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Magellan RoadMate 5230T-LM 5-Inch Navigator with Lifetime Maps and Traffic

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Great GPS for an awesome price.
I am very happy with the magellan RoadMate 5230T-LM (man, that's a long model number!) it's just such a good GPS Navigator and much more!

The 5230T-LM is very accurate at saving you time during trips, you can set it up to give you the fastest route or the shortest distance to your destination, which in many cases, is not the same route. I purposely "got lost" many times to test how accurate the unit was. I would assign a "point of interest" and make the wrong turns just to see how long it would take it to catch up to me, let me tell you it's fast! in most cases it will have a new route to follow before I even hit the next intersection.

During traffic jams, a small timer will appear right next to the traffic warning sign, which tells you how many minutes it estimates you will be stuck in there. Touch the warning sign and it will give you am alternate route to follow. It will compare both routes for you and give you an estimated arrival time for each one. At this point you can opt to avoid traffic or deal with it. A traffic jam does not necessarily mean that it will be the most time consuming route to get to your destination. You definitely need this feature if you live in one of the crowded cities.

The highway lane assist is one of those features that you might not think you need unless you had to deal with lower end GPS units that don't offer such features. This feature helps you make sure that you are choosing the correct lane to exit during a freeway interchange. You'll be glad you have this feature, trust me!

Very Satisfied With This GPS!
The Magellan RoadMate 5230T-LM is a hard GPS to beat due to the wide variety of features it offers and is one I've been very pleased with from the moment I started using it. And, I've been using it a lot.

Here's why I like this GPS:
(1) It has a large (5") vibrant touch screen with both day and night views for easy visibility
(2) It provides free lifetime map updates and free lifetime traffic updates
(3) It allows for free traffic camera alerts for one year by providing audible and visual warnings to alert
you to fixed red light and speed cameras
(4) It allows you to search and route to millions of preloaded points of interest, such as restaurants, gas
stations,and various shopping locations
(5) It provides realistic junction views of freeway signs and arrows to guide you to the correct lane to make
driving directions easier and less stressful
(6) It enables you, if you prefer, to receive directions using landmarks as your guide instead of street names
(7) Provides spoken street names and directions several times before approaching your next turn or exit
without requiring you to take your eyes on the road
(8) Offers a one touch favorites menu to create shortcuts to your favorite destinations and previous searches
with personalized bookmarks
(8) Provides speed limit warnings with optional settings for visual and audible alerts
(9) Provides AAA roadside assistance to enable AAA members to get information on their location in order to get
emergency assistance
(10)Provides a built-in AAA TourBook guide which provides ratings and descriptions of AAA approved places to
stay, dine and play
(11)Provides three options in which to receive directions -- based on fastest route, shortest distance and
most use of freeways

All in all, I haven't found any problems with this GPS worth commenting on; and,as such, feel very comfortable recommending it highly to you. As a matter of fact, due to some of its unique features and somewhat lower price, I prefer this Magellan GPS to the comparable Garmin model that I own.

Great and easy GPS
We had an older model of the Magellan RoadMate which was not capable of updating with maps, etc. We went again with Magellan and ordered the RoadMate 5230T-LM. It is a great product and it is a little larger than our old model and has several great new additions. So easy to use and there is no learning curve involved. It is very intuitive. And I will be keeping the older model to use in my car since my husband does more traveling out of the area.

The Magellan Road Mate-5230T Delivers!
I had never owned a GPS before, but was forced to buy one when I began driving to unknown locations each day. I searched the many low priced units and I ended up buying this Magellan GPS. The one reason I chose the Road Mate-5230T was the ability to String-Along Multiple Destinations on my long driving days.

Getting started, the method of Entering Your Destination on the 5-inch Touchscreen (choice of ABCD.. or Querty Keypad layout) starts with inputing 1) the City Name (or zip code), 2) Street Name, and 3) the Street Number. It will quickly and correctly give you the shortest route to that desination.

A great feature of the Magellan 5230T for me was that you can In-put Multiple Destinations and when you press the "Optomize" button, it puts your entire route in Fastest and Shortest distance between each of the destinations starting with the closest destination until you are finished with your entire trip. You can also change these destinations to the order you want. From one destination to the next this GPS will give you the Shortest Route, Estimated Arrival Time, show Street Names / Route Numbers, and Freeway Exit numbers. You can also input a City and a Intersection (2 roads) if you know the area you are driving to, or a City Center of any town. And is it's Very Accurate To The Minute for your arrival time! You can call and say "I'll be there at 10:58" and feel confident that is the time you will arrive.

This Magellan Road Mate-5230T also gives you "Traffic Reports" in real time. Shown in a pop-up triangle, this feature offers the "What" and "Where" of the traffic delay. Should you get into a traffic delay, it will continue to Update Arrival Times and offer an Alternate Route and the Time Saved by this selecting this Alternate Route until you arrive at your destination.

This GPS also shows you the Speed Limit on the road you are driving. This really helps when you enter a small town speed trap, no more guessing what the speed limit is on any given road! The speed limit image Highlights with a Red Line around it warning that you are driving over the speed limit. You can also personalize your GPS to warn you only when you are exceeding your pre-set drive speed. You can set different Over The Speed Limits on freeways or standard roads to 5-15 miles over the posted speed limit.

Another Nice Feature of the Magellan Road Mate-5230T is that you can "Title and Save" multiple destinations that you travel often in the "Address Book" feature. Examples: My Work, My House, Aunt Polly's House, Food Store, Bank, or any other place you drive frequently. When you reach your final destination and want to go home, press "Address Book" and select My Home and directions will be mapped from that location.

