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LifeProof nüüd Case & Cover/Stand for iPad Gen 2/3/4 - White / Gray

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Tough Case
This case has withstood the usual sorts of wear and tear. It also does not compromise on the operation of the iPad. The touch screen is open and accessible for use, and all the controls and connectors are still there for real operation. Audio quality on the speaker is still usable too, although it is slightly muffled by the covering of the case. The case is fairly light weight, despite the added bulk it provides to cushion for shocks. I originally got the case when I dropped my iPad on the floor and shattered the screen. This case put a stop to that kind of accident.

Love it
I bought the Griffin survivor protective case and was immediately disappointed. It did not seam together well and the piece covering the camera broke off. It was poorly designed and controls were hard to manage. It did not complement the looks of the iPad but instead cheapened the appearance. I returned it two days after purchase. I already owned the Lifeproof case for my iphone and was very satisfied with the case. My initial hesitation with the Lifeproof case for the iPad was the price. I went ahead and purchased the Lifeproof case anyway and I couldn't be more satisfied. Great sturdy durable case that feels like part of the iPad, not an afterthought. All of the controls are easily accessible. I cannot recommend the Lifeproof brand enough. It is worth the price.

Serious iPad Armor
I gave it a thorough testing by handing my iPad to my 8 yearold so she could play her Monster High game, underwater, in the bathtub. Have issued 11 to my users on the manufacturing floor and after many drops and spills the iPads remain happy and functional.

Lifeproof nuud case for ipad
It performs as stated, I fitted it to my wife's ipad and submerged it in our pool guess what???? It works . I also have the lifeproof cover for my iPhone as I work in a marine environment , it has proved itself more than once

More than advertised.
DUDE!!! I purchased my Lifeproof case a couple of years ago and have been very happy with it. Sure it's a little bulky and heavy compared to some of the other cases but I wanted to protect it from my little one. Turns out I needed to protect it from myself. Last Sunday getting ready for church I go into the garage to get in the car. Before I do I had to throw some trash away so I put the iPad on the trunk, throw the trash away, get in the car and go to church. We take the 7-10 mile trip which included interstate driving, and arrive at church. Once in service I go to get the iPad but it's not there. My wife suggests I go to see if it's in the car. I know I never put it in the car so I spend the entire service trying to convince myself I left it somewhere in the garage because I certainly do not want to buy another one, I don't want to explain to my wife and child that daddy is a numbskull, and it will take forever to get back to level 382 on Candy Crush Saga. Church service ends we go back to the car and what do you know, I did bring the iPad, and it was right where I put it....on the trunk. I certainly hope if you purchase this case you don't make the same mistake I made, but if you do, believe me, you have a chance. I know Lifeproof suggest their product it waterproof, shockproof, and more, but if they want to add idiot proof, I can attest.

Excellent case for iPad
If you were worried about dropping, spilling water on the device, or just being plain clumsy, this is the case for you. This is an excellent case, that lets you use the screen and yet still have the iPad perfectly protected. I would highly recommend this product.

LifeProof Nüüd Case and Stand for iPad 2/3/4 (1103-01)
This is the best case I've had for my iPad. It is extremely protective. I have dropped it numerous times and not a thing has happened to my iPad, or the case. It does make the iPad a little bit bigger but it's not too bad. I carry it around school for 8 hours a day and it doesn't bother me. The speakers do sound a little bit muffled but that is to be expected. I had the OtterBox Defender Seires case for iPad, but I didn't like it very much. It wasn't very big and bulky but after a while the rubber stretched so it didn't fit the plastic covering. The OtterBox also isn't waterproof. That made it hard for me to take my iPad some places. The LifeProof Nüüd case for iPad 2/3/4 is the best case I have had for my iPad.

Waterproof Ipad case
Very durable! My son tried the waterproof guarantee as soon as he got it. Works perfect! Worth the money to keep your Ipad safe!

For really real
It was great and actually worked I was a little skeptical but it is truly amazing thank you ever so much

Great for kids
Great case well worth the money especially if you have kids. We had an otterbox that our children kept peeling the sides off of. After the first I pad broke in the otter box we purchased the life proof case. The second I pad has now survived being dropped and a trip in the bathtub.


Technical data

  • Freedom - Confidence that your iPad is protected when not in use, in a bag with other objects or on the go
  • Protection - Snaps tightly to your LifeProof nuud case for iPad for a reliable fit
  • Protection - Rigid cover adds extra protection when travelling with your iPad
  • Convenience - Stand adjustable to two angles for optimal viewing and typing
  • Convenience - Easy to install or remove when required
  • Full Functionality - Full access to charge port for charging


Product Description

Take your iPad with you wherever life might take you. Your LifeProof nuud case for iPad protects your iPad from water, dirt, snow and shocks. An essential partner, the Cover + Stand lets you toss your iPad in your bag when travelling, over your shoulder using the LifeProof Shoulder Strap (sold separately) or simply leave your iPad out when not in use, all without worry. The Cover + Stand for LifeProof nuud iPad case also doubles as a stand, so you can watch a movie or read a book while keeping your hands free. Writing an email or typing up a paper? The Cover + Stand can be angled for optimal typing position.

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