Image for #1 Authentic Klassische Kuche (TM) Heavy Duty Stainless Steel All Purpose Professional Kitchen Shears - Spring Tension for Precise Control - Well-Balanced Synthetic Grip Looks and Feels Great - Cutlery Hand Shears Also Serve as Perfect Garden Scissors wit

Buy #1 Authentic Klassische Kuche (TM) Heavy Duty Stainless Steel All Purpose Professional Kitchen Shears - Spring Tension for Precise Control - Well-Balanced Synthetic Grip Looks and Feels Great - Cutlery Hand Shears Also Serve as Perfect Garden Scissors wit

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#1 Authentic Klassische Kuche (TM) Heavy Duty Stainless Steel All Purpose Professional Kitchen Shears - Spring Tension for Precise Control - Well-Balanced Synthetic Grip Looks and Feels Great - Cutlery Hand Shears Also Serve as Perfect Garden Scissors wit

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Customer Reviews

Superior to My Culina Poultry Shears in Looks and Function

Length:: 4:41 Mins

So I had to go back to my Culina Poultry Shears review and ding a star... because these have two superior design elements:

1) Tension nut - Although there seems to be a tendency to call this "spring loaded", I show you what I consider "spring loaded" in my video. This uses a spring action, but in a form of a "tension nut" on the side, which gives far better tension than the spring tension style, as well as opening up farther. One thing about the tension nut that I discovered over time with another pair is that the nut does get loose over time, requiring tightening every time I want to use them. Will have to see down the line, months or so, to see how this one holds up.

2) That swoop design on the bone-cut divot! What an idea! I am used to the half-circle divot, not just on the Culina, but on past shears as well, and this swoop design that keeps the bone in place in the rounded corner made me marvel in the "Man, of course!" realization.

Great looking handle, and this thing came pre-sharpened... sharper than some of the United Cutlery knives. How well it keeps its edge is again one we will have to see down the line, but these certainly are on par with a very deadly weapon... :P

I am a bit puzzled on the saw-edge placement. Not sure how I am supposed to use it with such a wide edge between it and the cutting edge, but since I have never bothered using the saw edge before, I will just assume those who do will know how (and feel free to drop me a comment if you do).

Still, a pretty sweet set of dishwasher-safe shears, and considering what I have paid for Friskers (and an OXO that lasted maybe two months - those composite rubber handles don't seem to like my dishwasher), certainly competitive. :)

-- I received this as a complimentary review product with the aim of hopefully elucidating features and drawbacks that may help you ultimately decide what fits your needs and budget best.

Good shears for the price.
These are heavy duty shears of good quality. They are made of sturdy stainless stell and have wooden accents on the handles. The blades are sharp and should hold their edge. The blades are not serrated, but the trailing (drag) edge does have some serrations to help hold things in place while cutting. The lower blade also has a notch to help hold thicker items (e.g. bones, twigs, etc.) in place for cutting. There is also a clasp at the handle ends so you can lock them shut for storage.

These shears could be used for many things as one can see from the various reviews here. They shipped in a nice box and seem like a very good value for the low price (around $20 currently) asked. I could find nothing wrong with them and they definitely come in handy for the tougher cutting chores one might encounter around the house or kitchen. I might prefer a rubber grip on the handles, but not a big deal (and, as is, probably these will be easier to clean without such).

I received a free sample from the maker to evaluate for this honest review.

Great cooking shears and all around handy tool!
I love these cooking shears! I purchased them primarily to use in the kitchen, I've been very pleased with them. The easy grip handle and sharp blades has made cutting through chicken, beef, pork and seafood a breeze! I've even used them for crafting! They sliced right through wired ribbon, leather and artificial flower stems. These are much more than great cooking shears, they are an all around handy tool that makes cutting a variety of materials easy.

Well Made High Quality Shears
I was given a sample of this product to evaluate.

I like high quality products that have a sleek appearance, a great heft and feel, and work well. These shears do not disappoint.

They are comfortable, strong, sharp, and have a spring feature that opens the blade as soon as the clasp is released.

I've already tried them on poultry, fish (removing fins, gutting, etc.), and blister packs, and they work fine. I'm looking forward to blackfish season so I can try them on green and white crabs (believe it or not, it's hard to find a good pair of shears that will cut through a big white crab!).

Stainless steel, so they won't rust, and they're dishwasher safe.

This is a nice product that I'd highly recommend, but it's not inexpensive!


gardening shears
I just received these gardening shears and have not had a chance to use them much but I must say my initial impression is that they are awesome. They cut so well I actually started finding different things to try them on. They appear to be well built and feel very comfortable to hold. I also like that they have a spring to keep them open, this facilitates using them on those larger items that you need one hand to hold and one hand to cut. Finally, I must say that I was not sure about buying them as they are not cheap. I think this is one of those cases where you get what you pay for. So far I think they are worth a few extra bucks.