This GPS will also change directions If you miss a turn. It will quickly offer the Correction Turn to get you back on your route. Additionally should you decide to take a different route (other than the GPS suggests) it will re-calculate directions and arrival time to your destination. It may take the GPS a few minutes to decide if you missed the turn, or are going a completely different way to your destination. This unit will also warn you of Dirt Roads in advance.

The 5-inch display screen offers Multiple Views of the Mapped Route (1D to 3D), and has the ability to Zoom-In or Zoom-Out of the map. This is great if you want to overview the entire mapped route while driving. It has auto Day or Night Screen modes, Longitude / Latitude Co-Ordinates, and a "Where am I Now?" function.

You can plan long distance trips like Boston to L.A. with total mileage to your destination. Along local or long distance this GPS will also note the closest Gas Stations, Hotel, or Restaurant during your travel. Let's say you are just driving around and want to find the closest In-N-Out Burger, you can press the Gas / Food Icon, search for the business name, select the closest location, and the GPS will map the directions while you are driving.

The Magellan Road Mate-5230T GPS comes with Free "Lifetime Maps" of USA & Canada. These are updated via your home computer with the Included USB to Micro Connection Cable. Also Included is a Car Charger to plug into a cigarette lighter, and has a stable Suction Cup Swiveling Bracket to mount to your window. I have mine mounted on the lower left of the drivers side windshield so I am always within arms length of the touchpad while I drive. The GPS has a Power On / Off button, Auto Shut Off, and Re-Set. You can also take the GPS out of the mount to bring the unit inside to input your trips. The Battery life when unplugged is 1 hour.

Finally one of the things that any GPS can ultimately teach you is that if you are driving way over the speed limit on say a 1 hour trip, you are only saving 5 minutes total in the end by doing so. You know I have heard that for years, but now I see it is really true!

In the 6 Months of owning the Magellan Road Mate 5230T GPS it has produced Accurate Results! I'd say The Maps are 99% Correct as there have been a few "Unamed" dirt roads. I have also experienced Road Construction a few times where it was not noted as a Traffic Delay or Road Repair warning. I have had to reset the unit twice over this duration. I think this happens when the memory bank of all my previous trips is full, say 150 total trips. However the re-set did not wipe out your address book or any personal settings. The ONLY thing I dont care for on this unit is that it has only 1 Female Voice barking the directions (come on Magellan please add More Voice Options to your updates). But you can turn off the Voice, and just watch the screen for the directions.

In the end I am Happy with the Magellan Road Mate-5230T GPS! Owning one is a necessity if you drive to unknown destinations alot. It's overall Features make it a Great Value in the low priced GPS's currently on the market. I hope I have helped your GPS purchase search!

Easy to set up, easy to program and easy to add......
GPS is great. Easy to set up, easy to program and easy to add a stop prior to your final destination. The voice is clear and the verbal directions are always given in plenty of time to prepare for a turn without rushing. The map on the GPS is very clear and helpful, especially if you are at an interchange of multiple highways and numerous ramps. There is a bell that rings when you should turn and this is helpful win you are turning and there are multiple options. I have used numerous GPSs and this one was the easiest to set up, program and use.

User friendly!!
I love all Megellan GPS they are user friendly. I love the the traffic alert feature especially when you are traveling out of town. Traffic alert it gives you the option of staying on the route or swicth to a new route around the traffic. Saves you alot of time and gas not sitting in traffic.

Does Exactly What I Need It To Do!!!
I just got this last week and have used it almost daily. It's very simple to use and the included windshield mount makes attaching the GPS to my windshield quick and simple. I have not used the navigation feature on this device yet, as I only use it to tell me the name of the street (road) I am currently on and what is ahead and one block behind.

I needed a GPS that displayed the name of the street I am on at the top of the screen, and this one does just that. I know there are larger than 5" screens out there, but I feel that 5" is plenty. Anything bigger would create too much of a view obstruction through the windshield. After all, safety is paramount, right?

The included power adaptor cord is also long enough to plug into the "cigarette" lighter on the center console of my car while the GPS is attached to the bottom left of my windshield. I just run the cable across the top of my steering wheel column and it's completely out of the way. Another great thing about this cable is that the USB end of the cable that plugs into the GPS device was made with a 90 degree downward angle, so the end of this cable does not get kinked or damaged by the constant bending of the cable as most drivers would be attaching this device on the bottom left of their windshield and the charger would be plugged in somewhere on the center console.

The only issued I had was downloading the Content Manager software. I'm pretty technologically savvy, but I had a hard time figuring out where and how to download and install the software on my PC. I subsequently was able to install it on my Macbook, and the software itself is quite user friendly after you have it installed. If you have any questions about installing the software, send me a message (question) about it.

Bought this for my daughter
I bought this for my daughter for Christmas, she was using the map on her cell phone, (not safe), now she uses her Magellan instead every time. She loves it.

Great GPS device.
Works great. Updated map data and the software with no problem. I have two slight negatives: 1) The power button is small and slightly recessed which makes it difficult to find when the unit is sitting on the dash and 2) The angle of the holder - I use a heavy support device which sits on the dash and the holder is made for fastening the unit to the windshield so in my case the screen is tilted slightly towards the vehicle's roof. This is not a big deal because I don't watch it while driving, but my "co-pilot" does and the screen picks up sun glare.

Five Stars
Well worth the cost. Cheaper than other Magellan's and does the exact same thing.


Technical data

  • Free Lifetime Traffic Alerts
  • Receive directions using landmarks as your guide versus street names, making it a more intuitive way to navigate
  • Provides parking garage locations, hours of operation and directions to the entrance
  • Vibrant 5-Inch touch screen for easy viewing


Product Description

Free Lifetime Map Updates

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