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Kimberly-Clark Kleenex 50606 Hard Roll Towel, 600' Length x 8" Width, 1-3/4" Core Diameter, White (Case of 6)

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Customer Reviews

Product Reviews

Excellent product --- but be sure to get the right size replacements!!!!
If you are getting hard rolls for your paper towel dispenser and they don't seem to fit correctly on the holding nubs or the roll pops off inside the dispenser and the cover pops open, you are probably ordering the wrong size.

I just installed some in our manufacturing facility not long ago and it was time to order replacement towels when I ran into this problem myself.

Measure the holding nubs (the two things that go into the rolls tube) diameter and you will probably find out that your towels tube is smaller than the nub diameter is. That's what happened to me, and after buying a couple cases of towels from other vendors using their suggested part number for towel replacements for my dispensers I was getting a bit upset and frustrated to say the least.

So I went to OnlineShopDealer and found the correct tube size (1-3/4" diameter) for my dispenser and the machine has been working like a dream ever since:)

The bottom line is, before you spend your money on replacement towels for your new Kimberly-Clark (or any other brand for that matter) make sure that the tube size is shown in the ad and that it is correct for your machine.

This just goes to show that OnlineShopDealer has just about everything and also gives really detailed discriptions on most everything they sell.

The Kimberly-Clark dispensers that we have (4 in total) are excellent machines and these towels (PN# 50606) are of very nice quality and durable.

We are very pleased with both products!

Fantastic quality for 1 3/4" spindle.
Product description made it sound like this towel is made for a proprietary dispenser but it fits ours perfectly and ours is another brand. Just measure the nubs that the towel roll hangs from to be sure it will fit. I bought cheaper ones with a two inch roll last time but towels dispensed in a sloppy fashion. They were also very thin by comparison. I think these will last longer and they tell our customers that we don't cut corners without costing a fortune. AND they cost less than half as much as a similar Acclaim towel with shipping. I'm not the reviewing type but thought I'd put this out for anyone else on the fence about which hard roll towels to order. Just measure first. Couldn't be happier.

Towels used in Church Restrooms
These towels are quite absorbent and work very well in the machines that we also purchased from They readily dispense from the machines, are easily separated, and one towel does the drying job. In the long haul, more economical than c-fold or multi-fold towels. This is especially true where young boys are involved who loved to see how many towels they could pull out of our previous dispensers. I'm well pleased and we will buy them again.

Alot better quality than elcheapo
You get what you pay for and this was worth the price. Alot better quality than elcheapo!


Great Buy
I purchased the Kimberly-Clark Kleenex 50606 Hard Roll Towel and the price was right. This is exactly what I ordered and it works well. I am pleased with the product.

I really like these towels.
They don't feel too harsh on the hands, something I was concerned about since we have a lot of female patrons that use the washroom. But these tear great and they are soft enough. I would definitely recommend them and would buy them again.

this paper towel is one of the best in the towel product I cannot live without it in my kitchen thank you kleenex making one of the best paper towels.S.Nair

Easy, absorbent, and cost effective. What more can you ask of paper towel?
These towels work extremely well in our small business. They ship quickly and easily fit in the Kimberly-Clark dispensers. Well worth it.

Better than others
I had been buying more expensive ones from a store and got these cause they were cheaper when they come in I found them to be twice as thick and more absorbent than the store bought brand that you


Technical data

  • White paper towel on a hard roll with a 1.75" diameter core to fit Kimberly-Clark Professional electronic touchless dispensers (sold separately)
  • 600'/182.9 m of 8"/20.3 cm wide paper towel for commercial or other high-volume applications
  • Made with 50% recycled content, and contains 40% postconsumer waste, for a more sustainable product than one made with virgin paper
  • FSC Mix certification ensures the wood fiber comes from a combination of FSC-certified forests, controlled sources, and postconsumer waste
  • Meets the EcoLogo hand towel standard CCD-086 for use of environmentally safer ingredients and manufacturing process


Product Description

Proper hand washing is still the best way to reduce the spread of germs. Thorough drying with paper towels can reduce germs by 77%.

Did you know that more than a third of employees are germ-conscious and care about the health and cleanliness of their workplace?

Invest in your employees' health to prepare for this Cold and Flu season. Teach them about Kimberly-Clark Professional's HYGIENIFY! wash, wipe, sanitize protocol - proven to reduce the probability of workplace infection from common colds and influenza by approximately 80%.

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