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AmazonBasics Apple Certified Lightning to USB Cable - 3 Feet (0.9 Meters) - White

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Works 100% with iPhone 5
Kudos to OnlineShopDealer for being first-to-market with a cheaper alternative to the Apple branded cord. There's no reason you should not buy this cord. In fact, I personally prefer the black cord to Apple's white. Also, it works with Apple's wall plug.

The ONLY thing I could possibly think of that would be a deterrent is that the lightning plug end is slightly fatter (on the black part) than the original Apple cord's version. So if you are squeezing your Apple cord between somthing to get to the phone, then this might not make it through. That being said, I have an OtterBox Defender case on my iPhone 5 and it fits without any problems.

Apple approved
This cable is Apple approved and uses a Lightning connector that is 100% identical to the original cable's plug. It is made of one solid continuous metal shielding and looks and feels exactly like the original one. However, the black encasing is bulkier, being wider, thicker and also longer than its Apple counterpart. The cable is the exact same length as the Apple cable and works perfectly with my iPhone 5. For $5 less I'll pick this cable up any day.

Works as advertised, $5 cheaper, and FREE shipping!
I figured that OnlineShopDealer would not put their name on something that was fake. So I was glad to see this cable come out. The lightning end is about 4 mm larger than the apple connector, but it still fits fine in the iPhone 5 Otter Box Defender case. I ordered this Tuesday, got it Wednesday, great shipping OnlineShopDealer! I also like that this cable is black as it will not discolor like all the other white Apple cables I have.

Fits fine with my Otterbox Commuter case
The plastic guard on the lightning end is a bit wider than on the original Apple brand cord, so I can see how that might cause problems with some cases that don't leave a lot of clearance, as some people are saying in other reviews. However, it fits fine with my Otterbox Commuter case that I have on my phone. Works great for charging and syncing with my computer. Every bit as good as the official Apple one, but for about $5 cheaper, so it's hard to go wrong unless you have one of the cases that doesn't leave clearance for it.

Works with the Official Iphone 5S Leather Case, in Fact it Just Plain Works Great!
I really wanted a 6' lightning cable to use while charging my Iphone 5S in bed. The standard 3' cable is just too short to use comfortably while charging. The OnlineShopDealerBasics 6' USB A to Lightning Cable had a great price and seemed to fit the bill. Reading through the reviews though, I found many that stated that the plastic on the lightning connector end is thicker than the OEM cable. They stated it doesn't fit certain cases, the new official Iphone 5/5S leather case being one of them. Unfortunately, that is the exact case I have on my Iphone 5S.

I gave up on the OnlineShopDealerBasics cord and searched for another 6' lightning cable, but I could not find a cable that didnt have reviews stating that it was thicker than the OEM cable. I finally decided to buy the OnlineShopDealerBasics cable and try it. I figured if it doesn't fit I may be able to sand down the plastic to a point where it does fit. I received the cable a few days ago and I'm happy to report it DOES fit in the official Iphone 5/5S leather case. I don't see much of a size difference in the lightning end when looking closely at this cable versus the OEM cable. I'm a bit confused about the previous reviews stating that the cable does not fit. Maybe OnlineShopDealerBasics redesigned the lightning end of the cable to match the OEM version? In any case, I'm very happy with it.

Other notes on the cable: It seems well made. The cable itself is thicker than the OEM cable. The up side is that it seems to be more durable, the downside is that it doesn't roll up as easily. The 6' length is convenient. I can lay in bed or sit in a chair and use the Iphone while the unit is charging.

All in all, I'm glad I picked it up. Double the length at three quarters the price of the 3' OEM cable. Not bad.


- Should fit almost any case, including the official Iphone 5/5S leather case. The plastic around the lightning cable end seems to be pretty much the same size as the OEM cable

- The cable itself is thicker than the OEM version and seems more durable.

- The 6' length is great for charging while you are using the phone.

- The price


- The cable, being thicker, does not roll up as easily as the OEM version. It also tends to hold its shape more than the OEM, so you need to straighten it out after unrolling.

Works great
The OnlineShopDealerBasics USB to Lightning Cable arrived today.
It charges and syncs with no issues. I like that it is black vs white for the simple fact that the white cable becomes dingy-brown after a few months of usage.

My only complaint was the OnlineShopDealer frustration free packaging was frustrating! The ends of the cable come wrapped in a clear plastic to protect the finish. One peeled right off, the other had to be ripped, torn, and pulled off. Not work deducting a star from the product though.

I rate this 5 stars since it is a cheaper alternative than Apple's cable and backed by OnlineShopDealer.

I hope that OnlineShopDealer will chose to make the 30-pin to Lighting adapters as well.

OnlineShopDealer Basics does it again.
1. It works exactly as it should.
2. It's less expensive than the Apple brand charging cable (beware of fakes!)
3. It's packaged in a simple, sturdy, recyclable or reusable cardboard box - no fancy over-packaging.
4. It's usable with both my Speck candy shell case and my husband's Meta slider case.
5. It's Prime eligible.
6. It's black, so I can tell at a glance which charging cable is for the iPhone 5 and which (the white one)is for my iPad 3 and iPod Nano.
6. Did I mention that it works and is less expensive?

1. Umm..... OK, you might have a case that it won't work with your particular IPhone case because the plug casing is slightly larger. If the white one that came with your phone is a perfect, snug fit when your case is on, with no room left over, this is not going to work for you unless you're willing to take your case off to charge.

I got this product today and I have to say I am really impressed. I'd may even prefer it to the apple cable just for the fact that the cable feels thicker so I'm hoping it will last longer. I was a little concerned it wouldn't fit with my otterbox defender but I'm pleased to say fits perfect with room to spare.

Error message when I plugged it in
The first time I plugged it in, it seemed to work. But next time, my iPhone displayed the message "Charging is not supported by this device." Maybe it was charging anyway, but seems like a compatibility problem to me. I'm sending back and ordering a device from Apple.

I got a genuine apple cable, and it does the exact same thing. So I guess it was not a problem with the cable after all. I updated my rating from 1 to 5 stars. If I had to order another one, I would get this one and save a few dollars vs an one from apple.

"Apple Certified" is a must.
Apple Certified is the key to buying non Apple replacement parts. Any that are not certified is a waste of time and money (as I have purchased several non certified cables that have not worked at all or failed after a short period of time).


Technical data

  • Charging and syncing cable for your Apple devices
  • Apple MFi certification ensures complete charge and sync compatibility with iPhone 6 Plus / 6 / 5s / 5c / 5 / iPad Air / iPad mini / mini 2 / iPad 4th generation and iPod nano 7th generation
  • Connects to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod with Lightning Connector and charges/syncs by connecting the USB connector into your wall charger or computer
  • Compact Lightning Connector head works with nearly all cases
  • Backed by an OnlineShopDealerBasics 1-year Limited Warranty


Product Description

This Lightning to USB A charging/sync cable lets you connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod with a lightning connector to charge your device or sync it with your media library. Lightning charging/sync cable (enlarge).

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