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3M Sit/Stand Easy-Adjust Keyboard Tray with Standard Platform, 23 Inch Track (AKT170LE)

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Product Reviews

What a difference. Unbelievable.
I make my living at my computer. The ability to work long hours is important, and essential for my success. Over the last few years my productive time has been growing shorter each day due to repetitive stress injuries (arms, shoulders, back). These conditions are magnified tremendously by two spinal injuries (mid neck and lower back) that I see a chiropractor for regularly. Recently these conditions have worsened, primarily due to long hours at the keyboard, forcing me to quit after less than eight hours each day. Alternatively I can stop and rest for 30 to 40 minutes about 3 or 4 times a day and stretch out my productive keyboard time.

One of the problems I had was access to my keyboard and mouse. With my current workstation configuration, I have to lean forward from my chair to reach my keyboard. In this position the armrests and back support of my chair are useless. This caused stress and tension in all the areas I listed above that would progressively get worse as the day grew longer.

I found this 3m keyboard solution at OnlineShopDealer for a pretty reasonable price, so ordered it. I installed it today.

I have been sitting here working for the last two hours and am shocked at the difference I am feeling. I can sit back comfortably against the back of my chair and am now able to rely on the armrests to support my arms. For the first hour or so I kept feeling better instead of degrading. After about an hour my shoulders and arms got into a fairly relaxed state and then stabilized. Its only been two hours! I really can't believe how much more comfortable I am. I should be getting to the end of my useful day but now feel like I have several hours left.

I love the standing option too. Its a nice change up to help move around a bit during the day.

The only complaints I have (so minor they are hardly worth mentioning) is that the keyboard height is completely spring loaded w/friction. I would have preferred spring loaded with stops. The keyboard tray also tends to bounce a bit as I type. So quite as solid as I would like. Its not too bad, and something I can adjust to, but if I was a keyboard pounder it would probably not work for me.

Otherwise I can't recommend this option enough. In particular for users with repetitive stress injury. The relief was better that taking my usual pain killers periodically and I might be able to eliminate them altogether. Its really that good.

There are a couple of things that are not shown here for features. At the base where the keyboard arm attaches to the underside of the desk, their is a swivel joint. You can change the angle of your keyboard to the desk. Also the keyboard can be pitched with a very easy to use rotary handle under the right side. I have mine slightly higher in the back than in the front which is recommended in all the primers I read on office ergonomics.

Overall, enthusiastically recommended!

Absolutely *THE* best standing workstation option!!!!
This board is high quality (built like a tank) and easy to install. It took me about 20 minutes - though you do need an impact driver or drill. I bought it to convert my desk to an optional standing workstation and it works perfect - goes to the perfect height to type/mouse (though don't count on an ergonomic mousing/typing experience as your wrists *WILL* be bent at an upward angle still and pose problems for those with tendonitis). For alternation sessions of standing and sitting, this is a fantastic option though.

Word of advice: there's no apparent instructions on how to lower or raise the tray. All you do is tip it forward slightly to freely move it - make sure you do this before trying to move it up or down or you could rip it out of your desk!

*Highly recommended!!!!

Great keyboard tray!
I bought this keyboard for an employee at work who wanted to stand and work. I mounted this in about 30 minutes and it is built extremely well! It is a very nice stand and works as advertised. I am sure I will be buying more for other people! I recommend this tray for sit or stand it is very comfortable and built really nice!

This thing is GREAT!
I work from home and was used to a fully articulating desk. Now I have all that in a slide back tray. Makes things very nice in my office. I can adjust it many ways to suit how I'm sitting that day lol.

Exactly what I was looking for
Fantastic product. Perfect answer for dynamic work platform. Love that I can change from sit to stand at one station instead of have one station solely for sitting and another for standing.

Excellent keyboard platform
I bought this as part of a project to transform my workstation into a sit-or-stand configuration. In combination with three Ergotron LX Desk Mount arms for my monitors/laptop, I am now very happily working on my feet for most of the day. It only takes about 30 seconds to switch from standing to sitting. The only drawback about this keyboard platform is that when sitting, once I get it low enough to be comfortable on my hands, my legs are crowded. I sometimes whack my knee into it, but then again, I'm a bit clumsy. But I prefer working on my feet most of the time so this isn't an issue for me.

This product was easy to install and is very stable. It is extremely easy to adjust in both height and tilt. I recommend this great product.

Solid as a rock, easy to install
The paper instructions have screw holes marked on it so you can tape it to your desk and use it as a template. The construction is really solid. Pricey, but well worth it for something that you'll use all the time.

I had a butcher block desk where the edge was thicker than the inner surface, but this extra 1/2" lip (2" wide) did not affect the functionality, I lined it up so the edge of the template was right at the inner edge of the lip.

Well worth the expensive if you like your hands low.

Keep in mind if you want to sit all the way scooted in you'll have to this adjusted fairly low so you'll have space for your hands under the table.

and is easily adjusted up/down
This is installed on a desk where several different people sit throughout the day, and is easily adjusted up/down; sit/stand; tilt +/- & swivel side to side. Feels sturdy and well made.

works awesome
works awesome


Technical data

  • Lever-free adjustment lets you easily alternate between sitting and standing postures throughout the day for optimal ergonomic benefit
  • Unique sit-stand arm raises platform up to 10 inches above the mounting surface and tilts +15°/-15°
  • Standard all-in-one keyboard platform holds both keyboard and mouse
  • Mousing surface can be positioned left or right
  • 23" track length is ideal for standard or corner workstations with >12" radius or >17" diagonal


Product Description

Sit/stand keyboard tray solution turns your desk into a sit/stand workstation. Lever-free adjustment lets you easily alternate between sittistandipostures throughout the day for optimal ergonomic benefit. Unique sit-stand arm raises platform up to 10 inches above the mounting surface and tilts +15°/-15°. Standard all-in-one keyboard platform holds both keyboard and mouse. Mousing surface can be positioned left or right. 2Lmicrothe growth of microorganisms, such as bacteria, that can cause stains, odors and product degradation. Contains 70% preconsumer recycled content. Limited 5-Year warranty.

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