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Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover Black for iPad 2 and iPad (3rd generation) with English and Spanish keys

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A nearly perfect English/Spanish bluetooth keyboard cover for your 2nd and 3rd Gen iPad

Length:: 5:11 Mins

I've reviewed a number of bluetooth keyboards intended to be used with the iPad. This Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover is clearly one of the best. It has the same look as the back of the iPad... it's aluminum and it's a smart cover. Once it's attached to your iPad, it will put your iPad to sleep when closed and immediately awake your iPad when you open it.

When you open your iPad, you can either use the keyboard as is, or you can detatch the cover from your iPad and put our iPad into the perfectly positioned iPad holder, in either landscape or portrait position.

The keyboard is setup primarily for Spanish because the actual imprints on the keys are geared to Spanish keyboard mapping and not English. Specifically, the alphabet keys are mostly normal, but the number keys have different character mapping than you would be accustomed to when compared to English language key mapping.

On the right side of the keyboard is a MicroUSB port for charging the internal battery. A MicroUSB to USB charging cable is included. It takes 4-6 hours to fully charge the battery but then you can expect up to 6 months battery life when the keyboard is used an average of 2 hours per day. The on/off switch has no indication, other than the LED light on the face of the keyboard, to which position is on or off. There's also a bluetooth button to initiate pairing mode.

The keyboard is thin and very light. It works really well and I think it is a superior bluetooth keyboard. And it's mapped for Spanish but can also be used for English. However when used as an English keyboard, the character mapping is not obvious because the keys are marked for Spanish mapping not English.

Overall this is a wonderful bluetooth keyboard/cover for your iPad 2 and iPad 3. Very nice quality and operation.

Please be sure to watch my video to learn how to add a Spanish keyboard to your iPad settings in order for the iPad to recognize the Spanish key mapping. For some unknown reason, the user guide does not mention this crucial piece of information. In summary you need to go to Settings > Keyboard > Keyboards > Spanish then select Spanish.

The only thing to be aware of is if you have a silicone or plastic cover on your iPad, you may not be able to use the integrated iPad holder on the keyboard. But as long as your cover is compatible with a Smart Cover, you will be able to attach the Logitech keyboard cover to your iPad.

I was provided a sample for testing and review. If you have any questions please leave me a comment.

Wish I'd Bought This Sooner!
I've had my iPad3 for a year and a half and have been using an Amazaon full-size Bluetooth keyboard. It's done the trick but it is not weighted and, therefore, moves around on your lap or even on a table top. You also have to prop up your iPad separately. The Logitech is absolutely great. Like all Logitech products, it has both functionality and good looks. A perfect complement to Apple design. (For those who want to keep on a back cover while the iPad3 is docked in the Ultrathin, check out the Devicewear transparent back cover for the iPad3, which is thin enough to fit into the Logitech Keyboard Cover. It's not quite as secure in the slot as it would be if the back cover were off but so far it's been working fine and hasn't popped out.)

Love this keyboard!
It's like having a miniature laptop. Have had the ipad since December 2011 and wish this keyboard would've been available sooner! The magnet that holds the Ipad in place is very stable whether I place the Ipad horizontally or vertically. Can sit on the sofa with my lapdesk and use my Ipad without having to hold it in one hand while trying to type on the screen keyboard. It is ultrathin--fits just right into my Ipad bag. The magnet that holds the Ipad in place while not in use works great...when finished I simply turn the keyboard off and flip Ipad face down. No hassle with charging every other week since the charge is good for six months. Would definitely recommend this item--makes the Ipad complete.

Enhances and expands the functionality of the iPAD brilliantly!
I am not going to go into the technical details of this product, other than to say it is a bluetooth enabled device that allows you to connect wirelessly to the iPad. It is brilliant in making the iPAD so much more usable and practical, particularly if you are doing a lot of typing.
I find the touch-screen keyboard to be relatively difficult to use, not to mention that it takes up a bit of the screen. Using the Logitech keyboard gives a 'real' keyboard and typing experience, which allows be to type so much more comfortably and a lot faster.
There is also a button that works like the 'home' button so don't have to touch the iPad screen to bring up all the apps.
The best bits? Comfortable and fast typing. Magnetizes to the iPad and acts like a protective cover. You can use the keyboard as a stand. You don't have to have the iPad attached to the keyboard to use (ie. they can be separate physically - although I'm not sure of the bluetooth range). It looks good. Has a good life before needing recharging.
The not so good? If you're not careful the iPad could fall out of the keyboard when using it as a stand on your lap. I find the typing slightly noisy (a clicking sound which a lot of keyboards have so not unique to this device) which only impacts in a meeting type setting if using the iPAD to take notes - the clicking can be a bit loud when everyone is quiet while using the on-screen keyboard makes no noise so you can type unobtrusively. Only a minor point really.
So all-in-all, I would highly recommend this keyboard!

Dvorak touch-typing layout!
Numerous individuals commenting on this website have wished for the ability to use the Dvorak keyboard layout. Even though the iPad software does not allow this, this hardware keyboard does allow enabling the Dvorak layout. The Dvorak layout can be enabled using "Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > English > Choose a Hardware Keyboard Layout > Dvorak". Even though the keyboard is slightly smaller than standard-size, I can still touch-type effectively if I am careful. Being able to touch-type with the Dvorak layout makes using the iPad very easy, and I have been using it for five weeks now. This keyboard provides a convenient and protective carry case for the iPad, and it is beautifully designed.

