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Linksys AC2400 4X4 Dual-Band Gigabit Wi-Fi Router (E8350)

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Powerful Sustained Performance w/ Easy Installation
I have lived within a complicated home network environment for many years. I typically relied on Linksys for many of those years and recently (about 18 months ago) incorporated a high-end Belkin wireless router into the mix. I was never happy with the Belkin performance (spotty coverage and dropped signals to some devices). I decided to use the Linksys AC2400 to replace the Belkin and I was glad I had that opportunity. NOTE: The AC2400 (E8350) was installed in an environment with the following variables: 4,000 sq ft house (recent construction, two floors), predominantly Windows environment (Win 7 and 8), one desktop, one laptop, three Iphones (4,5, and one 6), three Ipads, two Apple TV's, and a Linksys Wireless Range Extender N600 Dual Band (RE2000) on our second floor. The installation location for this router is at our network termination panel in a closet on the far side first floor of the house. This information should provide some comparator factors for your particular situation.

The router arrived packaged very well by both the manufacturer and OnlineShopDealer. The build quality of the router is very good and should take a fall (though not recommended of course). There are no status lights on the router. I personally don't miss them, but some users may and I can understand. The router comes with a CD (win and mac) you can use for installation. Note, the E8350 does not support Linksys Smart Wi-Fi remote access, which I never used anyway but many seem to like. If you are completely unfamiliar with setting up a wireless router, the CD (software) is the most recommended method of installation once you physically connect the router to your network. If you are familiar, or at least comfortable, with attempting manual installation, this is what I recommend (manual installation). Manually, access the router's Web interface by pointing a browser on a connected computer to the router's default IP address ( and login with default credentials of admin for both username and password. From there, you setup the router using the Linksys interface, which I happen to like but some people complain about as being "clunky." I found the interface very responsive and well laid out. Most changes did not require me to reboot the router like the old days. In my case, I setup the router for DHCP (as opposed to static) and every client device quickly hopped onto the network after I entered passwords. Overall, installation is easy whether you use the CD or manually install. My router shipped with Firmware version 1.0 (dated 9/23/14). I always recommend you check for updated firmware. The link for updated firmware for this router is at

Performance in my environment, which I would rate as complicated, is great. Note the E8350 works with all current Wi-Fi devices regardless of their Wi-Fi standards. However, to obtain fastest Wi-Fi speed, your device will also need to support quad-stream Wi-Fi standard, which most devices at this time do not. Otherwise, the great performance I experienced may be because the hardware is considered among the most powerful currently on the market (dual-core 500MHz Quantenna QT3840BC chip rated at 1733 mbps with 802.11ac devices). I will not go into technical details here regarding the hardware, there are more qualified individuals who I am sure will "geek out" in that regard. My only real concern was practical sustained performance and usability and in this regard, I am very pleased. I left the Linksys extender off my network when I installed the new router and still managed to get coverage in some hard to reach places for which the extender was intended to compensate. However, I will install the extender anyway as it still closes all the gaps in my house (upstairs on opposite end of house.) A key indicator for me on performance is the ability of my devices to quickly get back onto the network when in range. Every portable device we used very quickly returned to our wireless network using DHCP. No lag at all for newer devices. However, we did notice that the older devices were not as quick (Iphone 4 and 4s).

It is probably worth noting that aside from hardware improvements, the AC2400 E8350 appears to have the same common features as other routers, including support for IPv6, VPN pass-though, Dynamic DNS, MAC filtering, port forwarding, WPS and simple firewall and parental control features (a feature I wish someone would improve already). Either way, the router offers solid and sustained performance in my use so far. This was achieved with very little tweaking of settings (just basic setup).

Admirable signal strength and range increase
I use a Cisco DOCSIS 3825 Wireless Residential Gateway as my cable modem, router and WiFi access point. This device has been serving me well, and I can get wireless speeds a little over 60 mbps on my laptop. The issue I've been having is speed degrediation when there's more than one device in the house streaming, or if I'm on a different floor.

I am keeping my set up intact, and using the Linksys router as a bridge to my Cisco device to boost signal strength and range of my existing WiFi network. In that regard, Linksys has been performing admirably. Whereas before, when two devices were streaming simultaneously, and both would suffer with inferior picture, now the pictures are clear. And the range on the second floor is vastly improved as well.

The E8350 is one of only 3 quadstream 802.11ac routers on the market today, and its performance, according to CNET, is in the middle of the pack. It's also the cheapest of the 3 by $30-$40.

The aesthetics over the previous Linksys model is an improvement, in my opinion. I didn't much like the retro look, which the E8350 has shed. The antennas are relatively short, although you'd have to point the front two diagonally for best performance (not shown in the picture).

