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KRUPS XP3200 Opio Pump Boiler Espresso Machine with Milk Frothing Nozzle for Cappuccino, Black

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Customer Reviews

Product Reviews

Great foam
So being from Italy, I know good coffee. Been through many mid range cappuccino makers and they all sucked. This machine is by far the best I ever owned. The espresso crema is outstanding. Don't waste your money on high dollar machines, by this one. You will be very happy.

PS make sure you read the milk frothing directions. You have to purge the water before steam. Easy process.

Great Espresso Maker
I like this machine because it takes up little room on my counter, it makes a good shot of espresso and it's reasonably priced. I also like that it has a storage area for the accessories. They don't get lost in my junk drawer.

Simple, makes a nice espresso.
This machine makes a very good espresso in a short amount of time. It's simple to use, a pump espresso, which works better than my previous steam espresso machine that took a long time. Overall quality is excellent.

Works great and no leaks.
Excellent little machine.
After the intial set-up, let it cool completely. Otherwise, the machine might not do anything at all. Lights will light, but nothing. Next morning, works perfectly. Just let it completely cool down before making the first cup of espresso.

Krups espresso machine
Dear Sirs:
I gave the Krups espresso XP3200 machine as a gift to my daughter. She told me it is the best coffee maker she has ever owned. I have a less expensive Krups espresso machine, and it is the best. Thank you Krups!

great buy.
Makes a great cappaccino . It takes a little longer than some of the expensive machines but for the money it has served us well, and I make a cup for my wife and I almost every day.

excellent coffee machine
Best coffee for an excelent price. The key is to find a very good coffee. This machine will do the rest.

The best affordable maker for home
We tried many espresso makers in our budget. I have to say by the time we were done ditching the bad ones we could have purchased one high end maker. However, this machine is the best so far.
We use this maker all day long and I purchased two more one for my office and one for traveling (we are espresso junkies)
The only problem I have with this maker is it's a bit noisy and you really have to keep an eye on the drip tray or it will end up all over the counter and floor. I don't use the want so I can't say anything about that at all. But the rest of the parts have held up.

Love this little machine!
This is my second Krups machine and i felt comfortable buying Krups because my first machine lasted a long time. I got this one at at a ridiculously low price and expectations were that this was going to be a good little machine for recreational coffee drinking.

This makes a nice espresso with crema on top, and the steamer works better than I expected, with 1% and 2% milk. I'm extremely satisfied with the machine.

Just a couple of things to watch out for, the water container must be pushed down completely to avoid leaks (had the same thing happen with the Saeco we use at work). The first time you use it it will take some time for the water to cycle through, and this will happen again if you let the water reservoir go dry. The only other issue is that the drip tray fills up when you go from "steam" mode to "brew mode" but so long as you are watching out for that, it won't be an issue.

Good value for the money.

Great Machine -- Why is it not available in Europe?
It is a great machine for the price. I spend 6 months each year in Europe and was disappointed when I arrived in Vienna last month to not be able to find this model either on OnlineShopDealer.UK or OnlineShopDealer.DE.


Technical data

  • 1250 watts; 15 bar pump espresso machine
  • Boiler plate heating element
  • Filter holder 1or 2 cups. steam nozzle for milk frothing
  • E.S.E. pod compatible for fool-proof espresso making (Easy Serving Espresso Pre-Portioned Pods)
  • Removable drip tray and 26.6 ounce removable water tank. space in back to store 2 filters and measuring spoon


Product Description

New from krups, the XP3200 Opio Pump Espresso Machine is a 1250 watt, 15 bar pump espresso machine with a boiler pate heating system. The filter holder can be used for 1 or 2 cups ground coffee and ESE compatible pods. The Krups XP3200 Opio Pump Espresso Machine has a steam nozzle for milk frothing, a removable 26.6 ounce water tank and removable drip tray. Integrated storage of accessories, there is space in back to store 2 filters and a measuring spoon. Machine measures- 13L x 8.8W x 12.4' H.

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