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AeroBed sleep tight inflatble beds for kids

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4 Years later, still going strong
Original Review:

Note - mattress cover is not as pictured - the one we received had a cute stars and moons pattern on it. Very adorable, but not pure white as shown.

We recently bought a second one of these Aerobeds for our younger child. We use this whenever we are sleeping away from home - so often we stay with relatives and there aren't enough beds for everyone kids included. We used to use a typical full size adult air mattress for them, but when you get near the edge of a regular mattress, you tend to roll off and the kids would constantly be falling off. The dip in this makes it rollproof, and the smaller size is great for being able to tuck them beside a bed or wherever there is space when visiting grandma's house or going on vacation!

Blowing it up is quick and easy - the included pump blows the whole thing up in less than a minute. It rolls back up easily too and stows neatly in the included bag.

My kids are 4 and 2, and I'm thinking we can easily use these for many years to come before they will be outgrown. Heck, I could probably sleep on it, as I sleep curled up on my side.

Edited Review 4 years later - I bought these mattresses in 2007, we have used them lots, for camping as well as every time we visit the grandparents. We tell them not to, but the kids walk over them, jump on them, they still are going strong. My daughter is now 8, and is over 51" tall and my son is 6 and is 48" tall and they both still fit fine in them, since they tend to curl up as they sleep (at this point if they lay completely flat and straight their feet are on the end of the bed. I have no plans to replace them yet!

August 2013 - Back again. I am sad to say that the Aerobeds have finally quit, after 6 years they do seem to have finally developed a slow leak so that they need to be refilled each day to keep them full enough. Considering we do use them frequently, for camping and trips to grandparents houses, etc and they lasted 6 years I would buy them again. My kids are older now though (8 and 10) and while they fit on them now it probably doesn't make sense to buy this size again, we'll probably upgrade to a twin size. I wish they made a twin size with the sides!

I bought this bed for my 3 year old for travel/vacations. He had been using a toddler travel bed, but he would roll over the sides of it and end up on the floor. This bed blows up within a minute with the electric pump (enclosed) and is a breeze to deflate. This bed comes with a cover, so your child isn't laying on plastic. The cover comes off for easy washing. This bed will take standard twin sheets, so no expense of buying special sheets. My son loves it so much that he will ask to sleep in this instead of his regular bed.

LIFESAVER for Traveling w/Baby
I bought this aerobed for travel when our destination did not have a crib or pack-n-play. I wanted something lightweight, sturdy and that would last a long time. I felt a pack-n-play was too heavy to transport and kids outgrow them too fast. The aerobed, in my opinion, was the perfect solution. My daughter loves this bed and we take it anytime we go out of town, especially to grandma and grandpas.

PROS: Bumper prevents child from rolling over/falling off bed

Electric pump makes inflation/deflation super easy and fast (< 1 min)

Comes w/carrying case that holds everything in size of a large backpack

Comes w/Fleece crib sheet that attaches to bed with elastic

Holds up to 150 lbs

CON: Instructions say it is for children aged 3+ but I use it with my 15 month old. I began using it when she was 1 year old and I don't feel it is a safety hazard b/c she cannot roll over the bumper.

Excellent product.

Comfy and hard to part with...
We bought this bed for another toddler that was staying with us for a week. My daughter insisted on sleeping in it as soon as it was filled and ready to sleep on, and she still rather sleep on it instead of her very-cool big girl bed!!

Bed is easy to inflate, and inflates in seconds. Comes with a soft, plush cover which secures on with elastic straps (very neat feature) so it won't come loose during the night. Raised sides prevent falling out. Deflates in seconds, folds nicely into the provided bag.

We have definately gotten our money's worth! Looking forward to using it when we travel. Highly recommend!!

Saved My Life
This bed is an excellent product. I was recently very worried about travelling and leaving my 3 and 5 year old kids at my parents house for 2 weeks as they are always reluctant to spend the night there. They would have to accomodate on someone else's bed or on a couch , so there would be no sense of security while mom was gone. I bought these beds to give them a sense of belonging and ownership. Since it is deflatable you don't have to worry about it taking any space except while they are actually sleeping. They were ecstastic to realize they had their own beds and could take them to any sleepover in the future. The inflating and deflating is a piece of cake for any grownup and is extremely exciting for kids watching a piece of plastic turn into a bed in less then a minute. The bed is very sturdy yet very comfy since you can adjust the air pressure easily. The size is perfect and the included bedsheet with the star print is really cute and gives the bed a warm feeling. When deflated it goes in the included drawstring bag along with the bedsheet and air pump. Even the kids are able to haul the bag around. Now my kids love to spend the night at my parents just to get a chance to use the beds!

