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Seville Classics Heavy-Duty 3-Bag Laundry Sorter Cart

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Customer Reviews

One small purchase that changed my life!
Sounds like a dramatic title, but really - it did! With four kids and two parents, I do about 10 loads of laundry a week. This usually involved several steps - finding the laundry from various hampers & rooms, dumping on my bed, sorting into piles by fabric & color, and then doing laundry all day - really - all day every Sunday was laundry load after load. Now all members of the household have been directed to deposit their clothing directly into this center (which kept near the bedrooms), and must sort as they go (one bag is for dark, one medium, and one white). One full bag equals one full load. At any given night, when a bag is full, I just wash a load - easy peasy! My Sundays are now free and I'm a happier mom!

The quality is amazing, spare bags are available, the wheels are sturdy, and my 7 year old and I put it together ourselves. I recommend this one over one without a grid on the bottom to support the weight of the bags (they get heavy).

It met all my specs
I considered quite a few 3 and 4 bag sorters from several manufacturers before choosing this one. It had all of the features that counted for me: (1) washable canvas bags, (2) bottom rack for support, (3) wheel locks, (4) 3 ample, individually removable bags. I'd also note that it is quite sturdy, was simple to assemble, and was extremely well packaged for shipment.

Great Item for your Laundry
If you live in a condo, this is the item for you....

It serves multiple purposes, holds three different types of loads for washing....

Carries clean items back to your apartment and the heavy duty sorter bagging is washable....

And just as valuable this also hangs wet clothing that requires to be dried without using a dryer....

What's even better the hanging pole is adjustable and can be taken off completely if not required.....

Good quality laundry sorter
This mobile laundry sorter is really high quality. I had originally purchased a different one from another manufacturer, and it was not nearly as sturdy as this one is. I roll it around alot, and it's holding up beautifully. Also, it is a great way to keep dirty laundry where it should be -- off the floor! I find it works quite well to use the two outer bags for dirty laundry, and the middle one only for clean laundry.

good look and sturdy
it is good looking and sturdy. i bought the honey can do one before and it broke after a year , very flimsy. this one is much better. it requires a bit of time to screw them all in place but its worth it.
finally a sorter that can actually wheel to places without falling apart.

Great laundry sorter
This sorter is just what I wnated. I ordered 2 for complete sorting. Sturdy, looks good, each section is separate if I want to carry something in it or launder it. Casters work well, moves very easily. Altogether a very good item for my laundry room.

Worth the money, makes doing laundry so much easier
I bought this to replace a similar cheapie version that I'd been using for about six months. This was three times as expensive but about 100 times better. It has a metal frame that does not wobble or lose shape and the three bags are made of heavy duty canvas. I love that the bags are not connected to each other and can be lifted out to carry our already sorted laundry down to our laundry room. We have this upstairs in our master closet and it's a snap to take a bag down and do some laundry without having to load everything into baskets. The bags themselves easily hold two full loads of laundry each. This has truly made my life easier.

Excellent and Sturdy Laundry Sorter
This product went together easily and in approximately 10 minutes. No tools were needed outside of what is supplied with the unit. I chose this particular unit because other Seville products I own, such as the 3 and 4 foot wide racks, have stood up to 7 years of use, flawlessly.

The bags hold a lot of laundry and are easy to carry if you choose to do so. The unit rolls easily over carpet and tile. The locking wheels work and are handy.

With proper tightening the unit does not wobble at all. The metal grate on the bottom provides stability to the unit and keeps the weight of the bags from pulling down the bars they hang on...nice touch!

It is one of those things that might seem frivolous to begin with, but shortly after dumping the hamper and using this I was sold. When doing pre-sorted laundry for the first time, I wondered how I got along without it!

Best Laundry sorter, amazing price
Up until now, we have been using one of the 3 mesh bag clothes sorters and one of those cheap white laundry hangers you can get for 10 bucks at walmart for handling our laundry needs at our apartment. Our apartment has virtually no storage space, and our washer and dryer take up a closet, so doing laundry and sorting laundry happens in the open, and I need somewhere to sort the dirty laundry and hang laundry as it comes out of the dryer so I don't spend a whole extra day ironing.

To get a portable hanging system that isn't going to twist with more than 10 items on it and have the pipes bend, I was afraid I was going to have to spend a fortune. My cheap one was on its last leg, with bends in the pipes and it fell over constantly. I ordered this system out of desperation based on good reviews, and when it arrived today and I put it together, I just HAD to leave one of my own.

The metal pipes in this system are extremely solid. To counter the tendency for hollow pipes to bend when they're long and bearing weight, these pipes are held into a base that is welded into a 3 bar support system. The pipes therefore are only half the size of a tall system, which means they won't work for dresses, but I'm okay walking to the closet if I happen to wash a dress. The bottom has a mesh screen, so if you have a heavy load in one of the bags, it's supported. When you don't have any hanging clothes, the hanging bar can be lowered, making the system even more compact.

Also, the bags have convenient carrying handles on the hangers, which makes it easy to lift them out if necessary to dump them into a washing machine or whatever else you might need. The bags are a sturdy linen, which feels like it will hold up well. Assembly took all of five minutes with the tools included (an allen wrench and a small wrench to attach the wheels). Two of the wheels lock for stationary use.

Great product
This is a sturdy and well built product. Makes it easy to sort laundry and take laundry up and down the stairs. The bar has also been great for hanging slightly damp clothes.


  • Sorter Dimensions: 30.75" W x 18" D x 33" H
  • 3 large removable heavy-duty canvas bags (each 15.75" W x 8.66" D x 23.62" H) with steel handles for easy lifting
  • Very mobile with 2" easy-glide rubber wheels (two lock)
  • Durable commercial-grade chrome plated steel frame
  • Wire grid base provides extra support for canvas sorter bags


The seville Classics Heavy Duty 3-Bag Laundry Sorter will keep your colors, whites and delicates separate. Each heavy duty draw string canvas bag can hold up to one load of laundry. Constructed from chrome wire frame, this unit can also move easily with his lockable wheels. The bags are also supported by a wire grid tray system on the bottom shelf for added support. This unit measures 30.75-inches by 18-inches and by 33-inches high.

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