All in all, I'm quite happy with the E8350. It's performing as advertised for my needs.

Easy to install
This product was easy to install. Put in the disk, follow instructions, then hook it up.

This unit has better signal strength than the router that we had before.

The good thing about this item is that it has faster standards, but you will need newer equipment with the same standards to take advantage of the speed. The latest standard that is provided is the IEEE 802.11ac which gives up to 1733 mbps.

The build quality is decent and this is a decent product. So far I like this router.

Fast and Reliable
Fast and Easy set up! Reliable and compatible with all devices!

We had a very old router from about 4 years ago and were looking to upgrade. When we received the new Linksys AC2400, we immediatley set it up. So far we've had do signal drops and works great with all our devices! The speeds vary a bit with each device but still very consistent. The reach is impressive also. No complaints so far and would recommend this over others that I've seen.

Excellent wifi access point with fairly easy setup.
Set up was very easy as long as you have a computer with both wifi and a cd drive. (I am not very skilled when it comes to networking.) It was very easy to follow the instructions on the CD to get this up and running as a very strong wifi access point. I'm sure it can be used as a repeater or otherwise, but I am using it only as a wifi access point hardwired with ethernet cable to my Verizon fios cablemodem. According to Speettest, I am getting 35/25 over wifi one floor away from the router - which I think is excellent! All of my wifi things work better - Roku, cameras, ipad. Everything is faster. My only complaint is that the supplied ethernet cable is painfully short - maybe 2 feet.

Easy set up
I was very pleased with the ease of setting up the router. The software was easy to use and we were up and running in mere moments. The intuitive nature of the software led to a quick and easy network connection. All my devices (mostly android phones / tablets) linked up immediately.

The signal strength is fantastic. This one router may very well replace the two I WAS using to cover the house. Another nice feature of this router is that there are no lights to the front. This makes it unobtrusive which is something I was looking for as it is sitting in our living room.

Great for my devices
This router is exactly what I needed. I'm the type of person that likes to mirror a video that's on my tablet or smartphone to the TV. Before I was just using my gateway that would allow me to mirror but there would be lag or sometimes it wouldn't work at all when I tried to use it to mirror to my Xbox 360. It was so bad I thought my devices weren't good enough.

Now that I have this great router with 802.11ac technology, I rarely have a problem mirroring to my Xbox 360 and I definitely don't have a problem mirroring it with my LG theater system.

It was very easy to setup once the software was installed on the computer. Unfortunately, I had to download the setup software from the internet because I'm using a VAIO that doesn't have a CD-ROM. Once I installed it, I was good to go.

Best on the market!!!
This is easily the best and fastest Wi-Fi Router I've ever used. Previously, I was using a wi-fi/modem combo set up and was running a 32 Mbps download and 3.61 Mbps upload speed. Since switching to this Linksys ac2400, I'm at a 58 Mbps download and 5.81 Mbps upload. It's amazing. I can game, watch movies, stream, download, and browse SIMULTANEOUSLY with no lag on any of it - We know this because we ran three computers, two tablets, and a gaming system simultaneously when we first got this out of the box.

Great system, and life is always better with good internet!


Technical data

  • 4x4 AC: 4 streams of data for stronger, faster performance. Optimal for HD video streaming and lag-free gaming
  • MU-MIMO Ready: Latest Wireless-AC technology for simultaneous streaming and gaming to multiple devices without speed degradation
  • Dual-Band (2.4 + 5 GHz): Double the network bandwidth for maximum speeds to gaming and streaming devices. Speeds up to N600 + AC 1733 Mbps
  • Central Processing Unit (CPU): Supercharged 1.4GHz Dual-Core Processor for heavy-bandwidth gaming, file transfers and downloads
  • 4 Adjustable Antennas: Position antennas for a clear wireless signal in each room
  • 4 Gigabit Ports: 10x faster than Fast Ethernet for exceptional wired connections
  • Advanced Security: WPA/WPA2 encryption and SPI firewall keep your network safely connected
  • USB 3.0 Port: Connect external storage devices or printers and share across your network at speeds 10x faster than USB 2.0


Product Description

The Linksys AC2400 Dual Band Gigabit Wi-Fi Router offers the fastest Wi-Fi technology for a seamless entertainment experience. This 4x4 router is the latest in Wireless-AC, delivering four simultaneous, independent data streams to all your devices for speeds of up to 1733 Mbps. The AC2400 features a 1.4 GHz CPU, four Gigabit ports, and an eSATA port with data transfer speeds of up to 3 Gbps. It also has beamforming and is MU-MIMO ready for simultaneous streaming and gaming on multiple devices. Eliminate lag and buffering over a wider Wi-Fi range with the AC2400 and take your gaming and streaming to the next level.

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