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Lorex LNC104 LIVE Ping Wireless Monitoring Camera

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Very Slick
I was able to get this camera working with no trouble at all. I installed the PC based software and that worked great. To get at all the detailed settings, you need to go to the web interface for the camera. The camera supports two way audio, so you can talk to anyone who is at the camera location. I have my camera set up at my cabin in Wisconsin through WiFi and I can monitor the weather and the neighborhood dogs! Quality is great. I am really impressed with this camera and recommend it.

- To get the software from the Lorex website, you must first go to this products web page, then you will find a tab on the bottom for downloads.
- WPS setup was fast and easy. Just hit the button on your router and then on the camera.
- Quality of the picture is really good. I can monitor the camera from my Android phone, Kindle Fire, and PC.
- Customer service was great and replied fast to my question. I wanted to know how to record only when the motion sensor when off, not all the time. Here are the details:
For motion setup, In the manual under SD card recording/Schedule. The general steps are:
1. Enable SD card recording in Schedule mode.
2. In the Schedule menu, set the SD recording for PIR, Motion or
3. Create an everyday schedule that covers the entire day.

good product for home protection
got on special price because it has two way voice. was rather easy to setup on wired. Took a little more effort on wireless because the MAC address on the card does not match the MAC address needed for my router where I want MAC filtering.
Color fidelity is off in the green direction for whites. But with the Lorex App, you can view your home and talk to your dog from anywhere in the world.....I happen to be in China this moment and can talk to me wife and dog with no problem. the sofware works well. Better than the FOSCAM I also have.

The best way to review this product is to simply list the pros and cons. I've addressed all the features that the manufacturer used to promote this product.

Pros & Cons:

1. You can easily record, play, and share. In addition, you are able to record directly to the camera, your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac. This manufacturer claim is not an overstatement

2. Dual motion detection. Advanced audio & motion sensors with smart video motion detection. This is true. It has great audio.

3. You are able to see four camera views if you have four different cameras. I thought the view was a bit narrow. The camera coverage is limited. It should be made to cover a wider range of view.

4 Quick setup - Setup was quick and easy.

5. Activate your camera by simply scanning a QR code with your smartphone or tablet - The activation worked seamlessly.

6. It would have been nice if the camera included a zoom view. The software has an option for tilt and zoom, but the camera is not able to perform this task.

7. The software interface looks outdated.

Very simple and quick to setup
I had two wireless cameras that worked okay but my WiFi would cause interference so the picture was not always great plus the range was not that great so I decided to search for a camera that would use my wireless. I found the Lorex IP camera and decided to give it a shot. When it arrived I sat down and plugged it into my hub and went to work on setting it up. I had a problem early on but the problem was not with the camera it was with me. I use MAC authentication and the camera actually has two MAC addresses. You are only made aware of one MAC address and that is for the wired connection. You will have to disable your MAC authentication on your modem briefly to perform the WiFi test. Once you have a successful WiFi test you can go to the information tab and get the WiFi MAC address and add that to your allow list and enable your MAC authentication again. FYI, you will not find a WiFi MAC address until you have a successful WiFi test.

This camera actually works great for the most part. I am not impressed with the motion detection however. I suspect the problem with the motion detection might be how I am using my camera. I have it mounted in my window looking out monitoring the approach to my door. The camera will not detect a person but will detect the change in light. I suspect the fact that I am trying to use the motion sensor through glass is the problem. Infrared does not always play well with glass. I have not tried testing it any other way because motion sensing was not all that important to me. During my testing the camera was set up to email me and it did a great job at doing that at dawn when the sun started to come up and at dusk when the sun went down and at night when the headlights of a passing car were detected. This was with both PIR and motion activated. The onboard IR light is worthless if you are mounting this camera to look out a window. All it will do is light up the glass nice and bright and not allow you to see anything. This was not a surprise at all and I did not expect it to work through the glass. This camera is nice but it cannot perform magic. If you are using this monitor spaces inside a building I suspect this camera and its PIR & motion sensing will make you very happy.

I also have a NAS and the camera does connect to it and I have 7 days worth a video recording and the video is overwritten after 7 days. I am also using a SanDisk 32GB Micro SD card for recording video and that works great as well. I was so pleased with this camera that I ended up getting a total of 7 cameras. After getting all 7 of them set up I did have some stability problems that I needed to work through. The cameras were losing connection and it was very frustrating. The solution was to allow the cameras to automatically handle resolution and frame rate. If I remember correctly that is the default setting but I had changed that on all of them. Once I did that all the cameras stayed connected. I was able to run 6 cameras at a higher resolution and frame rate with no problems but adding the 7th camera pushed my WiFi over the edge. The more cameras you add the slower the frame will be.

The Lorex Ping android app also works great so I am able to check all seven cameras from work with ease. I have one camera that has the microphone activated and I am able to listen to what is going on using this app. I have not played with the speaker and alarm option and do not plan to so I have nothing to say about that.

All in all this is a great little camera that is really easy and fast to set up and not all that expensive. The image quality is excellent and I am impressed with the cameras ability to see in low light situations without the use of IR but there does need to be some ambient light.

Review of Lorex Wireless Camera
I love this device to check up on my home while I'm away. It works with any smartphone, tablet or PC. It is very easy to set up and takes about an hour to properly set up and test. The instructions were easy to follow. I also went online to watch a couple of demonstration videos. I am somewhat tech savvy, but anyone will find it easy to install and use.

