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Kimberly-Clark Kleenex 02046 Multi-Fold Towel, 9-25/64" Length x 9-3/16" Width, White (8 Packs of 150)

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Product Reviews

The definitive review on paper hand towels...
Well, I've run through what's availabile locally/OnlineShopDealer and here's my review of the different brand multifold towels. My review is based on using a SINGLE towel to dry freshly washed (and gently shaked) hands. Requirement was to have sufficiently dry hands (absorbancy) without easily tearing (durability). Ratings are 1-5 stars. I did not factor in price (they are all within ~$10 of each other) or box quantity.

SCOTT Multifold Paper Towels (OnlineShopDealer)
Absorbency: ** (2 stars)
Durability: ***** (5 stars)
Overall: ** (2 stars)
These ranked lowest on absorbency (only wax paper is less absorbent), but high on durability. Two towels required to sufficiently dry hands, but little/no tearing.

Marathon Multifold Paper Towels (Costco)
Absorbency: *** (3 stars)
Durability: ** (2 stars)
Overall: *** (3 stars)
Your average towel. Med absorbency, med durability. You effectively needed two towels to dry OR carefully dry with one towel. Rips easily when wet.

Georgia-Pacific Signature White 2-Ply Premium Multifold Paper Towel (OnlineShopDealer)
Absorbency: *** (3 stars)
Durability: *** (3 stars)
Overall: *** (3 stars)
Very similar to the Marathon in overall performance, slightly more absorbent.

Kimberly-Clark Professional KLEENEX Multifold Paper Towels (OnlineShopDealer)
Absorbency: ***** (5 stars)
Durability: ***** (5 stars)
Overall: ***** (5 stars)
Top of the line. Excellent absorbency and durability, easily drys hands with one towel without ripping/tearing. Good comfortable texture and composition, almost approaches fabric in appearance and feel. As far as I'm concerned, these are the towels by which all others are measured.

Soft, thick, absorbent
Very good quality - previously used a thin towel that would tear when pulled out of the dispenser with wet hands. This towel is thicker, softer, stronger, and more absorbent.

Quality Paper Towel
A real paper towel,worth the price.One will do a great job, you don't need three to dry your hands. A great product.

Great Paper Towels
I usually buy the same size carton of a different brand of towels from a bulk supplier. I've been trying to cut down on trips to different stores, so I purchased these. I love them! They are much better than what I was buying before, very cushioned and a bright white. I place them in the bathroom in a decorative container to use in place of hand towels. I also use them in the kitchen for anything else I would normally use a regular paper towel for such as cleaning, microwaving, etc. They are the best quality paper towel I've ever used. Will definitely purchase these from now on.

Excellent product
Sturdy and absorbant; one towel is all that is needed to dry hands vs several of the lower quality variety.

Great for the garage
I installed a sink in my garage and installed a paper towel dispenser next to it. These paper towels are great for drying hands, cleaning up spills or wiping off the dipstick on the cars.

Not your average paper towel
There are a zillion multi-fold towels on the market. I haven't found any better than these. The vendor ships quickly and accurately. A+ experience.

Softer than most...
Nice, high-quality paper towels. Yes, they're a little more expensive than some other brands, but it's worth it so you don't feel like you're drying your hands with sandpaper. Thick and absorbent - you only need one.

Worth getting these great paper towels over the normal ones
It might not seem to matter much what paper towel to get, but it's really nice to have a pile of these instead of other towels.

They are thicker/tougher than normal paper towels.

The only review below 4 stars criticized them for being 'rough'. They are. But I don't see that as a problem in pretty much any use for a paper towel - they work fine, and that's an advantage generally.

There's no photo of a towel, so they're square shaped, similar to the paper towels in restrooms except thicker and nicer.

I'm very glad I picked these up instead of another package of round, thinner towels at the market.

Finally, at least they're not made by the Koch brothers, who make another brand of paper towel and use the profits for radical right-wing politics across the country - if that matters to you and it should to all people.

Does The Job
They do not fall apart when you wipe your hands. Perfect in my bathroom for use with my faux shelf paper towel dispenser


Technical data

  • Kleenex multi-fold towel is soft and highly absorbent for reduced waste
  • Towel material is white and contains 50% recycled fiber, of which at least 40% is post-consumer waste
  • Packaging is recyclable
  • Meets EPA standards, and is FSC and EcoLogo certified
  • For use with a multi-fold towel dispenser (sold separately)


Product Description

The Kimberly-Clark kleenex Multi-Fold Towel is soft and highly absorbent for reduced waste, meets EPA standards, and is FSC and EcoLogo certified. The towel material is white and contains 50% recycled fiber, of which at least 40% is post-consumer waste. The towels are 9.2 x 9.4 inches (L x W) unfolded, and come bound in recyclable packaging. (L is length, the horizontal distance from left to right; W is width, the horizontal distance from front to back.) They can be used with any multi-fold towel dispenser (sold separately).

Kimberly-Clark manufactures products for personal and health care, industrial, and laboratory applications under the brands Kleenex, Scott, WypAll, Kimtech, and Kleenguard, among others. The company, founded in 1870, is headquartered in Dallas, TX.

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