The Best iPad Accessory Ever Made
Both my mother and my mother-in-law told me that they saw my Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard cover on TV commercials. Granted, I do not watch that much TV, and such a commercial could easily miss my lazy gaze. However, they were certainly referring to the Microsoft Surface commercial that shows throngs of dancers clicking and unclicking keyboard covers on Microsoft Surface RT tablets. To my mothers, the commercial showed a tablet keyboard. To them, tablet means iPad, and therefore the keyboard must have been an iPad keyboard. While the Logitech Keyboard cover does make satisfying clicking noise when you attach the keyboard to the iPad, the Logitech keyboard is a far better thing than you will find on a Microsoft tablet.

The keyboard works well. Typing is easy. The chicklet style keys are small yet touch typing is easy (Full disclosure: I have fine fingers. Back in my 20s, my friends said I could have been a hand model. I jokingly told them my fine fingers were the results of avoidance of manual labor.) The shortcut keys take some getting used to, especially the copy and paste keys. Fortunately, a surprisingly high percentage of iPad apps also accept the old CMD-C and CMD-V combination for copy and paste. I particularly enjoy a return to tabbing in forms. Typing speed seemed about as fast as my regular desktop typing speed, which in my case is already slow.

Logitech thought this one through.The magnetically attached cover is easy to remove in case I want to switch from typing to drawing in Penultimate or pass the iPad to my kids. The slot for the iPad sits about a third of the way from the back of the keyboard cover. This position works well for keeping my fingers close to the screen for the iPad's touch screen controls. The placement also distributes the weight of the iPad so the iPad and the cover will not tip over. (The base of the unit is the keyboard cover, and the iPad is much heavier than the keyboard cover). The placement of the iPad and distribution of weight means the device will not fall off my lap if I am sitting or laying down on the couch. This is where the Logitech keyboard cover shines over desk use only touch covers on the Microsoft Surface. Dear Microsoft, this is how you make a keyboard cover; just look at all the knock-offs of the Logitech keyboard cover. Also, my keyboard cover is white and the white keys are easy to see in the dark under the glowing iPad screen. Logitech has pretty much thought of everything.

Expensive, but worth it
As far as iPad keyboards go, I've tried several and this one has been the easiest to use on different surfaces. It's expensive, but I like the fact it's a hard shell that keeps the iPad upright. Sometimes I'm typing at a desk or table, and this keyboard and others have worked fine for that. But many times I'm typing when the iPad is resting on my lap. This keyboard keeps the iPad positioned even on those other surfaces.

Very happy!
This is my third attempt at an iPad keyboard. My two previous ones work fine, but they're annoying to carry. This one works in place of an iPad smart cover.

It's also made specifically for the iPad, so it has features like a "home" key.

The only drawback is that you can't use an iPod back cover with it, as the iPad won't fit in the slot that way. I solved this by getting a sleeve. That offers better protection than a back cover anyway.

I finally have a useful keyboard for my iPad!

Makes work simpler
I received this keyboard as a gift last summer and have been using it daily with my work-issued iPad 4 since then.

Locks to iPad
Makes sending/reply to emails much easier
Allows me to take notes during meetings and then open them later in Outlook
Makes research via Safari much easier
My co-workers envy me
Allows me to be productive on the train

Cannot use with remote access app (bluetooth & virtual keyboards disabled)

This has been a workhorse of a keyboard, and has made my life much easier. I can easily balance it on my lap for light typing/searching/email during my train ride, and it speeds up my typing on the iPad. I recommend this for anyone needing a keyboard with their iPad.

An essential iPad Accessory
This is one of those accessories that feels like you bought it directly from Apple. Often times you get good functionality and quality from 3rd party suppliers for apple accessories, but so often you sacrifice the one thing that makes your Apple product so great and worth the extra money. The sleek and sexy look and feel. This is one of those occasions where you somehow make your iPad look 100 times cooler. It matches the white iPad with literal perfection. It closes with a satisfying magnetic snap, and looks like a little Macbook Air (and also charges with your iPad when closed). When set up the iPad sits perfectly in the ridge and it looks like a full on laptop. It takes away the need for some over-stylized case that detracts from the look of your iPad. I highly recommend this for everyone looking to use their iPad in a professional capacity, and everyone who isn't as well for that matter!


Technical data

  • Clip-and-go design: Magnetic clip instantly attaches the keyboard cover securely to your iPad 2 and iPad (3rd Generation)
  • Versatile iPad stand: Holds your iPad 3 at the optimum viewing angle in either portrait or landscape position
  • Instant on/off: Automatically wakes and sleeps your iPad when you open and close the cover
  • Color Black
  • Designed to work for both languages, Spanish and English


Product Description

The logitech 920-004413 ultrathin Spanish / English keyboard is the perfect companion for your iPad 2 and new iPad. It features a clip-and-go design which means one magnetic clip instantly attaches the keyboard cover securely to your iPad 2 and iPad 3. Versatile iPad stand holds your iPad 3 at the optimum viewing angle in either portrait or landscape position. Instant on/off function automatically wakes and sleeps your iPad when you open or close the case.

Ultrathin aluminum cover helps protect your iPad screen in style. It looks and feels great—designed to impress and complement your iPad. Being super-thin (only 8mm thick) and lightweight like your iPad, it is an easy fit in your hand or bag.

Bluetooth wireless technology enhances your iPad experience with precision typing. And it is great for writing IMs and emails when you're on the go. Get up to six months of keyboard power on a full charge— USB charging cable included

Versatile iPad stand holds your iPad at the optimum viewing angle when typing or watching a movie. You may place your iPad in either the portrait or landscape position.

A magnetic hinge securely attaches the cover to your iPad—just clip it on and you're good to go.

Auto wake and sleep function wakes your iPad when you open the cover—and sleeps when you close it.

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