A good bed. A fair price.
We purchased the AeroBed for a trip to Maine. Our 3 year old daughter loved it. We have since used it as a spare bed when little cousins are spending the night with us. The bed is very easy to inflate and when you are done with it, it deflates and stores away in the included bag. I have read some other posts where people are complaining about the price. I thought $70 was a fair price to pay. I have purchased lesser quality air matresses for myself and with proper care, they are still usable. If you take proper care of this quality bed it should last several years.

UPDATE: April 14, 2008. The bed (or trampoline, as my daughter prefers to treat it) has been on many trips and has taken quite a beating. It still inflates quickly and holds the air until we decide to let it out. It is well worth the money.

Aerobed for kids
I bought one of these for my 5-year old niece to use when she visits me. It was wonderful. It keeps her and her dolly from falling off in the middle of the night and it is not too big for the room. In the morning I can deflate it, or stand it up on its side. I am going to buy two more for her 3-year old twin brothers who will be coming over with her to visit in a few weeks! It would be nice if it was a little cheaper! Otherwise it is great!

portable, easy to use, and sturdy.
An excellent product for our family. We bought this for a long trip with our two-year old. It came in extremely handy when staying with friends, and even in a few hotels where a "child's bed" in the room turned out to be a Pack and Play. The "well" shape encouraged our active sleeper to stay in place throughout the night...but I wouldn't recommend it if your child is not yet transitioned out of a crib. It is definitely not going to keep a little one in bed! It comes with its own pump and fitted flannel cover sheet. Plug in the pump and inflate in about 1 minute! Easy as can be. It deflates quickly too, and the whole thing fits in a duffle bag to carry it. I'd say the whole ensemble weighs around 10 pounds, so take that into account if you're stuffing it into your suitcase for a flight as we did. The mattress is about 6 pounds on its own - it is definitely built to last, which is a good thing since our little angel has already dismantled a few other inflatables. Highly recommended for an active 2/3-ish to probably 10 or 11 year old. A much better choice for us than many of the other inflatable beds we considered previously - most of those were pretty flimsy by comparison, and we'll be using this one a long time. She actually got home and wanted to sleep in this once more at home before going back to her "Big Girl Bed"

worked well on our trip
Previously, I had used a toddler travel bed, not an air bed. The Toddler Travel Trundle was very uncomfortable for the kids, so I tried this. It worked very well and was much more comfortable. The pump is very heavy, so is the deflated bed, so we mailed it to our destination ahead of time.

We bought this bed for my [...] daughter as she is too big for a pack 'n play (and can also climb out!). It inflates and deflates in just a couple of minutes and is small enough to fit almost anywhere. My daughter loved it - it is her new "big girl bed" for traveling, of which we do quite a bit. The banked walls keep her safe, unlike some of the inflatable princess beds I have seen where a child can fall between the bed and the "side-rail." I highly recommend this bed to all who consider it for their child. One word of advice to new buyers - let it air out, if possible, before using it as it has a very strong plastic smell.


Technical data

  • Inflatable bed made specially for kids; sleep surface measures 50 by 25 inches
  • Constructed of heavy-duty PVC with electronically welded seams
  • 4-inch-high surround safety cushion helps kids stay on the bed
  • Included AC pump inflates bed in under a minute; deflates in under 15 seconds
  • Comes with thick, washable, fitted mattress pad with star and moon design


Product Description

The 40010 AeroBed for kids has a large 50 x 25 sleep surface with 4 high surround safety cushion to prevent children from falling out bed. Constructed of heavy duty PVC with electronically welded seams, this bed is built to last. Feel great about putting kids to sleep in a safe, durable bed from renowned inflatable-bed makers, Aero. With a large sleep area and a 4-inch-high safety cushion surrounding the sleep area, the bed is designed to prevent kids from rolling off. Since convenience is key when it comes to the art of getting children to sleep, the AeroBed for Kids is very quick and easy to inflate. A powerful AC pump inflates the mattress in under a minute. Morning or post-nap cleanup is quick, too, since the bed deflates in less than 15 seconds. The bed comes with its own mattress pad featuring a fun star and moon design just right for getting kids into a sleepy frame of mind.

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