine)
  • Industrial Pollutants (benzene, tetrachloroethylene)

Optimal mixture of activated carbon and ion exchange resin beads that work together to improve water taste and reduce contaminants

  • Activated Carbon - absorbs chlorine and organic compounds like chemicals and pesticides
  • Ion Exchange Beads – capture heavy metals and reduce water hardness
  • Silverized - The filter media is silverized to inhibit the growth of bacteria to maximize the filter life
MAVEA MAXTRA Filters are featured in select high-end Tassimo brewers

Only Tassimo can make coffees, espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, tea, hot chocolate and iced beverages in about 1 minute at the touch of one button - MAVEA ensures exceptional flavor every time and can help prolong the life of other kitchen appliances including electric kettles, pressure cookers and cookware.

  • Chlorine taste and odor
  • Industrial pollutants (benzene, tetrachloroethylene)
  • Heavy metals (mercury, cadmium, copper)
  • Agricultural chemicals (atrazine, simazine)
  • Limescale*

* Limescale reduction certified in internal tests, not certified by WQA.

What are the benefits of MAVEA filtered water?

85% of all households have hard tap water. While safe to drink, this water may contain substances that affect its taste, smell appearance and overall quality.

MAVEA filtered water significantly reduces chlorine taste and odor, making you drinking water clearer and refreshingly delicious. MAVEA filtered water also improves the taste of coffee, tea and concentrated beverages!

Even your ice cubes look and taste better! Plus, mavea filtered water can increase the life span of domestic appliances by reducing limescale build up.

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