Heavy duty multi-purpose shears. The handle is made of attractive cherry wood and polished smooth. It is elegant as a kitchen shears, but this is no way just to look at. It can cut through meat and poultry bones easily. The curved shape in the middle of the blade securely lodge bones or twigs (if you use it in your garden). The blade has serrated edges which prevent slipping. It is thick and will not bend.

This shears is spring loaded so it just do the work for you. You can lock it close with a metal hook on the tip of the handle for easy storage.

Sample item was sent to me for evaluation and review.

I love these crab shears
I love these crab shears!!!! They are super sturdy and will cut through any thing I could think of in my kitchen. I really like the notch-like opening that held things in place like carrots or flower stems. I'm going to get a pair for my husband to keep in the garage so he won't borrow my kitchen ones! They would also make a great wedding gift for a new couple. Another feature I like about the crab shears is that they are dishwasher safe!!!

I have tried many kitchen shears through the years and none have been as easy to handle as my bright shiny
I am so excited with the recent arrival of my herb scissors! I have tried many kitchen shears through the years and none have been as easy to handle as my bright shiny, herb scissors. They are well made, sharp, the grip is excellent and I'm looking forward to many years of use out of them! They were worth every penny spent.

My awesome new "Chicken Scissors"
I love these shears! They arrived quickly and they’re high quality. My 6-year-old son calls them chicken scissors because I cut up chicken with them. They’re not really shaped like scissors, more like long, sharp knives that are curved in order to work as shears…oh and they’re REALLY sharp.

Durable Seafood Shears
These seafood shears are a very sturdy, strong and durable product. The handle is comfortable and easy to use one handed. It is a diverse product in the many useful ways to use them. A great addition to any kitchen and home.


  • IMPRESSIVE QUALITY - The finest kitchen shears you can buy, made of high quality, heavy duty corrosion-resistant stainless steel that runs the full length from tip to hilt - NO MORE RUSTY BLADES OR BROKEN HANDLES! - Blades are micro-serrated for precision slip proof cutting, and feature a spring tension bolt that will not separate, for easy cutting and just the right feel.
  • LOOKS AND FEELS FANTASTIC - Composite handle material has the look and feel of classic antique wood, yet is dishwasher safe - Equally comfortable for Right or Left Handed use.
  • CUTS JUST ABOUT ANYTHING - Notched blade ideally suited for all food from barbeque meat to poultry to seafood to salads to herbs - Perfect for a variety of professional kitchen, culinary, cooking, craft, scrapbook, pruning and floral uses - Securely cracks nuts, sheers chicken and turkey bones, shellfish, crab, lobster, rope, twine, leather, rubber, snips tin and copper wire - even trims bonsai bushes with balance and precision!
  • THE PERFECT GIFT - THOUSANDS OF USES - Klassische Kuche Scissors are both elegant and practical - the perfect cutting and snipping tool for tackle box, tool box, home repair, work shop, utility, and do-it-yourself projects, sports, fishing, camping, hunting, backyard, outdoor, emergencies and more - even cuts sheet metal!
  • THE BEST YOU CAN GET - Dishwasher safe, and more durable than Fiskars, Leatherman, Pampered Chef, Kitchen Aid, Henckels, OXO, Ergo Chef and Farberware. Comes with a LIFETIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEE from Klassische Kuche.


Professional grade all-purpose shears from klassische Kuche (TM), a worldwide leader in precision European cutlery.

Made of 4mm thick industrial grade stainless steel for a lifetime of service and comfort. Unmatched German quality shears are perfect for all kitchen, home, shop, and outdoor uses. Tiny serrations on the blade provide grip and prevent slipping while the blade notch securely holds bones in place when cutting poultry, or any round object. Also ideal for cutting plastic packaging, leather, crab shells, and thousands of other household materials. Simply the perfect shears for all of your needs!

...the quality and strength of these shears.

They feel good in your hands. The blade is spring loaded for precise control and to prevent hand strain. The handles clasp together for convenient, safe storage. They will cut just about anything, including:
-Poultry (all kinds of bones, fat and skin)
- Molded plastic & cardboard packaging
- Meats of all kinds
- Herbs
-Prune trees & bushes
- Sheet metal and other household items (such as rope, twine, leather, rubber, copper wire, paper, etc.)

4mm thick rust-proof stainless steel runs all the way through the handles, ensuring your shears will never flex or break.

As a wedding or holiday gift - or even for yourself - these shears make a classic and useful gift!

Stylish ergonomically designed handles fit large and small hands. Great for both left or right-handed people.

Lockable spring opening handles are easy to use even if you have arthritis or a condition that makes traditionally designed scissors difficult to use.

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