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Magellan RoadMate 2230T-LM Portable GPS Navigator with Lifetime Maps and Traffic

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Customer Reviews

Product Reviews

Very large map for a GPS, colors help see and follow where you are going. I like the option of volume or mute. Directions are quite clear, and it gives directions in plenty of time to make turns, etc.

Lost in the woods? NOT ME!
I purchased a twin to this model six months ago and even when I think 'Maggie' is crazy, turns out she is right on. As I love just going for a drive or to auctions and thrift shops, getting there is a breeze and if II find myself there and forgot how to get home it takes the touch of a few buttons and I'm on my way. I often use the 'speed sensor' to guide my heavy foot. Super buy both, original and this one purchased for my girlfriend.

Very useful
At first I didn't trust that the magellan RoadMate would get me to my destination. After setting it to locations that I know, I decided that I really like and trust the RoadMate.

Bought as Xmas gift
Given as a Christmas gift and recipient was absolutely thrilled. States has had a different GPS, and was never satisfied, loves the Magellan. Great transaction, fast delivery, great price!

Magellan Roadmate
I find that the Magellan is very user friendly. Nice sized screen, and the setting up for the destination is very logical and easy to set. All things considered, this is a very good GPS. I used it for our 1700 mile drive to Nevada, and it worked flawlessly.

Consumer Reports
I admit it - I always research a product before I buy it. This was the number one GPS rated by Consumer Reports. It is a perfect size. We are heading to NYC soon and need directions! It has free lifetime maps.

overall good product.
Works great most of the time.....did miss exit using this gps...once in a while.... upgrade software and it shows you next two turns so you can plan ahead.......excellent with upgraded software.

Great GPS
I bought this unit because of frustrations using my other major brand GPS. I had had Magellon in the past and was pleased then and I am happy with this unit, it ia a big improvement from the other.

I registered and updated maps from my Windows 7 computer, so the computer issue must have been fixed. With that being said Control Manager did require me to leave GPS unit unplugged from computer until after the computer downloaded the up date. The whole process worked faster than on my other GPS.

Magellan's route guidance is the best I have used. There are always going to be times that speeds and small changes are wrong, this for me happens less frequent with Magellan GPS's.

For a basic GPS this one is great with excellent accuracy. The biggest complaint with this unit and the other Magellan I owned is the volume is far to low making it hard to hear while on the freeway or interstate. The voice is pleasant enough and clearer than other units I have had.

I would recommend this and other Magellan's I feel their route guidance is the best,

Magellan Rules
I used it for the first time since I received it as a gift in Dec. I went to BFE Alabama and it never got me lost once. Love it.

The best gps I've ever had
It seems like the majority of people like the Garmin, but the Garmin just wasn't for me. I'm so used to Magellan's software nuances, verbal commands and UI so much so I find it hard to adjust to Garmin, and I won't even try TomTom. In addition that I've had good luck with the hardware, so I see no reason why I should switch. I think if you are in the market for your first GPS or had Magellan in the past, this GPS is for you.


Technical data

  • Lifetime Map Updates
  • Lifetime Traffic Alerts
  • Traffic Camera Alerts
  • Best Parking
  • Speed Limits


Product Description

The RoadMate 2230T-LM combines the best of Lifetime Map Updates and Lifetime traffic Alerts. Landmark Guidance and Traffic Camera Alerts keep you aware of what is around you

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