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Keeble Outlets One Dozen (12) Kitchen Dish Towels - White - High Quality, Low Lint, Professional Grade 24 oz., 100% Cotton Tea Towel With Herringbone Weave for Exceptional Absorption. Use The Kitchen Towel Preferred by Professional Chefs Around the World

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Product Reviews

Super Absorbent and Low Lint? You bet!!!
After looking through all the kitchen towels offered on OnlineShopDealer, I chose these because they are advertised as highly absorbent and low lint. I prefer to hand wash all my glassware because the water here always leaves spots on them when they go through the dishwasher and I guess it's just one of my pet peeves, but I can't stand glasses with water spots. So I need towels that do the job of drying without leaving a lot of lint behind. You know, you keep wiping and wiping and it's still there... lint!

OnlineShopDealer shipped these towels out immediately and they arrived in two days using my free shipping with OnlineShopDealer Prime. They arrived neatly folded and nicely packed in a clear plastic bag. I inspected each one and found that the edges are very well sewn - no fraying like you find on a lot of towels these days. They are made of cotton and very soft. Usually when you buy these types of kitchen towels you have to wash them first because they are so stiff. Not these. Soft and ready to use. So far so good. But the real test was staring back at me from the kitchen sink - time to get washing.

After washing several glasses, I grabbed one of the towels and started the drying process. Well that didn't take long at all! Found out that these towels are super absorbent which meant less time drying. The best part was crystal clean glasses! No spots and hardly any lint at all! I really like these towels and actually look forward to hand washing because I know I can finish the task quickly. I think I'll buy another set to keep and use in my camper! Definitely two thumbs up!!

Love these
I worked in the restaurant business for over 20 years, as a bartender I used towels similar to these. I expected them to be standard bar towel size but they are about half as big as those. However, this is a perfect kitchen towel size. Nice looking, nothing fancy but super functional and absorbent. Great foundation piece for a busy kitchen.

If you are serious about your kitchen, you will love these towels.
You have to fall outside of two standard deviations of normal human behavior to get this excited about a kitchen towel, but I must say, these are fantastic. I purchased these from OnlineShopDealer for my mother, who has the strange but imminently frugal and practical habit of using cut-up t-shirts as kitchen dishrags. These were the highest rated towels; thus, these were the ones I bought for my mother.

1) The company was awesome. They pinged me with nice (not intrusive) emails making sure the order arrived properly and that we were satisfied with the product.
2) The towels out of the box were gorgeous. My mom wanted to use them for placemats, they were so pretty. Since she already has beautiful placemats, and my goal was to eliminate all t-shirtage in her kitchen, we were able to come to agreement and she consented to use them as intended.
3) Used as intended, these towels are...well, words fail me except to say, these towels are perfect. I thought they were great out of the box; they are even more wonderful after a washing. And better after 2 washings. Marvelous after 3 washings. I suppose they will attain Nirvana at some point in a future rinse cycle.
4) They are smaller than I am accustomed to for a dish towel. This turns out to be a huge advantage. We have used these towels as dishcloths, drying towels, dinner napkins, all-purpose cleaning towels, and - yes - placemats. I now think of them as reusable and "green" paper towels. They are the perfect size for all types of kitchen duties.
5) I'm so impressed with these towels that I am here on to order a bunch for myself.

Quality is very high. Fabric is top notch. Stitching is heavy duty. Towels are pretty. Towels improve upon washing. They are completely lint-free while also being impossibly absorbent.

Five stars.

Just what we wanted in a kitchen towel.
After suffering through kitchen towels that repelled rather than absorbed water - no matter how many times we washed them to remove the sizing - we searched OnlineShopDealer for the towels rated most absorbent. Keeble towels sounded like what we were looking for and we were not disappointed. They arrived quickly and, per instructions, we washed them before use. These towels are the boss! They are rather thin - but with a dozen towels in each lot, there are plenty to go to when the one you're using gets too damp to use. Plus they dry out quickly. These towels not only lap up moisture, they leave no linty residue on the dishes, and because they aren't super thick, it's easy to get a towel up into a glass to dry the inside. Also appreciated was the way that the company checked to see if we were satisfied with their product. Would we buy these towels again? Absolutely. For a very reasonable price you get a substantial number of high-quality towels.

