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Kingston Digital HyperX FURY 64GB USB 3.0 (HXF30/64GB)

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Styling? Sure, but it's the Kingston name that matters
I already own two16gb Kingston flash drives, so had every expectation that this one would be straight-forward to use, robust and reliable. It's early days yet, but so far I have not been disappointed in any way.

One of a range of HyperX products (Memory, SSD, USB Drives, Headset and Peripherals), this particular model is being marketed on its looks and aimed at gamers; its PS3, PS4 and Xbox 360 compatibility is emphasized - but it's also good for regular PCs and laptops, so you can put your school, college or other work on there too, along with music, pictures, video and all the rest. If the styling impresses a few buddies, so much the better, but for me it's the Kingston name that matters. Strangely, the word Kingston is not prominent on the packaging and doesn't appear at all on the flash drive itself.

On practical matters, on USB 3.0 systems write speed is 30mb/sec and read speed 90mb/sec (lower for USB 2.0, but its backwards compatibility with USB 2.0 is a major plus for those of us with a mix of new and older equipment). The write speed is not bad, but the read speed is a bit so-so. Kingston's 16GB Data Traveler R30G2, which has read/write speeds of 120/25mbs at UBS 3.0 might be worth a look as an alternative - or you could argue that you gain a bit and lose a bit and there really isn't much in it - within this price bracket.

The nominal 16gb capacity is whittled down to a practically useful 14.6gb of available space, 91% of the nominal. On their website Kingston offer some plausible explanations of why so much space is held back, but it can be disappointing to find you haven't actually got 16mb when that is what you thought you had paid for.

The item is all set up for plug 'n' play use and no technical knowledge is required. For those who want to, the drive can be formatted to FAT32, NTFS or exFAT and set to check for and repair file errors in much the same way as a standard hard drive. It comes formatted to FAT32, but must be re-formatted to NTFS or exFAT for storage of files of 4mb or more. For more on such matters is genuinely useful.

The item has a generous five year 'defective product' warranty, so most things that could fairly be laid at the manufacturer's door should be covered. I will add to this review below if any problems emerge as time goes by.

i bought those from regular stores like radioshack and bestbuy accordingly
I've only had "regular" usb sticks beforehand one from Sandisk, and Toshiba both of which 8 gb, i bought those from regular stores like radioshack and bestbuy accordingly, ( the second one i got for free with a labtop purchase)
When it comes down to performance this blows the other two out of the park, it was about 5-6 times faster then the other two i have in terms of data transfer and overall consistency.
in terms of actual numbers, i was transferring files beforehand on my other Usb and i got around. 1-5 MBs transfer rate. ( the transfer rate was often not consistently to good, and dropped down to 1-2 MBS at best at times.)

NOW, with this Hyper x fury, i was able to get transfer rates of 11-20 MBS , depending on the type of file for whatever reason, and the lowest it would drop is around.. 5 MBS and it would never drop below that in terms of consistency. on larger files.
ALL of this was done on USB 2.0 not 3.0 so i can't even begin tom comprehend how great the transfer and write speeds will be. OVERALL would recommend to buy, and would buy again ( or a newer version if they ever produce one)
NOT TO MENTION it looks very sleak, much better than the competition.
However with

Five Stars
Sexy and fast


Technical data

  • Stylish - edgy casing design with built-in key loop to complement the latest computing and gaming devices
  • Cost-effective - HyperX USB performance in lower capacity options
  • Performance - USB 3.0 speeds, backwards compatible with USB 2.0
  • Plug and Play - easy to use, no software required
  • Console compatibility - with PS3, PS4 and Xbox 360. Functionality varies by console.
  • Customizable - add your logo for unique co-branding
  • Guaranteed - five-year warranty, free technical support


Product Description

Newbies and pros alike will want HyperX FURY USB Flash drive, with its bold and aggressive casing design that's in line with the latest gaming style trends. In multiple colors by capacity, its look stomps the competition and lets you stand out from the crowd while it complements the latest PCs and consoles.

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