I like the feeling I get when I can view my living room, which is about 550 sq. ft.. Lorex lnc104 LIVE Ping Wireless Network Camera covers it well and easy to see even on my phone. I also have a home security system that often gets false alarms. Instead of driving from work to check out my home when the security company calls, I can monitor it using this camera. I have used other wireless cameras before and I do like Lorex for the money. I would recommend this to anyone that has an office, garage, business, home....Very good wireless camera. No problems after 4 months of usage.

Excellent value for the $$
I purchased this as one of OnlineShopDealer's 'daily deals'. I'm glad I did. I got it for just under $100 (normally $149). Though - after buying it and setting it up - I'd be happy to pay the extra $50.

What's good? Well - it's extremely easy to set it up. The video indicating you'll have it up and running in minutes is true. Literally took me less than two minutes. You simply hook it up to a wired network / router and follow the simple directions and bingo... you're good. I'm using an Iphone 5 to monitor it and - their app is free to download. Simply download it - scan the code on the back and, you're connected. Choose a camera name/password and it's all downhill from there.

The Iphone software is actually quite impressive really. All the settings from bandwidth/alarm notifications/sensitivity are right there. As well - once you have it on your phone - you can EASILY set it up for your wifi and move it anywhere within the range for use.

The sensitivity settings for sound take a bit of trial and error with the adjusting. However - that's to be expected depending on the dynamics of the room and - your expectations.

The night vision on this camera is clear as well... you can choose to include date/time on the capture or not.

Overall - I'm impressed. I bought two and will be giving one as a gift.

What not to expect?? - well for starters - it isn't designed as a 'fail-safe' recording device for complete security. If you buy it for that then - you're setting your expectations way too high. If your network goes out or - your ISP takes a dive for maintenance then you're out of luck for monitoring. Granted - you can record directly to the camera but - don't expect the notifications if your network goes down (or your power for that matter).

So - if you want something that's great for basic security/monitoring pets/kids this is it. If you're wanting to have something to monitor your property while away - it's great too (just remember - it's power and network dependent for notifications).

Still - all in all - EXCELLENT value for $150.

Lorex LNC104 cameras
The cameras I received from Lorex were easy to install and work almost perfect. I am well satisfied and glad that I found and chose Lorex to purchase these cameras from. Thanks Lorex for putting out a quality product that does exactly what you said it would.

We were looking for an aesthetically pleasing camera installation for elder care and found just what we were looking for. I had two of these cameras up and running, along with the remote monitoring, in under 30 minutes. Could have been even faster if I were not so detail oriented on such projects.

Was able to share viewing with my siblings via a simple link to the Lorex site. The list of devices where we have set this up include a PC, a Mac, an iPhone, an iPad, as well as an android tablet (Samsung).

Also, the Lorex Ping app on my iPad provides very easy recording capability or snapshots.

Now we plan on adding an exterior camera to add to our sense of security for mom. What is nice about the software is it allows for viewing as many as nine cameras simultaneously, and you can adjust the size of the viewing area to watch one at a larger panel if you like.

Definitely fits the bill for elder care, nanny cams, and basic surveillance.

Work good for the money, recommend upgrading to HD if you can afford it.
Work great form the money. Still working after more than a year of usage. Picture quality is decent, but I plan to upgrade to HD cameras for better quality. Monitoring software is basic and setup can be a bit clumsy. Cameras occasionally drop WIFI signal but quickly re-connect automatically. Furthest camera is approximately 50 feet from my router.

does what it says.
Great camera with easy setup. Takes literally minutes. Have had for a few weeks now and still working seamlessly. The speaker and microphone is a plus.


Technical data

  • Record, Play, Share. Record directly to the camera, your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac. Multiple recording options, no recurring fees.
  • Dual motion detection. Advanced audio & motion sensors with smart video motion detection for improved alert accuracy.
  • Expand your view. Watch over multiple locations simultaneously. Your home, your office or your vacation property, all in one screen.
  • Quick setup. Activate your camera by simply scanning a QR code with your smartphone or tablet.
  • Includes IP Camera, camera bracket, ethernet cable, power adapter, user manual, quick start guide, CD


Product Description

Stay connected anywhere you go with the lorex LIVE Ping IP camera.  Versatile and advanced the Ping is capable of connecting to the internet over Wi-Fi with WPS or a wired connection through Ethernet.  With a quick & easy 3 Step Set-Up, all you have to do to activate your camera is simply scan the QR code on the back of the camera with your smartphone or tablet.  Record, playback and share your video.  Using H.264 video compression technology, choose to either record straight to your camera onto a microSD card with the built-in video recorder, or record to your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac.   Featuring advanced audio & dual motion detection with both PIR and smart video motion detection for improved alert accuracy.  Built with a dual lens for enhanced day and night viewing, you can see at all times with automatic black & white night vision of up to 30ft. Expand your view and watch over multiple locations with up to 4 additional cameras simultaneously.  You can even have multiple users such as family member, friends, or colleagues viewing the camera at the same time as well.  View your home, your office or your vacation property, all in one screen! Flexible indoor mounting lets you install on a wall, counter, or ceiling. The included free mobile app has been developed to exceed mobile surveillance standards.  Featuring push notifications of events & email alerts with a snap shot attachment.  Configure your recording, scheduling, playback, initial and full setup all from your mobile device settings.

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