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Kensington KeyCover Plus Hard Case Keyboard for iPad Air (iPad 5) (K97087US)

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I like it
After watching video reviews on for the Zagg, Belkin, and Logitech ipad air keyboard covers I decided to go with the Kensington. I have had this cover for about a week now and am typing this review using it. One advantage/disadvantage of this case is the lip that runs around the edges. I was worried that the raised edge of the lip would affect my touch typing, but it doesn't. On the other hand the lip does offer side protection to my ipad air, unlike the Logitech keyboard cover. My Air snaps into the cover very securely and stays there. I learned that the easiest way for me to open the case was to slip my thumb nail between the Air and the case on the front. It snaps open easily using that method, but if I pull the rubber back edge to open it, it is stubborn. The keys are about the size you would expect, but they have good travel and good feel when touch typing. I like the backlighting of the keyboard. The magnets to put the Air into sleep mode work well, as do the magnets to keep the air in the slot when opened. If I lift my Ipad Air while in the slot, the keyboard lifts with it. In portrait orientation it is a little tippy, but I expected that. Given the light weight and portibility, I am very happy with this keyboard cover.

Great keyboard case/WHERE'S THE "Free" SKIN?!?
I wanted to give this 5 stars. The pairing process was So easy, the product is excellent, and if I had a skin to protect the back of the iPad, I would actually use it. Here's the problem: the skin comes after a lengthy bunch of nonsense, and because that is part of the product, it must be part of the review. I was unable to get mine in time for the review, but it is on its way.

You have to go to their website, some parts of which contain dead links, like the registration info that came with the product. Likewise, it kept going to the mobile site, which, ironically, did not get me to where I needed to go for getting the iPad skin. (Yes, I couldn't manage to get the iPad stuff through my iPad.) I used my computer and filled in a detailed registration with more info than I like to give for these things. The info card said I would get an email with a promo code in exchange for all this info, and that promo code would let me get the free skin. No promo code. I went back to the ridiculous site and tried to contact customer support via email, but apparently setting up an account was not enough, because when I logged in with the info I gave them to set up the account, it said it was invalid (and that same info DID work to pull up my customer info, so I do, apparently, have an account with these people now...not that I wanted to). I decided to not make a second account but then call instead. They're closed on Saturdays (which is when I am writing this), and I am honestly too fed up to spend another hour on this. Not fun, not easy, and lots of catches. I even had to take a screenshot of my order info to prove I purchased it.

The code came after a bit over half an hour of nonsense. It doesn't sound like much time, but for a busy person that doesn't care to fool around on the internet giving companies lots of info, it isn't great. I was sent to the website where you can customize skins for an iPad.

The customizing site was pretty cool. It offers many pre-made designs, as well as allowing you to make your own. I opted for the latter as a small business owner. It looked great on the screen, so we will see how it looks in person.

Updates soon! (hopefully)

A few weeks later, the skin arrived, and it actually looks great! The application was easy, and it is completely customized the way I intended. This product came with some hassles, but it was worth the wait and trouble. I am going from 4 stars to 5!

Great keyboard
This keyboard is great.
I did my homework and went and physically handled the Logitec, and the Zagg. Much higher quality than the others.
Much more sturdier than I expected. in fact I like this keyboard better than my old board.
I highly recommend this board.

Simple, sleek, compact
I've tried numerous keyboards for my iPads over the years, and while convenient, they always have that added bulk that I just don't like and defeats the purpose of have a light, airy iPad in the first place. This keyboard is so much thinner and lighter than any I've ever tried before. I thought due to it's thinness that it would feel flimsy or cheap, but not so. It is very solidly built and you can tell the design team put a lot of effort into making this high quality as well as highly portable.

I had a very similar keyboard cover for my first iPad years back and I'm amazed how far the technology has come. It is super thin and beautifully sleek and fits the iPad Air perfectly. I have no worry of the edges being scratched or scuffed and the keys lay flush so there are no objects that could damage your screen at all. You definitely can't use this keyboard with any other case on the iPad, but if you slip this into a neoprene sleeve when you're on the go, you shouldn't have anything to worry about. It's very nice to be able to just pull it out and open it up like a little laptop when I'm at school or trying to get some work done while riding the train.

It's super light, even lighter than the official iPad Air case that I usually use. I do find myself switching between this and my case depending on my needs for the day, but the whole thing just feels lighter and thinner when I have the keyboard with it. Unlike some other brands that can sometimes have flaky bluetooth performance, this keyboard was really easy to sync and syncs up quickly each time it's turned on with no delay. Overall, I think it's well worth the price and I'm very pleased with it.

my husband loves this! and did not think he would!
We gave my husband an IPAD for chrismas and ordered him this after he checked out what he wanted to go with it and he was not sure after he got it but gave it a try and now he is addicted to it and loves it. It is a wonderful addition to his new toy!

