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Everest Cooler Lunch Bag, Black, One Size

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Finally found what I was looking for
I have bought so many different lunch bags, it's crazy. They all fail to meet hopes and expecations - won't fit reusable containers, can't fit ice packs AND food, cheap material, etc. Enter this bag.

It's got a small footprint, but it is very room on the inside. It's hard to tell in the picture, but you can actually stack stuff higher than the zipper because the lid is about 1.5 inches tall. It fits lunch and snacks easily for me, along with a few ice pack things. For example, today I brought in this bag the following: two "brick" style ice packs, a 12-ounce can of soda, a sandwich, a snack-size bag of crackers, a sandwich bag half full of fresh pineapple, string cheese, a pear, and a few cookies and still had room to spare. It holds the ice packs, a can drink, and two ~6" square glad ware containers with room to spare. The front zipper pocket is great for a napkin and utensils. The strap is adjustable and goes to a good length. The top of the bag is sturdy enough that if I bring something to be heated, I can put it on top of the bag to carry it back to my office. My stuff stays cool and my ice packs are still frozen - and anything still in it is still cold - at 6 p.m. after having been packed at 7 a.m.

Love this bag.

I like it!
Not too big, not too small. Not too bulky either. I like that it has a separate front pocket and 2 mesh pockets on the side. The adjustable strap is also great. With the help of an ice pack, the insulation keeps my food/drink cold for over 14 hours. The inside is really easy to clean, also.

Plenty of space, food stays cold
This lunch bag has plenty of space, and thanks to the flexible sides, I can put a rectangular plastic container into it, even though it's a little wider than the bag. I even manage to fit a sandwich container, fruit, chips, and a pudding cup, plus 2 ice packs, with room to spare!

The food stays cold until lunch time with 2 ice packs. I wouldn't want to try it with fewer, though, I'm a stickler about food temperature safety.

The extra pockets are nice, for spoons, napkins, and other stuff you don't want in with the food. The adjustable strap is great for kids so they don't drag it on the ground.

Everything I had hoped for.
I am an EMT in New York City, and as such, needed a lunch bag that could keep my eats cool for up to 18 hour shifts. After 5 or so previous purchases let me down in the crucial areas of durability and effectiveness, I had decided that this would the last shot with a soft container.

Well, I am happy to report that this bag exceeds expectations. Without going on, I'll simply say that this has stood the test of time as far as durability is considered. Surprisingly, I no longer need ice packs. This will keep my cold food cold/cool for an extremely long time. The interior is easy to clean, and the strap is pretty handy. All in all, I highly recommend this bag.

Good to take lunch to work
I liked this bag because it has a nice size and also because of its shape. I can easily fit my food container in it so the container sits the right way. I like the fact that it has a strap so when commuting I don't have to carry it because I simply put it over my shoulder. The red is a nice red color. It looks as though as it is insulated. I put a can of peaches that came straight from the fridge at 7:00 am and by 12 noon it was ok to eat (not too cold but not warm either). It has a nice separate compartment in the front so you can put your silverware or other stuff you don't want to get wet such as napkins or condiments. Overall a good lunchbag for the prize. We will see how long it lasts since the inside like most of the regular lunchbags is made out of plastic.

Spent many a day searching for a new lunch bag for my hubby. FInally stumbled onto this one, bought it, and crossed my fingers. HE LOVES IT! Durably made. Roomy yet not huge! I may have to buy a few more for back-ups for the future.

Everything you need in a lunchbag for a great price! I would definitely recommend this bag to anyone who brings their lunch to work.

everest bag
This is well made. It would be perfect is if it was just a little bit larger in height but it is a fine size for what I usually pack. Holds a couple large sandwiches, some fruit, and a couple drink bottles, plus ice pack, but snug.

Perfect lunch bag
I work 8 hr shifts 6 days a week and this thing is perfect. Plenty of room for 3 sandwiches, 2 bottles of water, apple and yogurt. And front pocket is handy for utensils and candy/crackers. I dont use the mesh sides as I have no purpose for them. Very comfortable shoulder sling with lots on adjustment. Seems very well made. Ive had this for about 2 months now.

Magical Lunch Bag!
This thing is awesome. What does a lunch bag need to do?

A) It needs to keep things at the desired temperature. Check.
B) It needs to store stuff. Check, in aces.

This thing can fit anything. Doggie bag? Stuff it in there, it'll fit. That kind-of-too-big tupperware? It's going in. A small tupperware, a ziplock of something, a can of pop, a full bag of chips (don't judge me), silverware and napkins? No problem.

C) Look unassuming. Check.


Technical data

  • An insulated cooler bag perfect for lunch or snacks on the road
  • -Interior vinyl lining
  • -Front zippered pocket for utensils and napkins
  • -Dual side mesh pockets provide additional storage
  • -Adjustable Strap


Product Description

Material 600D Polyester Dimension 8.5 x 7.25 x 6 in. Capacity 300 in3 / 4.9 L Weight 12 oz / 0.3 kg

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