My towels
I just received my kitchen towels from Keeble. My wife immediately put them to use in the kitchen, hanging one on the fridge handle (doesn't everybody put one there!?) and some others in the bathroom.

I like the weight of the towels, lighter than bath type towels. It's easier to find all kinds of uses for these towels, they have a high quality feel to them and are physically attractive.

Thanks for a great product.

Great Towel
As odd as it may seem I was actually impressed by this towel. I pretty much purchased it at random but when i received the towel i was impressed at its construction. I have only washed them a few times but so far they have held up really well. I though for sure the blue strip would fade after a good bleach bath but it stayed the same color and looked new again.

Love these
These towels are great and I love them. Kind of dish towels I used as a kid. They aren't particularly soft but they do the job. I may have to buy some more but not for a long, long time. Great product at a great price.
Really drys the dishes in no time. I have a dishwasher that doesn't always dry them in the dry cycle. Occasionally I have to use the manual and these are quite handy. Love them.

Great, Absorbent, Towels
I ordered these towels because they seemed like a good deal for the price. They are a thinner towel than what one might normally associate with say a terry cloth kitchen towel but I can tell you this does not affect their absorbency or performance. In fact, I wasn't sure what to expect because the listing talked about them being "professional quality", but after receiving them I can tell you that they are a high quality towel and that I would buy them again. The other thing that is great about them is that they seem to be pretty lint-free, which I like, because I hate having lint on my drinking glasses. I am happy with them and would buy again but probably won't need to soon because so many of them came in this order.

My favorite kitchen towel
I go through several towels a day in my kitchen. These are my favorite by far. They are a perfect size. They are very absorbent and leave no lint on glasses. I was them in bleach every time and put them through the dryer. They stay in perfect shape. They are light weight while not being flimsy. I can't find anything to complain about them.

Thirsty and durable
I confess I ordered these towels because of the classy way in which the company responded to a bad review. Plus I needed them. I had some qualms when they arrived--there was a fabric flaw in the top one, and they seemed flimsy.

Au contraire, they turned out to be great! They do shrink a lot, but I think that's what makes them so absorbent. I'm careful not to use fabric softener when laundering, though. Even with the shrinkage, they're the perfect size and I'm really pleased.


Technical data

  • PLEASE NOTE** Our 100% cotton towels are shipped prior to washing so they will be ?flat?. Wash the towels before the first use in order to loosen the fibers and get the best performance.
  • Most manufacturers offer a terrycloth towel that is a poly/cotton blend - Why use plastic (polyester) when trying to clean spills? We offer a 100% cotton towel, just like your grandmother used to use.
  • Purchase the exact same towels used in your local four and five star restaurant. If it is good enough for the top chefs in the country, it should be perfect for your kitchen as well.
  • Bleach safe - colors will stay vibrant and will not run even after hundreds of washes
  • In order to maintain the qualities necessary in a high-end dish towel, nothing has been added to the cotton. Because of this, the all-natural fibers will shrink upon the first washing. In order to minimize the shrinkage, after washing do not dry the towels on high heat and do not dry fully. Medium heat is best and remove just prior to being completely dry.


Product Description

Why should any kitchen or any cook have to deal with dish towels that disintegrate after only a few washes, or shrink so much they start to more closely resemble a dish rag? Simple - you want kitchen towels that last, are absorbent enough to dry your dishes quickly and don't leave lint all over your plates and glasses. You always hear Use the right tools for the job Well, these Keeble Kitchen Towels are the right tools, whether you are running a large professional kitchen or like most of us, the family kitchen! Typical retail towels might work well for simply matching the d├ęcor of your kitchen, but they really aren't designed to get the job done time after time. Don't take any chances with lower quality towels. The saying you get what you pay for is always so true! Constructed of 24-ounce (commercial weight) higher density cotton. Towels are washed at high temperatures with bleach agents to ensure minimal shrinkage. Towels come in a herringbone design to improve absorbency. Item measures approximately 14.5-inches by 26-inches for each individual full-sized towels.

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