Paired Easily, Very Responsive, Super Secure and Looks great!
Like others I have also owned a ZAGG and Logitech for my previous iPads. I couldn't see what I wanted in those brands for my new Air so I thought I'd give Kensington a try. I've had this keyboard for about a month now and I love it. Although it does take two hands to pull it apart, ultimately I don't mind because it is so secure. My others would easily separate from the iPad in my purse or when putting it on the couch or other places but this one never has. I worried about the side edges but in the end they have never bothered me or impeded me. They simply have not been an issue. The keys are responsive and the keys are raised to the perfect height in my humble opinion. It paired in seconds and I have never had the "sticky/repeating key" issue with this one but had it with both the ZAGG and the logitech. I also love the look of the bottom of the keyboard and because of the texture I did not have to buy a carbon skin for it like I did or my other two. The rubber "footing" at the bottom four corners is also brilliant and prevents the keyboard from sliding around the table or on the seat back tray on airplanes. The backlit keyboard is also wonderful and turns on and off at the perfect times, even though I always use my keyboard with backlighting, I have yet to have to re-charge this keyboard since the day that I fully charged it a month ago! The only thing I don't like about this keyboard is it's weight. I bought the Air because of how light it is and I find that this keyboard is almost the same weight as the iPad. It's not a terrible thing but wondered if the designed couldn't shave an ounce or two off.

Overall I am very happy with this product.

A sturdy device where all of the components fit together with precision. Keyboard is on the small side
The KENSINGTON KEYCOVER HARD CASE KEYBOARD takes the form of a flat platform made of black plastic, a keyboard on upper side of the platform, a long groove for supporting your iPad Air, a switch located in back of the groove, and a wire with a plug located at either end. One end is for plugging into your iPad and the other plug is for plugging into the flat platform. Underneath the flat platform are four feet made of hard rubber. The edges of the platform have two walls and four rounded corners that are raised. The walls and rounded corners serve to secure your iPad Air with the Kensington KeyCover when not being used. To tell you the truth, I am still not completely used to the flat keyboards that are used in most or all laptops. The keyboard with this device is a quantum-step more difficult to use, because it is small. I assume that any adult could eventually get used to it, but for me, the keys are too small, and too close together, for easy use. In other words, the keyboard seems to have been made for a person with really tiny hands, such as a child under ten years old. Although the product does not come with an instruction manual, a spec sheet does come with the product, and the spec sheet refers to a web site that contains manuals. The web site is at kensington dot com. The top row of keys of the keyboard contain symbols that are not letters or numbers, and these symbols include: (1) A house; (2) A globe; (3) A microphone; (4) A padlock; (5) Arrows to left; (6) Arrows to right; (7) "PAIR"; and so on.

IPad protection confidence
I think Kensington has a winner here. The cover fits very well, has a very good and simple functional design and is easy to set up. I find it easy to recommend as well.

Can't beat it. It improves iPad use even more. Love the shortcut buttons!
I got this keyboard for my iPad Air due to the numerous emails and searching I have to do for work. This thing is a speed demon. It has great response time after typing and it stays put on the table... even at angle... due to rubber feet. It holds the iPad well when it is in the slot.

I think it protects it well and it is easy to remove (using two hands). The battery holds a very long charge, even after repeated use, and Kensington has programmed the most useful keyboard functions into hotkeys. I love it!

If anyone from Kensington is reading these, I have a couple of suggestions. Nothing big, but just a thought.

One end has a lightning port cutout and the other end has a hole for earphones. Why not have both cutouts on both sides so it can be placed into the case either way?

The other thing that would be neat is a combo cable with microUSB and Lightning.

I'm extremely happy with this.

Really 4.75
I have the original version of this keyboard for the iPad 4th Generation, which I liked very much and used every day. The main differences is that they no longer have the top 'shell' protection that used to cover the my other iPad. I kind of miss it in that it provided some extra protection to my iPad. The good part of this design is that you can just take the iPad away from the keyboard easily and at any time. I think that is a plus (although I did like the other, as I said). They keys are no longer as deep as they used to be and that is a bit of shame, because I prefer a keyboard with more 'press' in the keys. It's still fine and overall is very well-built. Definitely lighter, which is amazing. I REALLY like the added top row of Mac buttons that are identical to my Mac Pro; they control things like audio and brightenss - makes certain tasks faster since you don't have to take your hands off the keyboard. One more bonus are the selection keys - a VERY good idea.


Technical data

  • iPad Air snaps securely in place for 4-corner protection
  • Key Cover Plus offers a Backlit keyboard with 7 selectable colors for productivity in dark environments
  • Quick Release(TM) rubber corners protect your iPad and make access easy
  • Magnetic well secures iPad for viewing in landscape and portrait
  • Tactile keyboard with high-performance scissor keys optimized for touch typist
  • Automatic wake and sleep modes when Key Cover is opened or closed
  • Removable Bluetooth keyboard delivers wireless operation
  • `Sleek hard shell with dark anodized finish resists fingerprints and smudges


Product Description

Snap your iPad into the Kensington Key Cover and you'll be adding a protective, stylish case plus the productivity of a wireless Bluetooth keyboard. The Kensington Key Cover beautifully complements the aluminum back of your iPad for the perfect combination of aesthetics and 360Degree hard-case protection. And the Key Cover automatically wakes your iPad when you open it and puts it to sleep when you close the cover.

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